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I must confess, rightly or probably more wrongly, Easter in our house (a house full of chocoholics) is all about the sweet chocolate.



I remember my first Easter with hubby 21 years ago. He’d been rather generous in the chocolate giving department that year (40 eggs of varying sizes) and I was looking forward to indulging and sharing in the sweetness for weeks to come.


Easter Tuesday saw me return to work after four days off, with Mr C remaining at home due to his flex or day off from work. I remember arriving at work, discussing how pampered I felt and guesstimating how long it would take me to get through the remaining 36 chocolate eggs.


Little did I realise, at the time, the extent of Mr C’s chocolate addition. He honestly took sweet tooth to the next level.


When I arrived home to find not one egg left, I couldn’t believe it. Who in their right mind would firstly gift someone 40 Easter eggs and then secondly eat the majority of them IN THE ONE DAY?!


I knew admitting you had a problem was the first step, only there was no admission of guilt here. When questioned the best Mr C could come up with……
“it’s not like I ate them all in the one go. I had some for breakfast, some for lunch and the rest for dinner”. 


We were living in Crows Nest, Sydney at the time and just down the road in Neutral Bay was a cafe aptly called ‘Death by Chocolate’. It was a chocoholics dream come true, for the rest of us, not so much but I decided then and there, Mr C was beyond help and this would be the perfect place to take him for his upcoming birthday.


These days my dodgy pancreas means ‘Death by Chocolate’ is a distinct possibility but that doesn’t stop the rest of my little family over indulging. Our three girls have all inherited their father’s love of all things chocolate and sweet. If chocolate does make it into the house alive, it needs to be under lock and key to survive.


Easter is no exception. There is something about good quality Easter chocolate that sends my chocoholic family into overdrive.


This year however, I’m finding Easter a little bittersweet and it has nothing to do with the chocolate or in this case lack of it as we all try to cut back on the sweet stuff (blogged here).


On Good Friday we spent the evening at Perth international airport, seeing Miss 16 off on the trip of a lifetime to Greece. Part of her Ancient History studies for year 11 and something she has saved hard for (almost $5k) the past 18 months. I’m so proud and sure Miss 16 will have a fabulous time but as a mother with one my daughters on the other side of the world, I’m also anxious.




Our goodbyes at the airport were rather short and sweet as well. Gone are the days where you can sit and watch your loved ones depart. Only ticket holders were allowed through at a certain point and Miss 16’s tour group couldn’t get through the check point fast enough. An entire 2 1/2 hours early.


There was a fleeting glance from 16 who seemed to take this international travel in her stride, while I noticed others in her group hanging off their parents with tears in their eyes. I’m not sure what I would have found more comforting or more bittersweet.


All I know is, Easter this year just doesn’t feel the same for me.


Do you have any Easter traditions? Is it all about the chocolate in your house?


With my chocoholic family it’s probably a good thing that on April 20, we are starting a low sugar lifestyle program as a family. If you are interested in hearing more or joining me head HERE for details and to enter my latest giveaway, as I’m looking for two like-minded mothers and their families to join me.


Now speaking of giveaways, let’s get the latest Aussie GIVEAWAY Linkup party started! Only our second week since taking over the linky but it would seem we are already gaining some momentum. Thanks to everyone that shared the linky love and/or linked up last week.


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Just a reminder that the Aussie Giveaway Linkup kicks off each Sunday due to the fact Mondays are generally reserved for our weekly confessions for I Must Confess with My Home Truths. Something I’ve combined this week due to Easter. Next week, we hope to be back to our normal blogging schedule. 


I’m still playing around with the new linky blog button which will hopefully be revealed and in place for you to grab next week. You can cast your vote for the new button HERE, true to giveaway linky form, it includes a giveaway.

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  1. a bitter sweet tale for sure raych! … hugs! … it’s good that your daughter is embracing travel! she’s use to her father going away constantly!
    my daughter lives in queensland and she always just wants to be dropped at the door! all good! too many emotions to deal with in public! …
    that story was soo funny and cute, about your husband and the chocolate! LOL! … naughty! … I get it!;0
    I’m the one here! dark chocolate is my “death by chocolate”! … yes one could die from that! I’ve already ppolished off half a block of old gold 70%
    love lindt 70% and over! I eat it with a brazil nut and a date every second square!
    that is made in heaven! … call it a tasting plate!;0
    lucky I don’t buy it through the year only special occasions!
    we are having a small family lunch today here! … all seafood!
    there will be chocolates at the end of it!;0 try to enjoy your day raych!
    love m:)X

  2. What an achievement for her to save so much money for something she really wanted to do. Great work to her and great parenting from you and your husband!
    Our Easter tradition is basically ‘Kids eat chocolate for breakfast, feel sick and sorry, eat chocolate for lunch, feel sick and sorry, etc. haha. It’s one day of the year so why not!

