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Aussie Giveaway LinkUp now at Agent Mystery Case

Agent Mystery Case | Aussie Giveaway Link Up Party


I’m not sure if you caught up with all the giveaways that linked last week but there was everything from holidays, wardrobes and Mother’s Day prizes up for grabs. Hopefully there will be lots more of the same throughout May.


With me heading off on a blogging mystery adventure to Melbourne next week, I thought rather than skip the link up next Sunday or put out a may day alert looking for help, I would trial opening our Aussie Giveaway Link Party up on a monthly basis.


All going to plan, from here on in, the link up will open on the first Sunday of the month.


There is actually method in my madness here, it will mean you only have to link up your giveaways once for the month and it will give all of us more time to promote and enter all the fantastic competitions.  You could call it a WIN WIN!!


At the moment it is mainly bloggers that are linking up each week, I want to try to encourage more businesses to jump on board. Hopefully moving to monthly will help with this.


While I continue to tweak the giveaway link party and look for ways to bring Instagram to the giveaway party, I’m also wondering about the name and our new banner. Since taking over the link party, following your advice, I’ve changed the banner but I’m now wanting to change the name as well.


I have no issues with Aussie Giveaway it’s the whole linkup side of things. So do tell…. should it remain as linkup or would link up, link party, linky or something else work better???



Aussie Giveaway Linkup instructions:


If you’re a blogger or business wanting to take part in the Aussie Giveaway Linkup:

  • Only link directly to the giveaway post/s
  • Include the prize and end date in the linky tool below.
  • Link each giveaway separately.
  • Leave a comment each time you link. It really is the quickest way to notify me of your giveaway, so I can start sharing the social media love your way.
  • Giveaways must be open to Australian residents and be run by Australian-based bloggers or businesses.
  • Grab the button below to add to your post or sidebar (optional but much appreciated)
  • A new list is added on the first Sunday of the month so bloggers and business owners need to add their links monthly.
  • Start entering the giveaways! Entry is at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for unfulfilled prizes or a blogger/business not abiding by their own terms and conditions.


Aussie Giveaway LinkUp now at Agent Mystery Case

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Aussie Giveaway Linkup – MAY




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  1. Thanks for hosting this linky Ms Mystery!
    Disney has partnered with Deep Fried Fruit to give away FIVE copies of this movie on either DVD or Blu-Ray to celebrate it’s DVD release date of this Wednesday 6 May.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Thanks for organising and hosting 🙂 I think it’s a great idea. So often people miss out on some great prizes because they just aren’t promoted enough. Please keep reminding us of linkys though. Maybe a list of dates we can diarise (first Sunday of each month is okay, but more concrete dates would be better for me) and keep on reminding us of those dates after each linky post please 😉

    • Thanks Jo, when I took over the link up it was a weekly affair which worked well but it meant you add to pop back and re-add your giveaway each week. I’m hoping this way will give me more time to build on our comping community here and attract business as well as bloggers to link up. I will still be promoting the link up and everyone that links on a weekly basis.

  3. Linked! Thanks for hosting:-) I tried to grab the button but it published as an error on my site. I’ll try just grabbing the image soon. Gotta run!

  4. Happy to go either way. I don’t like the term ‘linky.’ I like Linkup! Linky party is even worse! Just saying since you’re asking! I am fussy over such things. (Grew up with an English-born Father and I blame him!) 😀

    • Thanks Ling. I’m only just back from my Melbourne blogging trip and having a couple of go slow days and then it’s full steam ahead with the blog starting with this linkup.

    • Thanks Ingrid, I’m keeping Linkup for now. Only just back online after my trip to Melbourne and will be heading over to case and share your giveaway soon. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting this linky! I don’t run many giveaways, so I’ve just caught up with your plans for the month to month. Great idea. I’ll be following closely (and entering regularly!) from now on. Thanks!

    • Isn’t there. I’m hoping the linkup slowly gains some real momentum. Running things monthly certainly gives me more time to focus on sharing all the fantastic giveaways and promoting the linkup. I will however look to just start each new month on the 1st. So much easier to remember.

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