Sculpture by the Sea 2015 {Worth Casing Wednesday Link Up}

Sculpture by the Sea 2015 | Agent Mystery Case | Cottesloe Beach

Sculpture by the Sea 2015 | Agent Mystery Case | Cottesloe Beach


I just can’t get enough of Sculpture by the Sea this year at Cottesloe beach. On Friday, I was lucky enough to attend the official opening and media launch. Since then, I have been back most afternoons with my little family observing and absorbing culture expression and nature in its purest form.


It’s been a great way to combine a little bit of fitness, a lot of family fun time in the great outdoors, together with the odd photo.


Speaking of photos, I was hoping there might have been a calm before the spectator storm to sneak a decent photo or 69 but it wouldn’t matter what time or day it is, there always seems to be more than a crowd.




There were a few firsts this year. A fully (on purpose) submerged sculpture which I’m looking at getting up close and personal with as soon as I source an underwater camera. Because you know me, photos or it didn’t happen and this year I’m determined one way or another, photo bombers included to capture all 69 sculptures, 51 of which are showing for the first time.


There is also an interactive #selfiesculpture which you are encouraged to climb on in to become your own sculpture and grab a selfie while you are there.


I believe there is also a bit of performance art at 5pm each day centered around Annette Thas’ Dame Cockatoo and Entourage piece. Annette took out the People’s Choice Award last year with her rather impressive ‘wave 1’ sculpture, which was constructed from Barbie dolls. This year, Annette has used the leftover Barbie dresses as the basis of her creation.







At 5pm this Sunday (15/3) you will have a chance to learn the latest Instagram tips and tricks by joining Instagram favourites @paulyvella, @garry_norris together with one of my favourite local photographers @jarradseng for the Sculpture by the Sea Instameet.


WIN WIN!!  I’m planning on casing this one and will have a little mystery prize on me for the first person to find me and introduce themselves.


The #sxsmoments photo competition is once again running this year. All you need to do is tag your Sculpture by the Sea photos when you are sharing on Instagram to be in the running to win a trip to the Bondi exhibition later in the year as one of their official photographers.


Today, I’m sharing just a few of my favourite #sxsmoments with more to come on Instagram:




























2015-03-10 001 032







With funding cuts meaning the event is likely to run at a loss this year, I’m hoping it doesn’t signal the end of the event altogether.



If you have a blog post worth casing this week or you are playing along for Wordless Wednesday (something I clearly struggle with) this is the place to link up. I’m always looking for new blogs to case. Are you Worth Casing?


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What have you been up to this week and are you an art lover?

Would you like to see or know more about Sculpture by the Sea?

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  1. I must say you have some outstanding artistic designers down-under, good thing for social media so the world can see these interesting sculptures and for you to take photos to share with us, Thank you!!! They are wonderful, especially the sculptures in the tree!!!

    Thanks for hosting, hope you enjoy your day!!!
    Oh and yes I would love to see more sculptures by the sea!!!

  2. Wow! I can see why you want to pop by each day. There would be something new to notice or a different perspective each day and it looks like it’s certainly popular. I love seeing artists being showcased to the public when they might not normally be discovered. Hopefully people can develop a new appreciation for the skill on show x

    • There really is something new to discover each day. It’s also like an obstacle course trying to battle the crowds at times, not to mention a good workout walking on the sand.

  3. Oh WOW – I love those sculptures! I scrolled up and down trying to pick a favourite but I couldn’t. I love them all! I so wish there was something like that near me! Some people are SO creative. It must be so satisfying to create something so beautiful! 🙂

    • There are three giant babies in this series but it was mission impossible with the crowds and the trees to photograph them all together. I’m going to have to head back and try again. Their faces are pretty freaky.

  4. I loved Bondi’s Sculptures by the Sea but it too was mega crowded! I’d love to attend Cottesloe’s sculptures by the sea as well! Some of the sculptures look familiar but the majority seem different. I love discovering the thinking behind each sculpture.

    • Thanks David, your photo this week was absolutely stunning. I’ve been contemplating heading back to the exhibition after dark but with very little light in the area I’m not sure how successful I would be.

  5. sadly it doesn’t look like I am going to be able to get up to sculpture by the sea this year. I hope the funding cuts don’t affect it in coming years. It is a wonderful community art event. Have a great week and thank you for stopping by my blog and the opportunity to link up to Mystery case.

    • Jill, next time you are in town and you have a bit of time, I would love to catch up with you. I’ve only just discovered your blog and being relatively new to Perth (five years now), still have a lot to discover, especially down your way.

  6. Amazing event! The beach being a perfect place to exhibit these beauties and my fave is the dancing couple. Stunning!

  7. Absolutely loving the artwork on the beach idea! The ball and chain is one of my favorite. But the baby…….creepy. I’m sending you an email soon. I had a bright idea! Talk to you soon!

  8. I am ashamed to say that I have never been to Sculptures by the Sea, neither when living in Sydney or Perth. Man, I have got to get to them one year!

    • I didn’t manage the Bondi one when we lived at Crows Nest either. You must put this on your agenda when you are back in Perth. I insist. Also I have a couple of movie giveaways coming up, so keep an eye out.

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