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I must confess, I’m just back from a whirlwind trip to Melbourne that involved me whirling around like a mad woman loaded up on caffeine and creating a lot of hot wind on very little sleep. Following a calamity of errors, all possibly related to lack of sleep, I’m sharing my top networking tips for bloggers and introverts.

In the end, I ended up going 40ish hours without sleep. True story. I now know my ability to sleep on planes is near impossible and my ability to function on no sleep diminishes around the 36 hour mark. Something I will need to factor in for any future whirlwind adventures.

When I finally managed to hit the pillow, I hit it hard. I may have invented a new game in the process… 40 hour Blog-gammon.  A mixture of the 40 hour famine and backgammon, just giving up sleep rather than food at a blogging event where there was very little strategy and a lot of luck involved to actually get me to this event in the first place.

The event was an all day affair for the Kidspot Voices 2015 breakfast and masterclass together with networking drinks and the announcement of their top 100 blogs for 2015 that evening.

Agent Mystery Case was nominated again this year, even though I blog outside their niche categories. I also don’t follow any set working with brands blogging formats which I believe automatically rules the blog out for any awards in the first place. As you can imagine there was no expectation on my part that I would make the top 100 and I honestly wasn’t attending this for the award side of things.

I also went with no expectation of the masterclass. While the tips and advice offered at this event were for the most point spot on, from my perspective (having to factor in the cost of flights etc.), there really wasn’t anything that hadn’t already been covered or isn’t readily available for free on the web if you go looking hard enough. The lineup of speakers was certainly impressive and it was interesting to hear about their blogging experiences.

At this point, you are probably wondering why I went so far out of my way and with so little sleep to attend. It’s these factors that probably impacted why I took so long to actually decide to pull this off. I only booked flights and made my decision to attend 48 hours out from the event.

You see, I’ve only recently returned from a blogging mystery tour of Melbourne and with hubby getting ready for his next trip to sea, I really couldn’t be spared by the family for more than the one day. There was also the cost factor involved. While the masterclass at just $25 was an absolute bargain for locals, I also needed to factor in flights from Perth. Even last-minute budget flights aren’t really budget friendly.


So why did I really go?

I should probably say networking but I can assure you I completely suck at this side of things. So I’m just going to be honest here… of the 100 plus bloggers in attendance, there were over 40 women attending that I’ve been connecting and collaborating with online these past three years and I wanted to actually meet them in person.

I’ve pretty much ruled out attending the ProBlogger main event this year on the Gold Coast. With hubby at sea and no one available to mind my three girls, it really is a case of mission impossible. The Kidspot Voices 2015 event was my next big chance to put so many gorgeous blogs to faces and touch base with some of my favourite bloggers.

Being an introvert (I know completely debatable for anyone that has met me and seen me in action), networking does not come easy to me but I’m also at a stage in my life where I want to make the most of my endeavours and I’ve always been one to make the most of an opportunity. This event gave me more than a few opportunities and another idea for a blogging reality game….


Networking Tip for Bloggers and Introverts


1. Arrive super early on no sleep and fill yourself full of coffee, while you are going about your introvert ways trying to not get in the road or disturb the organisers, you just might meet the emcee for the event who is keen to hear why you are super early and looking like something the cat dragged in.

You may just end up providing the perfect opening not only for the emcee’s speech but the opening brand speaker who has a miracle sleep mask to showcase and inadvertently throw yourself and your blog into the spotlight albeit briefly.


2. Lose your glasses and the ability to see anything more than 3 cm in front of you halfway through the event. Then go looking for the second last person on your long list of people you must see at this event before leaving.

In this case, it was Bec from Dancing through Sunday. Going on the snippet from her profile pic, I was looking for a young attractive brunette with sleek hair. Incidentally, this was a great way to meet every attractive brunette with sleek hair in the room (there were more than a few), together with everyone at their tables.

I should add here, squinting and going in for an almost bumping a person’s name card with your nose always makes for an interesting introduction.


3. Leave your phone charger at home. In order to save battery, it will mean turning your phone off at some point which means losing connection with your all-consuming parallel world aka social media. This will give you more time and opportunity to actually go and meet people.


