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Mama Mia here I go again…. I recently shared a little snippet of my latest blogging collaboration as Brand Ambassador for Business Mamas, since then I’ve had a lot of questions thrown my way, not only about my involvement but my plans for my blogging future. A future that was looking rather precarious this week.


When my blog went out for the count, with a suspected fatal server error or a hacker attack in the early hours of Friday morning, it was the longest 58 hours 22 minutes and 15 seconds of my life. Not that I was counting or wasting the hours, hitting refresh and praying to the blogging gods that all wasn’t lost because who has time for that.


Everything you want is on the other side of fear | Business Mamas


I was stressing to say the least, struggling to recall when I last managed to get around to backing up the entire Cpanel not just the blog and kicking myself at how unorganised I’ve become lately with how much I’ve had on my plate.


I contemplated what I would do, worst case. Worst case being my blog was lost forever and I would need to start again from an old back up or possibly scratch that idea and start from scratch. I became angry and frustrated. You could say I started to grieve. For a bloody blog. No less.


While I’m not terribly proud of each and every blog post, I’m proud of my blogging achievements and the blog itself. There’s more than a little piece of me here. It’s my place, it’s my space. Almost an extension of me and part of the family.


You could also say I’ve found my passion in life. It’s a love hate relationship at the best of times. With the blog down and not looking like it was going to be a quick or easy fix with a strong possibility that I would need to start over from scratch, these clearly were not the best of times but I wasn’t ready to give up on my little space here.


It has only been recently that I’ve started to feel like I’d found my blogging voice and the best of blogging times were unfolding.


A big part of that is my association with Business Mamas, an accredited online business school, who are going to be putting me through my business diploma paces over the next 12 months. Their online course, which I commenced this week, will ultimately change the direction of my business, my life and possibly the personal blog when I launch my new online business this time next year.


Now anyone that knows me and knows how much I’m already involved in, in a business sense, might be questioning my sanity motives but let me tell you, there is a definitely method in my madness here. Business Mamas have me looking at my business options in a new and improved light. It’s all part of the bigger and better picture for myself and my family (intentionally putting myself first her). It’s long overdue.


But was this, the momentary demise of my blog, a sign from the universe that I was heading in the wrong blogging direction? Whatever it was it certainly had me reflective and wondering if I shouldn’t just walk away. Perhaps run even.



Another part of me appreciated how far I’ve come and how much effort has gone into the blog and I wasn’t prepared to give up without a fight. Not my normal approach but since signing on to become a Business Mama Ambassador and commencing their business diploma, I’ve decided things around here both online and off are going to be a little different.


Don't Give Up. Great Things Take Time. Business Mamas


I must confess since marrying (20 years this November) and having three children (3 under 3), my career and you could also say myself in general, took a huge back seat to everything and everyone. I never intended for that to be the case but I married the love of my life and that involved more than a few moves (22 all up for me) mostly following his career and a bit of sacrifice career wise on my part. It was just a natural progression that I became the stay at home mother. It’s not how I originally saw my life pan out but it’s also not something I regret for a moment.


While I loved being a stay at home mother, I always felt like I needed something more. This had me dabbling over the years, taking on work and opportunities that presented themselves, to fit in around our family.


Family always comes first with me BUT my girls are now 17, 15 and 14. So the stay at home tag is long gone. So I’m saying…enough is enough is enough.


It’s time for me, to reclaim my life and put myself first.

It’s time, to stop putting myself and my career last.

It’s time to formulate a workable plan.

It’s time to achieve some kick ass business goals.


Why did I wait so long?


Basically I felt I had no real choice to explore all my options and my options, up until recently, were fairly limited. Needing to move constantly didn’t exactly make me an appealing prospect in the employment stakes. I was also stuck on a path of going with the flow which also meant putting myself and my needs and wants last.


Up until recently, hubby has been on specialised contract work and we’ve needed to relocate, sometimes at short notice, to follow the work. Family friendly work opportunities for myself, on an often temporary basis, were few and far between.


I did have all three in full time childcare at one point, we were forking out in excess of $750 per week (years ago now) and when you added the extra car, the career wardrobe and all the extras that have you haemorrhaging money because you are time poor and cut corners with the occasional take away for starters, it hardly added up.


Some weeks, I honestly felt like I was paying for the privilege of working. I’m sure you all know the drill. Then there’s the sick days and school holidays to take into consideration but I don’t need to tell you all that. It’s hard work trying to balance it all. It can be overwhelming.


So I stayed at home and took over the family finances with a frugal tooth comb. I dabbled with the online side of things trying to find the balance and a bit of an outlet for myself. I even had a successful online consignment store, back before eBay and the masses were only just warming to online spending. You could say I even had a blog back then, only it was in Newsletter form each week. Printed and hand delivered to clients and potential customers. Customers that often needed their hand held when dealing with the World Wide Web.


With each move saw a new reinvention, taking the opportunities that presented themselves till I eventually fell into Virtual Assistant and mystery shopping work. It just worked for our family and was something I was good at but it wasn’t necessarily my passion. When I started the blog almost 3 years ago, not only did I see the potential to expand on the VA side of things but I found my passion. I wasn’t convinced of the best way forward, I half suspected I might have been too old, too ugly and 20 years too late to the party with no real qualifications because none of what I’m doing now was around when I last hit the books. So I kept doing what I always do and went with the flow.


So what changed?


While hubby is still specialised his work is now permanent which means we no longer need to relocate at short notice, the girls are now older so child minding is no longer an expensive issue and you could say I have the world at my feet but time is against me and my qualifications are so far removed from where I want to be.


I suppose if I’m honest, I was lacking confidence to move forward. I was also carving that elusive work/life balance, the one where I continue to put my family first and foremost. It’s just who I am.


