Sky High {Worth Casing Wednesday LinkUp}

Worth Casing Wednesday | Agent Mystery Case | Sky High

With school holidays almost over, here in Perth (which isn’t a good thing in my books), I’m trying to avoid the back to school blues and get some incidental exercise in as well with a few family outings.


Worth Casing Wednesday | Agent Mystery Case | Sky High


This week, as I continue to play along with Finding Myself Young’s 52 Weeks of Memories photo challenge, the Sony Xperia phone that I’m currently road testing (with its 20.7 mp camera), joined us on our adventures.


The prompt for the week was sky. Funnily enough, there weren’t many clouds out and about playing the game this week, although I’m lucky enough to have the sun setting over the Indian Ocean each evening with glimpses from my front door that always produces an amazing skyscape.


Most evenings at this time of year, I like to walk down to the beach to be there in time to catch the sunset. Although, I tend to sit and soak the view in rather than capture the moment.


Apart from resizing the photos before uploading, all photos are unedited and taken using my phone. Starting with a glimpse of urban sky from Rosemount Hotel where I spied possibly my favourite way to use Mason Jars…… as lights!



sky | mason jar lights | agent mystery case

Tree | Sky | 52 weeks of memories photo challenge

Perth skyline | Sky | 52 weeks of memories

City Beach | Perth | Sun | Sky | Photo Challenge | Agent Mystery Case

Sky | 52 weeks of memories | Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach Sky photo challenge

Scarborough Beach Evening Sky


I’m still fiddling around when it comes to putting the phone in manual mode and I’m a long way off perfecting night photos but you know what, I’m having a lot of fun trying. Especially with the sweeping panoramic feature.


Brighton Beach Perth Sky Scarborough Beach Photo Challenge

Scarborough Beach Panoramic View Brighton Beach Perth Photo Challenge Agent Mystery Case



I’ve also been getting into the exercise swing of things and by exercise, I mean walking. It’s the only exercise I can manage at the moment. While walking around the shops is probably my favourite form of exercise, especially on a hot day, I’ve been needing to slowly turn this up a notch.


To keep things interesting I’ve been doing a bit of bush and scenic walking. One of my favourite walks is a 5 km track at Bold Park. It’s been closed lately due to fire restrictions with the hot weather here in Perth. It’s hard to gauge from the photo just how high and difficult (think sandy trails) the terrain is.


Bold Park | Perth Skyline | 52 weeks of memories photo challenge


The views over Perth city almost make the hill climbs worth it and while I would have loved to have had my DSLR handy to take photos, the most I want to carry with me when I’m sweating walking is a bottle of water. The fact the phone is slim and lightweight and has a map app, is certainly a bonus because I’ve been known to get lost in Kings Park (Perth’s botanical gardens).




If you have a post worth casing this week, this is the place to link up:




NOW it wasn’t all fun and games for me this last week. Once you finish linking and letting me know what you’ve been up to this week, head over and ‘case’ Lost at Sea and Losing the Plot and let me know if you think I overreacted.



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  1. 20mp, that would be awesome! I’ll come back in a few hours and link up my post because it doesn’t go live until 6am (QLD time). Love that you’re still playing along 🙂

    • There are too many features to get my head around with the phone camera. Can’t wait till I have some more time to really explore all my options. I hit publish early, as I have a top secret mystery mission on tomorrow.

  2. Wow, those are some pretty awesome pictures with a phone camera. In fact they are just awesome photos, no matter the camera. I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter what you use if you get the light and the composition right! I especially love that second one of the dead tree in front of the purple sky, it’s stunning!

  3. Ahh I see you made it to the beach to get a great photo of those trees, what are they called?
    Sorry I have not been by lately, hubby just underwent a quad by-pass.
    Have a great week, Karren

    • I’m rather fortunate that most of my favourite walks are only a five or ten minute drive away. We are also walking distance to the beach which helps when I don’t have the car handy.

  4. Oh wow those pictures are gorgeous. You’ve been doing really awesome with your walking. The rain has settled in here at the moment so I’m not sure how much I am going to get done. It might be time to get out the Youtube exercise videos again I think.

  5. great shots on a phone camera raych!
    I especially love the large one of that tree! … stunning!
    they are spectacular views near your place!
    we don’t seem to be getting your weather lately!

  6. Impressive photos Raychel. its funny I have been thinking lately how I want to go for a walk at bold park. Its a little bit of bush in the city aside from kings park of course. You are quite the picture taker.

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