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I’m back hosting I Must Confess again this week, even though it’s a public holiday here in Perth today to commemorate Anzac Day. A public holiday that has me scratching my head. You see there are no further official commemorations planned, they all took place on Anzac Day (Saturday) which was also a public holiday.


I’m not sure why WA decided to declare today a public holiday, when the rest of the country chose not to but I’m certainly not complaining. Not one bit.


I have a rare day off with my little family under the one roof (another rarity). My eldest daughter is home safely from Greece, hubby is back from his latest trip to sea and my two social butterfly youngest daughters have been told to cancel all their catching up with friends plans. We even have interstate family coming for a quick visit.


The bonus day off also gives me a chance to add to my One New Thing list, which interestingly is the prompt for this week’s confession.


kings park | Perth | War Memorial | Agent Mystery Case


I must confess, after two years of successfully attempting one new thing a week, I’ve become a little lax in my endeavours and find myself looking for easy ways to get my one new thing over with and out of the way.


As such, I fear my challenge has lost its real meaning, which was initially to get me out of the mother and wife rut I’d found myself in and to be a bit more fun, relaxed and spontaneous in my approach to life, especially around my three girls while attempting something new each week.


Lately I’ve been guilty of playing the uptight cop, where my girls are concerned, especially with hubby away at sea so often. Being the part-time single parent with no support, even with my girls now 14, 15 & 16 (yes I had three under three), there just never seems to be enough time in the day to do more than the essentials.


My health issues and energy levels come into play here as well. My focus has been on running a super tight ship on the home front, which hasn’t left much time for fun and relaxed mum to make an appearance lately.


If I’m honest, I had a complete week recently where thanks to health issues and hubby away, I was barely coping. I basically decided that getting the girls fed and to school was my main priority and anything else was a bonus. There were bonuses that week and my girls were a huge help but it was no fun. Not for me. Not for my girls.


Thankfully those barely coping moments aren’t a regular occurrence and I’m able to give myself some much needed time out to get back on track, when they do. It was during this cabin fever down time that I took a good look at my One New Thing a week project.


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I certainly don’t want to win any mother of the year awards but I would like to be a more approachable and relaxed mum. I was thinking a renewed effort for this challenge might help with that but I wasn’t keen to add rules or specifics or make things too hard. Who needs more pressure?! Not me.


Basically I was wanting to up my game and get back to having FUN. Lots of fun, not just for myself but my family as well. You could say, this time round, it’s all about the fun factor and learning to not let my ongoing health issues or the lack of energy side of things constantly drag me and everyone around me down.


I was hoping to find a hint of the old more spontaneous side of me. The crazy fun loving clown in me that somehow lost my juggling balls myself along the way to becoming a wife and more importantly a mother, juggling work and family commitments instead.


While being spontaneous, going with the flow and taking on opportunities that fly my way is a great way forward, I also think once in a while it would be great to pull off something a little more involved from my blogging bucket list as well as putting together a personal bucket list as well.


people in a queue boarding on the plane


But how do you go about putting together a bucket list without it feeling like a list of clichés?!


I tried once and failed. It was in the lead up to my 40th and I suppose my heart just wasn’t in it at the time. It ended up feeling forced and much like a mid-life crisis list. Who in their right mind has time for that?!


I was pulling bucket list objectives out of nowhere. It wasn’t me. Not one bit.


What is me….is crazy ideas. Well ideas in general. Ask anyone, I’m always bursting full of ideas. Yes a lot of them are on the crazy side for me but the majority of them have merit and potential for a lot of fun. A whole lot of crazy fun. Of course the budget doesn’t always stretch to accommodate all my ideas but I’m learning to get creative and pick and choose my battles.


I thought putting a few of my crazy ideas on paper might actually help me find some order and a better way forward. I’m resolved that I’m just not going to pull everything off and will be giving some of my ideas away via an e-book entitled ’52 blogging ideas you will want to steal and call your own’. Now there’s a crazy idea!


52 Blog Ideas | You will want to steal and call your own | Agent Mystery Case


Travel is definitely on the top of the list but jumping out of a perfectly good plane isn’t ever going to be my one new thing.


One New Thing highlights so far


Meet and greet with Craig Mclachlan on stage with the Rocky Horror Show

Salsa dancing on the beach

Starting a blog

Snorkeling at Rottnest Island

Threw my first of hopefully many blogging catch ups

Adopting and falling in love with Pepsi the cat


Nothing really that impressive but after more than two years of attempting new things each and every week, there’s a lot more to the list. I’m just not sure anyone other than myself would see them as highlights. Like starting and finishing a 6000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Two new things that were just over a year apart, that probably seem rather lame to most people.





Up until our move to Perth, we’d never been in the one place long enough for me to finish a massive jigsaw puzzle. My last attempt was a 5000 piece, when the girls were much younger and more of a hindrance rather than a help when it came to puzzles. It was 3/4 complete when we relocated at short notice and it somehow ended up in Mr C’s hands the bin.


When we moved to Perth, hubby gifted me the 6000 piece jigsaw for my 40th, more than a little while ago now. Possibly attempting to make up for the error of his binning my expensive 5000 piece puzzle ways, hoping that he might eventually hear the end of it.


Only I didn’t commence puzzle proceedings or forgiveness until we knew Mr C’s employment was moving from contract to permanent, meaning we would no longer be needing to relocate and throw jigsaws out at a moment’s notice. Another first!


While I’m glad after 22 moves around the country, we can finally call Perth our home, I’m also hoping that we have one final move in us. On top of my bucket list this coming year, is finally selling our NSW property and building our dream home. It’s been a dream of ours for as long as I can remember and hopefully we are now closer than ever to pulling this one off.


New construction home framing against sky


This week’s one new thing is small in comparison but should be a whole lot of fun for my entire family. Stay tuned, possibly over on Instagram because you know me… photos or it didn’t happen.



Now it’s over to you! 


One New Thing – Tell me about the last time you tried something new and/or stepped outside your comfort zone?  Otherwise, why not put something new on the agenda and blog about it. I can’t wait to hear your confessions!


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What are your thoughts on buckets lists and do you have one of your own?

If you were going to attempt one new thing a week, what would your list look like?

Do you have any suggestions for mine?


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