4. Do your research. If possible try to find out who is attending that you already know in an online-only capacity and make an effort to meet every single one of them. It took me all day but I’m pretty sure I did eventually catch up with everyone that I’d already had dealings with or was following online. (My tips on what not to do in regards to this listed below.)



Photos or it didn’t happen?

I’m not one for photos but I would suggest that if you are having photos taken, get them out of the way early. Mind you early for me, involved an overnight flight and arriving at the event straight from the airport looking like a swollen puffer fish. I honestly don’t think there was a great time for photos with me but it was only due to the fact that these gorgeous girls made the event for me, that I agreed to eventually get in a photo…



Creating Contentment, A Quirky Bird, myself and Style on V


This was at the 36ish hours of no sleep mark (thanks Vicki from Style on V). Just after I’d had my little fainting turn, I’m pretty sure I’m clenching my teeth in an attempt to open my eyes and look more awake.


What not to do

If you go to the trouble of making a list of who is going and who you would like to catch up with, try not to leave that list at home with your phone charger and medications.

If you are making mental notes of who you have and haven’t already met, it might not be a good idea to rely on your mental notes around the 35 hours of no sleep mark. The talented and gorgeous Lucy from Bake Play Smile had the lovely pleasure of meeting me twice. Not even kidding.

If you are feeling like you are about to faint at the 36 hour mark, it’s probably a good time to remove yourself from the room before the blog nominations start. It’s probably not a great idea to leave the room just after the winners have been announced, especially if your name isn’t on the list.



To each and every blogger in the room that didn’t make it to the top 100. You deserve an award for just showing up to the event and for blogging each and every time. Blogging is a tough gig and no matter why you are in it, you all deserve a mention and an award if you ask me.

Try not to focus on who made the list or why you didn’t and just get on with blogging. Focus on the positives.


Above and Beyond Award:

This probably could and should go to me for actually making it to the event in the first place but that’s not my style.

This award goes to a non-blogger in the room (well, as far as I know, he doesn’t have a blog). This one goes to the waiter from Leonda by the Yarra that found me in a state and just knew something wasn’t right and it had nothing to do about not making the top 100. If I could have taken the blame for you dropping a glass soon after, I would have. I went looking for you before I left to ask your name and thank you but couldn’t find you.


Partners in Crime Award:

To Vicki from Style on V, Sarah from Creating Contentment, Emily from emhawkerblog and Zoe from A Quirky Bird, without a doubt the day wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Why partners in crime and what exactly was the crime? That would be telling but I suppose being in close proximity to someone who was without sleep and full of caffeine would have been an experience in itself.


Character Award:

Emily Hawker come on down. I wasn’t in a position to take any notes or keep up with the social media sharing side of things at this event, both from the lack of sleep and the lack of a battery on my phone. Thanks to Emily Hawker, I really didn’t need to be. Watching Emily in live tweeting action was an experience in itself and I can now go back and relive the highlights in 140 characters or less.


Emily Hawker | Twitter | Kidspot Voices of 2015



Come as you are – Authenticity Award:

Emily from Have a Laugh on Me and Vanessa Rowse from Style and Shenanigans. While I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with either of you, I was delighted to find your online personas matched your offline real selves.


Gorgeous Inside and Out Award:

Phoebe Montague aka Lady Melbourne, the first blogger I started following many years ago now and probably the main reason that starting a blog was on my wish list. Phoebe was so very gracious with her time after her masterclass session. I reviewed Phoebe’s first eBook when it was released and it was a real highlight to finally meet her in person.


Inspiration Award:

Carly Findlay, who has been a huge inspiration to my blogging endeavours. I’m reminded that it’s not all about looking the part or ticking all the blogging must do boxes, it’s about arriving at the party in the first place and getting your story out there.

When I first saw that Carly was attending I actually made the assumption that she might have been speaking at the event. The fact that she wasn’t was probably my only disappointment of the day.





But wait there’s more…

There are a host of other gorgeous bloggers that I need to mention here because each and every person I met on Saturday left a huge impression on me but I’m at that point where I can hardly string a sentence together.

