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I realised this week that I’ve turned into one of those people who shares their cuter than cute cat photos over on Instagram. Although I’m still relatively new to this and not up to date on the cat hashtag protocol.


The other thing is I don’t actually own a cat as such and even more sinister, I’m not considered an animal person let alone a cat person. In fact, I think more than half my extended family will think someone has taken over the blog or I’m having a nervous break down. It’s that out of character for me.



Is it a cat or a catastrophe?!


Pepsi the Cat | Agent Mystery Case | Worth Casing Wednesday | Ragdoll


The cat in question ‘Pepsi’, is the most gorgeous ragdoll cat who belongs to our next door neighbour. Only they moved interstate about 18 months ago and their daughter moved in to look after Pepsi and their home, bringing with them another cat (Pepsi’s brother) and a dog. Ever since then, I believe Pepsi has been casing our neighbourhood looking for love and possibly a more impressive menu.


Considering Pepsi is rather demanding and completely eccentric, not to mention fickle when it comes to strangers and people in general (a lot like me), I believe it’s taken him just as much time to warm to our family as we have to him. I also believe he truly has been auditioning most of the street for possible new home contenders and this week we are only just winning by a whisker.


Pepsi the Cat | Agent Mystery Case | Worth Casing Wednesday | Ragdoll


With the neighbour’s daughter now also moving on, push has come to shove and we really need to decide if we will officially adopt Pepsi. Up until now, the ball has been very much in Pepsi’s court as he comes and goes. Although mind you, he pretty much turned into a (rare for him) house cat the entire three weeks Mr C was out at sea. Something I found rather comforting.


The last week or so, Pepsi has also invited his brother (Jak) over for an evening snack. After consulting our neighbour, it would seem Jak was placed on a diet about the same time he started visiting us.


The brothers tend to wait till lights out and then who knows what they’ve been getting up to after they finish off the food left out for Pepsi. My daughters have had a whole lot of fun trying to bust them in the middle of the night…..


Pepsi the Cat | Agent Mystery Case | Worth Casing Wednesday | Ragdoll



The first night I found Jak under foot by accident, it scared the life out of me. Jak is much larger and darker in colour than Pepsi and his meows are more like a cry than the demanding tones that we’ve become accustomed to with Pepsi.


Of course we joked and worried that they might actually invite other cat friends over and we would arrive home to find a garden full of cats. If they ever work out social media and how to use the laptop, I’m guessing we really will be in trouble. 🙂


Pepsi the Cat | Agent Mystery Case | Worth Casing Wednesday | Ragdoll


While we would love to claim Pepsi as our own, I do worry that he will miss his brother. I also would much prefer a dedicated inside cat, not one that goes casing the street for better options and might end up hit by a car.


So all my cat loving friends, how do you know what’s right for the cat in this instance? He does seem to spend most of his time with us at the moment and seems fairly contented. If he needs cat company when his brother moves, would introducing another cat into the mix help or hinder the situation and how do you go about choosing a second cat?


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Are you a cat person? Should we officially adopt Pepsi?

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  1. Aww lovely pictures, I want a pet (a dog) and I would take and share all my cute pictures too 🙂 He is lovely, well worth thinking about adopting him 🙂

  2. Catstrophe in the waiting? We don’t have pets at home as the kids are not really into animals. They rather have stuff toys 🙂

  3. Ragdolls make wonderful pets and it seems like you and Pepsi are in the process of adopting one another already! I think that’s a PURR-fect plan! Pepsi deserves a good home – and it seems to me he has already found one!

    (Look forward to reading his posts when he starts blogging…)

    • This isn’t your typical Ragdoll. He is loud, demanding and only likes affection on his terms. No sitting on your lap and definitely doesn’t like being picked up. All the same, I think he is just gorgeous and he has really grown on me. I do worry he will miss his brother though.

      • Hopefully, the brother will be as much of an issue as you think. From how you are describing Pepsi, I think a stable environment would do him a world of good!

        It’s not clear why the family would take one cat and leave the other behind but if that’s the case and you are thinking of adopting Pepsi, I would give Pepsi time to adjust to living with you and your family before introducing him to a new cat and take him to the vet to have him examined to make sure he is healthy (if possible, get records from the family before they move).

        If you take him in, it will be interesting to see what new aspects of his personality develop over time living with you as opposed to his previous family.

        Keep me posted on how the story develops!

        • His original owner moved 4000km away 18 months ago. Her daughter moved in to house sit and owns the Pepsi’s brother. They haven’t always lived together but have for the last few years. Pepsi has been spending more time with us than them and when his real mum returned for a visit, saw how content he was and we decided we would look at adoption if/when either myself or her daughter moved. It’s now come to that and I think we will adopt him.

          He has pretty much been living with us for over a year. Just nothing official and he still pretty much comes and goes.

  4. It sounds like Pepsi already knows where he wants to be! It’s sweet he turned into a house cat for three weeks whilst Mr C was at sea, thus keeping you company! He looks gorgeous!

  5. It sounds like Pepsi is planning throw a housewarming party and invite all of his friends. As I’m typing this my cat Captain tried to put in his 2 cents about where Pepsi should be.

  6. That’s so neat that Pepsi seems to have adopted you! It might be lonely for him, though, if his brother isn’t around. If you did adopt Pepsi and a second kitty, then I’d suggest a kitten, since it’s easier for cats to adjust to a kitten than another “grumpy” or “eccentric” cat. They really do have a lot of personality, don’t they? And, when it comes to pets, I find that my cats have a calming effect on me. Wishing you all the best with your decisions.