There was also a change in mindset.


I had more work than I could cope with, my family were struggling and life on the home front for the first time was chaotic. I’d always prided myself on this side of things and I found myself overwhelmed and less than proud. Something had to change. It was time to call in reinforcements.


Cue Business Mamas…




An online business school targeted to busy mums like me, that are keen to get their business off the ground or take their existing business to the next level, all starting with a firm foundation. A foundation to fit your lifestyle.  A workable plan of attack among the family chaos. The Business Diploma will set me on the right business path, one that includes that family/work/life balance I know we all crave.


Isn’t it strange how just when you need it, the universe throws you a sign or a wonderful opportunity and you find yourself back on track. In this case business track but it’s also so much more. You really can achieve great things with the right tools and support and the business diploma is certainly ticking all the boxes and filling in all the gaps.


I’m really excited about what’s to come and will be blogging about the course over the next twelve months. I will be following my keeping it real approach to life and the blog. This will include the good, the bad and the ugly, which considering I haven’t studied for far too long, things could initially get ugly while I find my feet but the Business Mamas team and my dedicated coach/mentor for the program are certainly helping me ease into things so far.


If you are thinking about taking the first step to launching a micro business for extra cash or starting the next big business sensation to live happy, work happy, be happy, there really is no time like the present. You should definitely touch base with the Business Mamas team, where it’s all about you and your goals!


As brand ambassador for Business Mamas, I will be casing and undertaking their 12 month Business Diploma. You will be able to share my endeavours through monthly blog posts and various projects online and off throughout the year.


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  1. Can’t wait to follow and see how your study goes and influences the blog as well. Life has a way of offering up opportunities at times when you might not realise it, but you need a change or nudge along. Good luck!

    • Thanks Jess. The first module is all about profiling myself and how I study and operate in a business sense. Talk about tough. I do this for clients all the time but turning it on my self has been an interesting and thought provoking exercise.

  2. I’m so excited for you Raychael! The Business Diploma will set you up for great things for sure! Can’t wait to hear how you like it, what you’re learning, how it influences your blogging etc. 🙂

  3. It’s our 20th anniversary in November too! I’m so glad you have this opportunity and look forward to seeing where it takes you. xo

  4. I’m excited for you! It all sounds like huge possibilities are opening up- & there’s little that’s more exciting than possibility.

  5. I’d like to do some study in a few years. It sounds like this has all come about at the right time for you now xx

    • No Worth Casing Wednesday for me this week. I’m honestly hardly game to do anything with the blog at the moment for fear it will be taken away from me. A bit like being burgled and feeling rather violated.

  6. Congratulations on putting yourself first and starting this course. It will be interesting to read how this course affects what you are already doing. It’s so exciting thinking about all the possibilities such a course can offer and result in. What a great role model you are also being to your daughters with your study!

    • Thanks Ingrid. It’s tricky at the moment trying to keep up with my usual over the top schedule and fit the extra in but hopefully this time next month, I will be on the right track.

  7. Raychel, having had three under 2.5 I completely hear where you are coming from. Mine are growing slowly and I feel a similar frustration to what you describe. Is mum all I am? Is it worth working and asking for all the help/childcare? So many dilemmas. I hope you kick ass in your course! Bron

    • I also think I’m a bit set in my working for my self ways to ever go back to working full time for someone else. I’m at a bit of a crossroads at the moment with the direction the business can head. So many potential avenues. The course will be a great way for me to explore those options and work out the best way forward.

  8. I was wondering what happened with your blog the other day raych!
    then I got busy and haven’t been on line much.
    it sounds great and I guess you will find your balance and get into the swing of study again! like I did when I went back to study aged 40 and it was all a bit daunting at the time!
    as my first year was full time! whatever was I thinking! … after that I went part time!
    and it worked better for me! it was the only sane thing to do!
    all about the balance and one does need to be organized! you are good at that! … not my strong point but I managed it all! looking back I am so glad that I undertook that art course 4 yrs in all! it enriched my life incredibly! …
    phew! couldn’t do it now!
    all the best hun! love m:)X

    • Yes, what a nightmare. My hosts were far from helpful and just suspended my account. It was a nerve wracking stressful way to spend the weekend but I had my sister visiting from interstate and she kept me suitably distracted.

      I’m impressed with your study. I’ve been so nervous about starting. It’s been a long time. You will have to throw some tips my way.

  9. I admire you for your tenacity to go for it and venture out, I cant say I would be able to do it. Instead of going to school I set out to open my own salon and school and taught classes for 20 years, that in its self was and undertaking.

    Glad that your blog is back on track, you might consider moving your site to a more reliable webhost so you dont have these problems and can get technical support when you need it. There is nothing worse than thinking that your site is gone waiting on pins and needles to see if it will come back. If you need a referral for a webhost I have a good one.

    Glad your sis was there to help distract you during that time.
    Thanks for making your way over to #OMHGFF this week to share your post. Wishing you well from here forward!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  10. I’d never heard of Business Mamas but it sounds like a great opportunity. I bet a lot of what you learn (about yourself as well) is able to be of use in life in general!

    • It really is the perfect opportunity and the perfect timing. Well probably one month too soon with my existing commitments but this time next month, I should be on the right track.

  11. Sounds like Business Mamas came to you at the right time, Raych! I can see how course will make you even more business savvy! Go, you!

  12. 1) Glad you got it back. 2) Hope you find the right server going forward. 3) Glad it made you realize you want to fight. 4) I’d be so upset if I lost my blog. It is part of me and where I’ve been! You’re not alone! 5) Love the new graphics! 6) Can’t wait to learn from you while you take the course Raych!

    Have a waaay better day!

  13. So excited for you – still very, very envious of the opportunity but I know you are the right business creative to make amazing things happen!

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