I will return soon with my next round of Worth Casing Blog Awards. No categories, no brand sponsors, no overnight fly in fly out trips. Just back to basics blogging, looking outside the niche. Rewarding and supporting bloggers, a lot like our new blogging initiative…


Blog Exchange banner


Are you are natural when it comes to networking?

Do you have any tips?

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you at an event? 

Can you sleep on planes?


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  1. This is brilliant. I cannot believe you survived that long with no sleep! And I second Em’s twittering but from the other side. I couldn’t make it and I could live vicariously through her tweets – thanks Em.

  2. Raych, you are a machine! 40 hours – wowzers! It sounds like a fab day, my FOMO was minimal thanks to Em Hawker, a sweeter tweeter I never did see. I would loved to have been there to put some real life faces to online names, especially yours!

  3. It was so lovely to meet you and spend quality time with you. I am happy you made the effort to come all the way from Perth. Meeting you and some of the other bloggers made my day. Hope you are revived and ready for the week ahead. take care and look after you. V x

    • Not sure I’m revived enough. I can hardly string a sentence together this morning. Thanks for keeping me company throughout the event, it wouldn’t have been so much fun without you.

  4. This was hilarious (I hope intentionally….otherwise, sorry), I can’t believe you did that. The last time I have been awake for that long was an international flight from Rome. And all I had to do was watch movies and shuffle around airports, not network and actually be nice to other people!

  5. This was very funny and I hope you are ok overall. These things can be very intimidating.
    My networking tip, or just something I do subconsciously really, is to smile at the quiet people in the perimeters and ask if they want to join in the conversation.
    Sometimes the ice just needs to be broken.

    • More than ok but taking it easy for the next few days as I start my first semester with Business Mamas. I usually look for the quiet people in the perimeters as well, that is when I’m wearing my glasses and can see the perimeters. lol

  6. I used to work in the travel industry and fly to KL for a day of meetings with suppliers and then onto Borneo. On the plane I spilled red wine all over my dress and when I got of the plane I discovered my luggage had gone straight to Borneo! I had to do the day of meetings in my dirty dress

    • OMG. I didn’t actually pack a spare change of clothing. More layers and accessories to add to the base. I didn’t even foresee any problems beforehand and then became a bit paranoid that someone would throw up on me on the flight. lol

    • I loved, loved, loved spending time with you as well. Shame I had to share you with a room full of people. I would have loved to drag you out for dinner afterwards but I know my limits and that was around 6pm. lol

      • I would of loved dinner too, yet I was just over it all by the end of the day as well. Perhaps next time, we’ll aim to schedule something in, just you and me, or a smallish group. It would take the pressure off the day. I get torn between talking to those I really want too, as well as networking the room.

  7. It was absolutely fantastic to meet you! I still can’t believe how far you travelled… on no sleep!! Thats commitment! Hahaha I would have been happy to have ‘met’ you again and again lol!

  8. Thanks Raychael, just visited Em’s twitter feed-all caught up! I somehow found myself on The Kidspot Blogger Alumni list even though I have never been nominated for any blog award in 3 years of blogging. hehe Someone has stuffed up the email list!
    Hope you had a great time. The best blogs are the ones that look & feel nothing like anyone else’s. They are doing their own thing and smashing it. Keep going Ms Mystery Case!

    • I should have probably linked to Em’s twitter account or included a live feed here. Glad you are up to date.

      How interesting that you ended up on the Alumni list.

      Definitely had a fabulous time.

  9. I’m so so at networking…I’d be better if I were organized. I can not sleep on planes. I’m too excited staring out the window, taking pictures. Yes, I have figured out how to take night shots from a plane at 36,000 feet. Maybe my greatest photographic accomplishment! 😉 Watching Aurora Borealis at 36,000 is too exciting to sleep through! Or the Alp, or clouds, or ice formations over Canada….So, I get places sleep deprived for sure! I always try to add in an extra day before the event to rest up. 🙂 glad you made the top 100 Raych!

