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Brunch? Some call it a late breakfast, others an early lunch. Me, well I like to think of it as morning tea on steroids. You could say it’s my favourite meal. If your timing is right, you beat the breakfast rush, giving you a long leisurely chance to catch up with friends before the lunch crunch.


This week, I’m sharing my final top 5 place to brunch in Perth, North of the River (NOR). Today, I’m heading to Melbourne for a mystery blogging adventure and will be hosting a blogging brunch on Saturday with some of my favourite bloggers. When I return I’ll be sharing my Perth CBD worth casing brunch finds.


Any excuse to brunch, although casing the coffice (cafe office) and casing the cocktail might also make welcomed additions to the menu here?!



The Sandbar – Scarborough Beach


If I’m honest, there was so much going wrong on my first visit to this place  for lunch when we moved to the area, I’m surprised I went back. Overcooked meals, timely delays, less than attentive staff BUT a lot has changed since then and The Sandbar has grown to become one of my favourite places to brunch NOR.


The Sandbar Scarborough Beach Brunch Review


The location right opposite Scarborough Beach and my daily walking track has a lot to do with why I gave this place a second chance. It’s also close to home with a reasonably priced brunch menu that works for me. The relaxed atmosphere and numerous table options mean it’s a great place to catch up for work or play and you are not left feeling out of place if you are going solo.


Even on a cold, wet and windy day, with the perspex blinds drawn and the balcony heaters going, this is a great place to find comfort over a nice meal and a coffee that hits the spot.


The Sandbar Scarborough Beach Brunch Review


The gluten free Kool Corner Crepes ($14) are on the top of my worth casing brunch list at The Sandbar. Served with shavings of roasted coconut, maple syrup and your choice of either strawberry or banana with the option to mix it up and have both.


The Sandbar Scarborough Beach Brunch

The Sandbar Scarborough Beach Brunch


The Scarborough Surf Club Brekky ($22) stacks up with a plate loaded with your breakfast/brunch favourites including eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, roasted tomato, sautéed mushrooms and toast with a vegetarian option also available.


The Sandbar Scarborough Beach Brunch Review


The Sandbar version of eggs Benedict, Sandbar Eggs ($16) with poached eggs served on a potato rosti, a healthy serving of fresh spinach together with your choice of hom or smoked salmon. All topped with a creamy hollandaise sauce.


The Sandbar Scarborough Beach Brunch Review


If you like salmon the Brighton Beach Bagel ($9) is rather tasty and great value. Cream cheese, smoked salmon, Spanish onion, capers and spinach.


The Sandbar Scarborough Beach

The Sandbar Scarborough Beach Brunch


Make sure you check in on Facebook or Instagram while you are there and claim your free coffee. I’m not sure how long this promotion lasts or where to find the terms and conditions but it was a fairly simple process for me and the coffee definitely hit the right spot.



The Sandbar Scarborough Beach Brunch


Also worth casing according to our mystery reviewers:


The Snakepit Mushrooms & Avo Duo ($13) of mixed mushrooms, smashed avocado which arrives on toast with a side serving of salad and Danish feta.


If cereal is more your brunch style, it’s worth casing the Homemade Toasted Muesli ($10) with almond, coconut and your choice of fresh strawberries or banana served with yoghurt.


Sourdough or rye toast is just $5.50 with fruit or gluten free options $7. A large range of extras are available from $2-$4.


Juices are $4.90, classic milkshakes are $6.50 or you have a choice of three smoothies for $8.50 each:


Sandbarnana – banana, milk, ice-cream, honey, cinnamon and walnuts

Hangover Cure – orange juice, apple juice, watermelon, blueberries and coconut water

The Green Mile – banana, apple, kale, lemon, mint and coriander



Brunch | The Sandbar | Scarborough Beach
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Of an evening (well I don’t think they serve cocktails for brunch) they also do pretty mean (that’s a good thing) cocktails served in pitchers for just $38. I’m thinking, we may just have to host our next 40+ Perth blogger catch up here or perhaps our new Perth Mums just want to have fun group might like to case this one?!


Not sponsored. No affiliate links. 100% my {eating} style. I did receive a free coffee or two, after the review process had been completed, but so can you if you tag in on Instagram and Facebook while you are there. 


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  1. all looks good raych!
    a good posi overlooking that beach!
    hope you arrived safe and sound in Melbourne!
    enjoy it! love m:)X

    • I know, I was the same. Interestingly, I’ve discovered my issue with gluten is the protein side of things, so as long as I limit my intake I seem to be ok but as a general rule, especially when out, I tend to still stick with the gluten free options.

    • Thanks Bek, not a patch on your breakfast/brunch shots but after reviewing places under cover for years and not needing to take photos, it’s all still pretty new to me. Practice, practice, practice.

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