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Agent Mystery Case Style Challenge | Fitness Fashion Finds



I don’t know about you but I’m in two minds when it comes to fashion and getting fit. I don’t necessarily think you need to look the part but you know what, when you are unfit and out of shape like me, feeling confident and comfortable in your clothing does help motivate you to just get started. Especially when you take your workouts on the road, walking track (like me) or even the gym.


Right now, I’m embarking on a get fit for next summer (and life in general) campaign, after needing over a year off due to health issues. I’ve recently been given the medical go slow nod to resuming exercise. It’s been a long and frustrating time coming. For me, for now that means walking with the odd burst of snail pace jogging and eventually circuit and weight training.



Pilates | Agent Mystery Case | Pilates Session


I’m also ‘casing’ Pilates and Yoga options with a view to hosting a small intro class with some of my blogging friends, if you would like to join us?


While I don’t intend to be blogging and boring you with my fitness endeavours, you will find more than the odd snippet of what I’m getting up to over on Instagram as I join The Fashionable Mum’s fitness 2015 initiative (#tfmfit), in order to keep myself accountable and on track. So far it’s working!


I also have a little mystery project (#nomoreexcuses) kicking off over on Calorie King, with an emphasis on moving more rather than dieting. Like dressing the part, having a support group and interesting ways to keep motivated, helps keep me accountable . Which is why my latest style challenge is looking at all forms of Fitness Fashion.


If you’ve found fitness, workout or activewear apparel that ticks all the boxes for you, I would love to hear about it. Have photos or a blog post that features your fitness style? Even better.



Want to play along with our latest Style Challenge?



Share a photo on Instagram or Facebook:


Share a photo of yourself in your gear or if like me you are camera-shy, a flatlay or style board also works. Remember to tag @agentmysterycase and use our dedicated hashtag for this style challenge (#fitfashionfinds), so I can find you.


You can also post your photo directly to our Facebook page.



Blog about your fitness style adventures:


Blog about your Fitness Fashion Finds, then pop back here before February 28 and link up. The sooner the better, so we can share the social media love with you and case your post. If you can, please include either a link to this post or our official banner, together with the dedicated hashtag for this challenge (#fitfashionfinds).


If you have an existing blog post that you think might provide inspiration for our style challenge, feel free to link that up as well.



Fitness Fashion Style Challenge | Agent Mystery Case



Will you be playing along? We have a couple of rewards up for grabs for one lucky fitness fashion find. All will be revealed in good time.


You don’t need to be actually working out in your gear to play along but gosh you get bonus points from me if you are. I need all the support and inspiration I can get, as I slowly get back on the fitness track.



How do you keep on track when it comes to your fitness and do you have any fitness fashion finds worth casing?



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  1. I’m keeping up with my walking and have managed to squish in a 45 minutes weights session. Our garage is fitted out as a gym so my only excuse is that I am genuinely lazy. I have a post coming up tomorrow with my favourite places to shop for fitness wear.

    • I would love a home gym. Although having said that I do have the odd piece of equipment here now gathering dust. I haven’t really been game to do much with weights without supervision since popping my shoulder. Don’t ever want that to happen again.

      That Pilates place looks good. Will fill you in and hopefully have you join me for a session once school goes back.

      Can’t wait to see your post.

  2. That’s a challenge. A Fitness fashion Find for me will be a hard one. I am getting back on the fitness wagon when school starts, I think I will start walking to ease me into it after being out of action for a while too.

    • I’m starting from the ground up for this challenge and looking for a decent pair of socks this week. Glad to hear you are getting back into fitness. I’m really enjoying the walks, even if they are highlighting just how unfit I’ve become.

      I would love to organise a couple of local walk and blogging talk sessions as well. It’s all about keeping things interesting and not feeling like you are exercising.

  3. Love this idea! I have linked up a previous post that is not specifically fitness fashion related, but I hope you don’t mind. In hindsight I probably should have added, ‘buy good workout gear’ as a tip as I think it’s really important to feel good in what you are exercising and that the clothes you chose are designed for exercise!
    Good luck at reaching your exercise goals this year.

  4. Great idea. I love Lorna Jane stuff, it’s expensive but wears really well and it feels a bit special. Female for Life also make really awesome stuff for all shapes and sizes and it’s great quality too. I’m not a fan of the gym selfie per se, but I’ll try and instagram some flat lays for sure 🙂

  5. You won’t get a pic of me in my fitness gear right now, preggers and all. I’m a yogi from way back and love Lululemon gear. It’s $$ but it’s quality is lovely and lasts for yonks. Good breath-ability too. I like to splash out and get something new each time I go on a fitness kick. It helps me feel good and entices me to wear it and get moving. Good luck with your new regime!