  10. You are just so lovely and kind Raychael! I’m glad you enjoyed your whirlwind trip to Melbourne but I’m devo’d that you won’t be at PB in August. I need a fellow introvert to help me survive it and I’d really love to meet you! By the way – you are gorgeous and should be in way more photos!! 🙂 x

    • I have entered the ProBlogger competition to win tickets, flights and accommodation. I was thinking if I was lucky enough to win, the money saved might help me fly a relative over from NSW to look after my girls. Fingers crossed. Would love to meet you too. I will be playing along via social media. No doubt following the talented Em Hawker on twitter.

  11. I was so disappointed when I found out it was in Melbourne as I had the most excellent time at last year’s masterclass in Sydney. I’m hoping that there are some events in Sydney this year so I can go and catch up with people who ‘get’ this crazy world of blogging. So glad you had a good time, despite the sleep issues, and bummed I couldn’t be there to hang out with you again. You better make some kind of visit to Sydney this year, lady!

  12. What a great wrap-up. I really wanted to go but just couldn’t afford it. As you said, the organisers were great in that they made it soooo affordable, so no worries there. It’s just the coming from country Queensland, getting to the nearest city, flights, transfers, accommodation and all the incidentals that does it for me. I really hate missing out on these events, because I’ve been lucky enough to go to a few and I know how wonderful this community of women (and a few men) are. And so much fun we all have when we get together in person, and get over the initial nerves. Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a great post and I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to meet you! You are a legend to make such a trip but sounds like it was totally worth it with all the people you caught up with. I find these days totally inspiring and just great fun. Hope you now can get LOTS of sleep!

  14. Great post, Raychael, so made me laugh and “oh no!” equally. You must have been so wired! Hope you are feeling refreshed, reset and recovered soon. I’m attending the Little Blog Big workshop this weekend and am devouring all the introvert networking blogging articles I can, so this is so opportune! What a trip! I love looking at photos from these kind of things and recognising bloggers I follow too.

    • Thanks Beth. Wired pretty much describes it. I think it is going to take more than a few days to recover.

      Let me know how you find the Little Blog Big workshop. I wonder if they are thinking of coming to Perth?

      I didn’t take nearly enough photos at this event but then again everyone else was. Will look at what I have taken and possibly share for Worth Casing Wednesday this week.

      • Indeed, I will be blogging the shiz out of it! Don’t know if I can manage live tweeting but I may need to bring my portable charging unit for the iPhone 😀 Look forward to seeing more pics!

  15. Wow what a whirlwind trip . A great recount and I am a little jealous that I couldn’t make it. I was just flattered to be nominated as a newbie. I’m in the same predicament with Problogger as yourself but also feel it would be a fantastic opportunity. Ems twitter feed was awesome (such a legend at twitter). x

  16. Oh Raychael what a trooper! I met you right at the end of the night when things were getting a little blurry for all sorts of reasons. Hope you recover from your 40 hour marathon very soon! Rachel – Toilets aren’t for Turtles 🙂

  17. I really wish I could have made it down to finally meet you and catch up with some of my fave bloggers too. I considered it and nearly made it there but a sixth sense told me it was best to stay close to home. Thank goodness I listened to that sixth sense as my father landed in hospital again so instead of flying to Melbourne I ended up driving up to Taree for the day instead. But following Em’s twitter feed was fantastic – I felt like I was there. She was a maniac when it came to tweeting! We will meet in person one day Raych – it will happen!

    • Oh no to your father being back in hospital. You really need to see Em in action. It’s amazing.

      The awards night is in Sydney (apparently) so I might try and arrange for my Sydney mystery tour to be around this time.

  18. gawd I couldn’t function on so little sleep! Kudos to you for getting through-and then writing about it! I would love to come along to one of the events when I am back in Australia some time.

  19. I’m so glad you did make the trek Raychael. You extended a very early hand of friendship to me online and it was a real delight to be able to put a face to the name. It’s a shame it sounds like we won’t be seeing you at Problogger. You’ll be missed x

    • I just wish I could have spent more time with you. Apart from being sleep deprived, there just wasn’t enough time for catching up properly with everyone.