    • Sounds a lot like our household Kell. The Easter bunny didn’t actually come this year. First time in 16 years. I was a bit sad about that too but the girls headed down and selected their favourite chocolates with money sent over from their grandmother and saved them for Easter morning. I’m calling it a new tradition.

  3. Bittersweet indeed. But what an adventure! I guess the world’s much smaller and it’s so much easier to keep in touch with technology. I remember when I was backpacking around Israel and Australia in the olden days before the interwebs and the only way I could contact my mum was by the good old fashioned dog and bone (phone.) I am sure my mum’s nerves endings were very frayed! We don’t have any Easter traditions but it is a bit of a free for all in the chocolate department! And guess what, we live in Crows Nest too!

    • I know what an adventure. You live in Crows Nest? We have very fond memories of that place. It’s basically where we met, dated and moved in together. We did a quick drive through on our last trip to Sydney and so much has changed since we lived there.

  4. What a lovely trip and experience for your daughter and how brave to take it all in her stride at 16, but yes very bitter sweet for mom. I have also tried to cut gluten and sugar out of my diet for health and weight reasons, but caved for Easter after 3 months of being so disciplined. Hope I get back on the wagon

    • We indulged over Easter but considering other years it was rather low key. I’m really looking forward to the 28 day low sugar lifestyle program. I think it will help get the entire family back on a healthier track without extremes.

  5. That’s soooo exciting – I loved Greece. To travel at that age really opens your eyes and I’m sure she’ll have a great time. Sad, without her at home for Easter but I am sure your family made use for the extra chocolate 😉 xxx

    • We were rather light on for chocolate, considering we are trying to cut back on the overly sweet and processed food at the moment. The Easter bunny didn’t even make an appearance this year. First in 16 years.

  6. I’ve always wanted one of those big airport farewells and arrivals but usually it’s just me and my luggage all on my lonesome! haha…
    Am sure she is thinking about you all (a little bit) and will be happy to be home!
    I am trying to stay clear of all the chocolate around here as much as possible but I did sneak in a few little eggs yesterday.

    • I’m sure we are not getting a second thought. It’s going to be a long three weeks. Someone lost their passport day one, thankfully not my daughter and thankfully found with a little bit of fuss. I feel for those two teachers with 30 odd students in another country.

  7. I grew up as one of five kids and I was the only child that DIDN’T eat all their chocolates in one day. I saved mine to the point my siblings would come in a week or 2 later and steal them.. argh…

  8. It would not have been the same for you this Easter Raych but before you know it, she will be back. At least you can follow her on instagram – bet she will have the best photos x

    • There was no Easter bunny delivery this year. Another first after 16 years. Instead the girls shopped for their own eggs with money from Grandma.

      I’ve been casing Instagram but there has only been the odd photo here and there when she finds free wifi. I think my daughter might be having a tad too much fun and using a camera rather than her phone.

      Day one and someone had already lost their passport according to one photo update.

    • Yes, I’ve been thinking it’s great practice for when they fly the nest. I’m a worry wart when it comes to my three girls at the best of times. Probably time I worked on that as well.

      Thanks for linking up your latest giveaway.

  9. Im so excited that you are now hosting the link up 🙂
    Miss 16 will be just fine and travel will open her eyes to the big wide world out there and appreciate home all the more when she returns xx

    • Couldn’t get out of the country fast enough Jody. I’ve been casing her on Instagram but the photos are few and far between. Probably having too much fun. It’s going to be a long three weeks.

  10. Yay for hosting the link up. I need to put your button on my website! I hope you had a fabulous Easter despite Miss 16 heading overseas. I can’t even imagine my girls being 16 and independent like that. I know she will have an amazing time, but us mums still worry don’t we? xx

    • Thanks so much. I should have a ‘grab this button’ code on next week’s link party.

      I come from a long line of worriers. It slowly diluting each generation but yes I’m currently in overdrive with Miss 16 overseas.

  11. My partner is a bit the same. He will get through his Easter chocolate in 3 days flat while mine will last 6 months. I do keep it out of sight but he’s pretty good and wouldn’t eat mine 🙂
    How exciting for your daughter. I hope Easter was lovely and relaxing for you.

    • I’m taking the no news is good news approach here and stalking her on Instagram but basically keeping really busy to distract myself because she isn’t always near free wifi or posting photos.

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