  7. I agree with Tina! If you need to get another cat, get a kitten. KEEP HIM!!! A good cat is a comfort to have around. Seems like he figured out that you needed him! (That’s how it works with cats.) Smart kitty!

    Our new kittens are indoors only. But I couldn’t keep out other two inside. They’re around ten years old and they would be too cooped up if we changed the rules for them now.

  8. Looks like Pepsi has made the choice to be part of your family. I recommend taking him to the vet for a checkup and/or finding out when his last one was. And, I’m wondering if it would be possible for you to entertain him enough to keep him indoors.

    The best idea would be to adopt his brother too, if that’s possible. If not, a male kitten may be good as a playmate. By choosing the same gender, there’s less fighting and male cats are more loving and even live longer. I’m a cat convert for 40+ years, so ask me any questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

    • We had him to the vet just over a year ago, when we suspected he was living in our front yard and homeless. It took several days to track down the owners due to a problem with a micro chip and that’s when we first welcomed him into our house and fed him.

    • We asked about his brother when he first started turning up overnight for a feed but his owner loves him and will be taking him with her. The brothers haven’t always been together just the last few years.

  9. I love those American Ragdolls! One day when my kids are older, I intend to be a doting owner of one. They have a beautiful, placid temperament. In the meantime, your neighbour’s little visitors are just the perfect pets for you. They’ll keep you company while your Daughter’s away (and they’re probably there for that reason!).

    • Pepsi has been visiting and mostly staying with us for over a year now. It’s been an extra treat to have Jak around. I believe they are moving this weekend, so a decision will soon have to be made.

  10. Pepsi is absolutely gorgeous, no wonder you are now a cat convert! It does seem like he’s found his new furever family … I wonder if he would cope if you made him into an indoor cat? My kitty is indoors only but then that’s all she’s ever known. I guess it’d be a lot harder if they are used to the great outdoors. I wouldn’t worry about getting an extra cat for company – our Fleur grew up in a household with 5 cats and loves being an “only cat” 🙂

    • He really is gorgeous and demanding and well a lot like me. I think it was the fact we initially thought he was homeless that hooked us in, so add manipulating to the long list of cat traits. lol.

      I was thinking a second cat inside would help convert him but according to his previous owner he has always been a cat that sets his own agenda and tends to roam. I suspect he first started looking elsewhere when the other animals moved in, although he has always grown up with dogs.

  11. I am soooo not a cat person, but the husband is. It’s probably still one of our most hotly debated topics after 9 years together! I think one day I will need to accept a cat in our lives!

  12. My husband and I are both from cat families but we haven’t got one at the moment. We said goodbye to our old moggie Basil last year, aged 20. Maybe when Miss L is a bit older and asks for a pet. Pepsi is lovely though and if he turned up on my doorstep, I’d find it hard to resist. My only concern would be that as a “bred” cat, they’re often more susceptible to catty diseases, colds etc. whereas the old moggies are a bit tougher.

  13. Pepsi is a very pretty kitty. I’d snatch her up! My only concern would be that she misses her brother. When we separated our cats, they noticeably became depressed. Could you adopt both? We’ve owned a total of 10 cats between us and they are each their own cat. It is too difficult to predict their reaction to change. We had one runaway because we started playing basketball and she obviously didn’t think much of it… But sometimes it’s best to feel, rather than over think it!

    • We asked about adopting his brother but this is the daughter’s cat and she is attached to him and said a huge NO. I don’t blame her. They haven’t always lived together, just the last few years.

  14. Cats really do have a mind of their own and choose their owners! My in-laws had a cat decide that they were his new family, and was most unimpressed when moving time came, especially when my BIL moved out as he was the one that had been feeding him! No advice about keeping or not, we don’t have pets anymore and it’s been years and years since I lived in a house with cats! Good luck though, I can’t imagine it will be an easy decision x

    • My girls have been desperate for a pet but all the moves meant it just wasn’t feasible. I’m still not sure now is the right time either but he certainly has grown on me.. well all of us.

  15. It definitely seems as if Pepsi has adopted you. Just because he goes outside now doesn’t mean he has to continue to do so if you adopt him. You need to discuss with his humans as to how bonded he and Jak are. I have sisters that are devoted to each other, sisters who hiss at each other and a brother and sister who could care less about each other. It all comes down to the individual cat’s personality. Good luck. Pepsi is certainly handsome kitty.

  16. I don’t have a cat anymore so I really can’t comment, and when we did have cats they were all the same family. I know our cats made sure our new puppy new who was boss!
    Have a great week and thank you for the link up

  17. Oh Pepsi is certainly cute! You know what – I’m not a cat person (even though I have had two cats in the past) BUT if I were to get a cat – it would be a Ragdoll. They are my fav cats! If I got a cat I would want it to be an inside cat – not one that roams and could get killed (one of my previous cats was baited and died)! I think if he is happy with you and you are happy with him then go for it but I can’t give you advice on getting another cat or not because I’m not cat expert. I’ve got dogs! 🙂

    • I really want him to be an inside cat as we live on a busy street but he has been allowed to roam from an early age thanks to his previous owners and I don’t think you can change that.

  18. I am the first on your blog and i connect a contribution with your challenge Worldless Wednesday.
    ♥ly greetings from germany

  19. I’m not much of a cat person but he seems like a lovely cat! Very handsome in the cat world…… I’m like you and would be worried if he’s not a dedicated inside cat that something may happen to him. Good luck x

    • I’ve been doing a lot of asking around about if you can make a cat that has roamed all his life (8 years) an inside cat and it would seem not. Having said that though, he has really grown on all our family.

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