      I was really hoping ProBlogger would be on the cards for me this year.

  20. So glad I finally got to meet you and spend some time with you on Saturday. Thanks so much for coming and I hope you have a chance to catch up on your sleep soon! x

  21. I’m actually an excellent networker and more than happy to walk up to complete strangers and introduce myself and I do the Bridget Jones thing as well – introducing peeps to others. I am however crap with names. So there’s that. 🙂

    • After no sleep, I’m lucky to remember my own name. I’m certainly not backwards in coming forwards at events and throw my self in the deep end but I wouldn’t say networking comes naturally to me.

  22. YAY good on you Raychael !! So delighted you went on this adventure. I am doing the overnight to Melbourne in July sounds like I might be a sleep deprived wreck. Hope you catch up on sleep.

  23. I am still not convinced you are a true introvert!! Haha….
    I was following along with some of Em’s tweets as well, in between hopping away to some awesome country music! Looked to be a fantastic and informative event!

    • I took them before getting on my flight, so didn’t really need to pack them this time being a fly in fly out. Had planned to take spares just in case flight home was delayed with pain killers and ended up leaving them in hubby’s jacket pocket at the airport. Fail

  24. I would have been snoring and dribbling on that plane ride with hardly any sleep. They would have had to wake my up to get me off! Well done to you for trooping through. How I would have loved to have been there!

  25. I’m really terrible. I can’t network AT ALL and while I can be amusing online I fade into the furniture in person. Sigh. Anyway, sounds like you had an amazing time despite the lack of sleep. xo

  26. you are such a wordsmith raych! … I love your ability to invite everyone to the party! … one doesn’t always see what they are!
    I think you underestimate your abilities! I see you as a brilliant networker online at least! … you are the business!
    plus you looked gorgeous in that photo even if you felt like a zombie!
    lots of love and sleep well this week hun! m:)X

    • Thanks gorgeous. Zombie is probably the correct word for when that photo was taken. Never doing that again. I honestly thought I would sleep for 3 hours on the plane going over so it would be so bad. I didn’t no if I was coming or going by that point. Clearly or I would have removed my glasses from the top of my head.

    • Amazing or just plain crazy. I’m really feeling it this week but there were too many of my favourites in the one room, not to attempt this. There were a couple of bloggers that I missed catching up with as well. I blame tiredness and the lack of time in between events for catch ups. I honestly didn’t have a spare minute the whole day.

  27. I hope you have now recovered! I wish I were an extrovert but unfortunately I’m not! Networking with people I haven’t met before is so hard for me!

    • I think the lack of sleep, actually helped in this regard, I was too tired to over think and just stuck with my list of who I’d already connected with and wanted to catch up with and anyone else was a bonus.

  28. Wow, Sounds full on and as a bit of an introvert I took notes on your networking tips 🙂 I usually hide behind my phone or a large cup of coffee. I am a bit jealous that you got to meet such awesome women. I am a fan of many of them and am looking up the ones I haven’t yet discovered.

  29. I’ve heard so much about Kidspot! Are you going to Problogger? Would love to meet you.
    When it comes to networking, years ago I really sucked but now I absolutely love it. It took me to just throw myself into it, experience bad anxiety and eventually it worked out fine, I learned it wasn’t so bad and built my confidence.
    And no, I definitely cannot sleep on planes!

    • Would love, love, love to meet you too.

      Have pretty much ruled out ProBlogger this year. Hubby is at sea and no one here in Perth to mind our three girls. I have entered to win the PB package which would mean I could afford to fly a relative over to look after my girls. The only way I will entertain going.

      I’m hoping to do a few more mystery blogging tours later this year and catch up with a few more of my blogging favourites. I will have to start a geographical list of my blogging friends.

  30. I wish you were going to be at ProBlogger. I’d love to meet you. I can’t believe you went that long without sleep. I would have definitely fainted. In fact I almost did when we arrived in Brisbane after flying from Perth to watch my son play basketball. It sounds like a tornado of fun though xxx

    • I wish I was off to ProBlogger too. Would love to meet you. I do worry my offline persona doesn’t match my online one. I try to keep it as real as possible here. Although, sleep deprived and high on caffeine certainly takes things up a notch. I think I may have been the tornado.

