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Agent Mystery Case | always on the case | Perth Event | The Alliance Française French Film Festival 2015

Agent Mystery Case | always on the case | Perth Event | The Alliance Française French Film Festival 2015


The 2015 Alliance Française French Film Festival (AFFFF2015) kicked off here in Perth last week with a gala opening night featuring Gemma Bovery starring Gemma Arterton, a romantic comedy-drama, which had its world premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.


Thanks to the Festival we have 5 double passes up for grabs. 



With the largest selection of films in its 26-year history (47 all up) including a kiddies corner for the first time and special event screenings, provided you know your French or can read subtitles, there is guaranteed to be a film that will tickle your French taste buds during the Festival.


Each film in this year’s lineup is a highlight but my pick of the bunch would be the Festival’s Closing Night celebrations, with a revisit of a modern French classic, Paris, Je T’aime that takes audiences through the arrondissements of Paris, with 20 superb short films inspired by love.


French Film Festival Closing Night


More worth casing selections from this year’s Festival:


ALMOST FRIENDS (On a Failli être Amies) 

Director: Anne Le Ny                           
Cast: Karin Viard, Emmanuelle Devos, Roschdy Zem, Philippe Rebbot, & Anne Le Ny
Karin Viard and Emmanuelle Devos, star together for the first time as two women who want more out of life – both at work and in the bedroom.  Devos plays Carole, who feels overshadowed by her husband, Sam, a Michelin-starred chef. Whilst taking a course at an adult training centre, she meets Marithé (Viard) who wants to help Carole create a new, fulfilling life. They become close friends, however complications ensue when Marithé encounters Carole’s charming husband.


THE BÉLIER FAMILY (La Famille Bélier) 
Director: Eric Lartigau                                                             
Cast: Karin Viard, François Damiens, Louane Emera, Eric Elmosnino, & Roxane Duran
An uproarious box office smash-hit about family ties, the joy of music and breaking free. In the Beliér family, everyone is deaf, except dutiful sixteen-year-old Paula, who acts as an indispensible interpreter for her parents and younger brother, especially in the running of the family dairy farm.  Though her salt-of-the-earth father has decided to run for mayor, Paula’s attentions are very much elsewhere. She’s witnessed the handsome new boy at school enroll in the choir, and impulsively joins too. It’s not long before her music teacher discovers her considerable talent, however his encouragement only exacerbates the matter of Paula’s independence.


THE BLUE ROOM (La Chambre Bleue) 
Director:  Mathieu Amalric                                   
Cast: Mathieu Amalric, Léa Drucker, Stéphanie Cléau, Laurent Poitrenaux & Serge Bozon

For his second directorial feature, acclaimed actor, Mathieu Amalric, has turned to crime writer Georges Simenon’s novel about a passionate, yet illicit, small-town love affair between family man, Julien and a pharmacist’s wife, Delphine.  This intimate tale shifts from the sensual moments in a hotel to life beyond the blue room and a crime that will trigger the collapse of the walls separating Julien’s two lives.


3 HEARTS (3 Coeurs) 
DIrector:  Benoît Jacquot                                                       
Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chiara Mastroianni & Benoît Poelvoorde
Stranded in a provincial French city one evening after missing his return train to Paris, Marc meets Sylvie. Together, they wander the streets until morning, talking happily, falling in love and making a date to meet again. When circumstances prevent this reunion, Marc searches for Sylvie but ends by finding someone else: Sophie. What Marc doesn’t realise is that Sophie is Sylvie’s sister. A sublime, if painful, romance about love and the capricious nature of fate.
If you do make it along to see 3 Hearts, I would love to hear what you make of the ending. I had a very different take on this painful film to my film critic partner in crime (aka plus one).


Alliance Française French Film Festival 2015 now screening in Perth at Cinema Paradiso, Windsor Cinema and Luna on SX till 7 April. Tickets are available ONLINE.




We have 5 double passes to the 2015 Alliance Française French Film Festival. So I’m able to send tickets to you in time, this giveaway is going to be short and sweet.


For your chance to WIN, just leave a comment below letting me know which film you would like to case with a friend and why.


5 winners. Game of Skill. Entries close 26/03/15 at 9 pm (WST – Perth time). Admit two pass valid for one session only. Subject to availability. Valid even with ‘no free tickets’ listings. Not valid for opening/closing night or any special events. Not transferable or redeemable for cash. Not valid on public holidays.

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    • I’m half tempted to case Mafia night Emily, it’s more of a guy thing and prizes for dressing up but it sounds like a whole lot of fun. Ladies night is this Friday night but I’m double booked. The joys of single parenting with hubby at sea and three girls that have more of a life than me at the moment.

      Keen to hear more about the Gold Coast Film Festival. Depending on the time frame, I’m almost tempted to jump on a plane and join you.

        • Margaret and David are ambassadors for this Festival as well but Perth is a little too far away. We never seem to get the VIPs to fly in.

          Hubby is back around then. Never say never. I wonder who I would organise tickets through? Send me a link to your piece when it’s up.

  1. Oh 3 hearts would definitely be my pick. I love a good romance and to have a french romance that’s even better. This actually reminds me of Ethan Hawke’s and Julie Delpy’s movies. I would love to see it if the tix are valid for Brisbane.

    • They are valid for Brisbane, not sure they would get there in time to be of benefit. Will look into it for you.

      I thought of Before Sunset when I saw the trailer to this but this film was more dysfunctional and painful. Still a good film just very different.

  2. I’ve never been to a film festival but reading about them, the movies always seem so much different to what is on offer in the mainstream cinemas.

    • Definitely more my sort of thing. Much prefer a tad arty over mainstream and I don’t know about you but lately I’ve been wondering why some of the mainstream aren’t going straight to DVD.

      Do you go to the movies often Tegan?

      • For adult movies no but we go to see nearly every new kids movie. The adult movies are just not at reasonable times now that D is at school. I have to be at the bus stop by 230 and don’t get away from the school until after 9 so a lot of 10am sessions are out. They also seem to have the 2 hour movies start around midday too so they’re out.

  3. I’d Love to see The Belier Family. Ideally, I’d love to take my sister, who is deaf and would understand the struggle of the deaf family in the film, and appreciate the subtitles that always accompany french films, but her schedule probably won’t permit. My reasons for picking this one is clearly because i grew up around hearing impaired people and I’m interested to see the dry, yet romantique way the french portray this. Plus music, I love music.

    Next on my list would be 3 hearts because I love Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The story line sounds like everything i love in french films.

  4. The belier family sounds great! I’d take my bilingual friend Nicky, so she could immerse herself in her favourite language for a night

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