    • You probably won’t see a pic of me in my fitness gear either. Snippets yes and shares of what I’m doing. I love Lululemon but I’ve also discovered some fab brands that match the quality without the price tag. Which is a good thing with back to school expenses bleeding me dry at the moment.

      How is the pregnancy going Vicki and when are you due?

  6. Oh if only this had been 14 years ago, pre-children, when I went to gym 6 days a week and had an extensive gym gear wardrobe! These days you are likely to see me exercise in an old nightie and Hubby’s underwear (men’s stuff is the best isn’t it!). Sadly, I cannot participate in your challenge lest you see that my modern gym training involves my sofa, a TV remote and a spot of housework here and there…

    • I could probably say the same thing most of the time. Although I’ve swapped the sofa and tv remote for the laptop. The majority of my workout and walking gear isn’t flash at all. Keep an eye on our keeping it real fitness giveaway. 🙂

    • Well head over and case The Fashionable Mum’s #tfmfit both on her blog and what we are getting up to on Instagram. I’ve found sharing snippets of me getting out and about has helped keep me on track.

  7. My fitness fashion is usually a t-shirt (sometimes husbands) and tights. I do love bright gym clothes and when I update my runners (goal reward), I’m also going to update my gym look. I did recently buy a Lululemon bra and I love it so that place will be my first stop.

    • That’s one thing I struggle with is fitness bras. I just haven’t found one that I really feel comfortable in. What sort of bra did you go with and do Lululemon do fittings or are they more of your crop top style bras?

      We have a keeping it real fitness fashion giveaway coming up, so keep your t-shirts and tights on stand by for that one. 😉

  8. at least I’ve stopped eating my Christmas chockies!
    never mind that I can no longer spell! especially at this time of the day! … and that’s without wine!
    a downhill track raych! … no commitment to exercise! although I should!
    I’d rather eat less! no special clothes required! … maybe a belly dancing costume if the mood takes me!
    my daughter is going to zumba classes and yoga pilates in queensland, so she
    motivates me by sending some zumba routines for me to work at! … as I like to dance! … luckily I have stairs too, so that’s about it! a bit of walking, lunging and some yoga asanas! I practiced yoga for 20 something years in the past! … namaste … m:)X

    • I tried zumba once with hubby. OMG I’m not sure it helped with the fitness, unless laughing and rolling around on the floor counts as exercise.

      I’m also a bit allergic to the word exercise. I try and disguise it as much as possible. Shopping is my cardio this week. 🙂

  9. Oh I like this linky…I found that gym gear helped motivate me to train. Sometimes, it’s nice to have new tights and tops. Having said that, I refuse to buy them full price {and refuse to buy Lorna Jane}!

    • Why do you refuse to buy Lorna Jane, I need to hear more. I refuse to pay full price as well. Love a great sale. I also love shopping from my wardrobe. You would be surprised what can work well when working out.

    • Keeping it real style. Love it! We have a little giveaway coming soon where we specifically want you to share your daggy old gym clothing. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. lol

  10. I have started circuit training with the school mums at a friends house. I don’t have a lot of stuff, I usually wait until the sports store have their reduced items out the front of the store. I have expensive taste. Running Bare or Adias is my fave. In Freo, Abi & Joseph are pretty well-known but again a little pricey. I wear leggings and either hubby’s t-shirt or a singlet.

  11. You know, when I buy new gear, I’m even more motivated to exercise.
    Shoes, skorts, tops, bras…you name it..if it’s new, comfy and bright – it will get me out the door!

  12. Okay okay okay, I got my act together and finally got the ball rolling on my fitness and workout wear series for the blog! Here it is…

    Please let me know what you think!! Also I buy most of my workout gear at the Adidas outlet store or through Surfstitch- or some other such store when things are on sale (but tend to try things on in store to check I have the right size before ordering) and also love The Upside and Lululemon (when I can justify the cost!!).

    xx Jenelle

  13. No post on it as my site is getting a make over but I thought I’d give myself an overhaul as well and get back into a fitness routine. Pilates, weight training and running all back on the agenda now the kids are back at school, plus a 3 day juice, soup detox which is thankfully over today! Helped my overhaul along by getting some new leggings from The Upside, very sports luxe but was on sale and got me out for a run!

    • Good luck with your site makeover. Make sure you pop back and let me know when you are back online, I would love to ‘case’ your new look.

      I’ve attempted running over the years but my shins just don’t seem to want to play the game. No matter what I try. I’ve started adding slow bursts of jogging to my walking, just to increase my fitness slowly and hoping to take up pilates and add some weights into the equation.

      I’m keen to hear more about your 3 day juice and soup detox. I’ve just scheduled a five day juice cleanse and can’t wait to get started.

  14. I try and make sure that I incorporate some form of exercise for a minimum of 4 times a week. It’s not just great for my physical health but this is the time I get to zone out and concentrate on me, myself and I! 😉

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