  31. I would love to go to ProBlogger one day and hang out with all the fab Aussie bloggers who I have come across online. First I think I should get to a blogging event here in England first which is easier said than done. I worry about the networking part being an introvert myself…

  32. Oh dear , hope you are recovering well. I had a 28hr whirlwind trip to Sydney left home 4pm Thursday and later than I should have for a flight to Sydney, stayed with a friend , then had a bit of shopping lunch with her and another friend, my Dr appointment and home again by 8:30pm (friday -last night). I do not envy your late of sleep but meeting those lovely gals. It’s a 5hr drive each way and I didn’t fancy it for my health sake.

    • Oh dear alright. I’m honestly regretting the trip right about now. My health has suffered all week long and it’s been a long week. I honestly thought I would sleep on the plane.

  33. I hope you have recovered from the trip by now I really feel for you. I’m generally in a state of sleep deprivation so I completely understand what it’s like to be an introvert, exhausted and high on caffeine! I have only just decided to put myself out there and go to Problogger as I would also like to meet all the lovely bloggers out there.

  34. Extremely impressive − I felt nervous and I was just driving a short distance down the road! I also met you briefly, as you were crossing off your ‘must sees’ from your list, and as someone who didn’t know you, I thought you were very alert and together!

    I think there must be a few of us introverts attending these events – I tried an approach a friend taught me the day before, called the butterfly effect (and then wrote about it – I guess that’s what we do?) Anyway, in case it is useful, here’s my link

    • Honestly, if there had of been a complete list of who was attending on the eventbrite site (like ProBlogger do) that just includes a name and their blog, I would have needed to include everyone on my must see list. Although, there really wasn’t nearly enough time to meet everyone.

      In hindsight, I probably should have grabbed a selfie with everyone I actually met on the day but I’m not normally one for photos.

      Keen to read and hear more about the butterfly effect. Thanks for stopping by.

  35. Sounds like you had an awesome time, Raych!!! For being an introvert, you certainly made the most of your time with fellow bloggers. I bet you hit that pillow HARD when you got home! I wish I could’ve been there but just no time for me right now.

    • It certainly was an adventure. If I’d known I wasn’t going to be able to sleep for that amount of time I probably wouldn’t have gone in the first place. Have been feeling the effects ever since. For once the timing was right provided it was fly in fly out.

  36. Sounds like a fabulous time and a stellar performance on no sleep. Had to laugh at the photo with everyone identified by their blog name. Planning to get to Problogger as my first ever blogging event this year and as an introvert by nature I have some concerns on the networking, particularly making a fool of my star struck self by saying wow you’re ‘insert blog name here’ …um …oops well … awkward.

  37. I get so jealous of the people who can last a whole day at ProBlogger, including the night activities. I have to go hide in my room, even if it’s just for half an hour. I always miss a session for that reason. Ok, well once it was because I was drinking in the bar with other bloggers. I am a walking contradiction!

    • I can generally do about 40 hours and then I’m done. The opportunist in me that wants to squeeze as much out of every minute to make the trip worthwhile wouldn’t be able to even think about sneaking away or having a break but perhaps there is some merit in this approach. Hmmm something to think about.

  38. Isn’t it funny I wouldn’t have thought of you as an introvert from your writing. I am an extrovert and love networking. I do look forward to meeting you one day at Bloggers coffee. We should organise one for Perth bloggers.

  39. What an experience! I get really hyper and snappy when I’m tired (so does Dyllan) so it’s an interesting mix of talking too much and not wanting anyone to come near me.

    • It had its highs and lows. Meeting people that you thought you resonated with and supported online for so many years… then discovering there really isn’t a connection and they probably just want your blog comments and support, was a bit of a slap to the face.

      Actually can’t believe I just said that… and I really hope no-one actually thinks that of me because I really was bouncing off the walls full of caffiene at that event.

      Don’t really have time or energy for that kind of crap these days. Must be the two hours sleep and the full moon.

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