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Agent Mystery Case Stop the world

When I awoke to the news of the Sydney siege on Monday, I had one of those ‘stop the world I want to get off’ moments.



Agent Mystery Case Stop the world



With family and friends working at both Channel 7 and Martin Place, it was a relief to eventually find out they were all safe and sound. My thoughts quickly turned to all the innocent victims and their families.


Even though we had giveaways ending soon and in need of last minute promotion, there was a lot of negativity in social media land, so I took myself offline, trying to focus on my family and the positives.


My scheduled blog posts for the week, hardly seemed appropriate:


  • An open letter to shorts & the people that have lost the ability to take a joke at this time of year.  A reply to the more than negative replies I received after calling a war on shorts this summer.


  • The Selfie Stick – A bloggers best friend or a weapon of self destruction. The fact that I spotted one almost front row at the Thriller Live preview and another in the crowd at Martin Place, just minutes from where innocent people were being held hostage, just sealed the selfie deal as far as I was concerned.


  • Winners are Grinners. A post dedicated to our first round of winners for our IN THE SACK giveaways.


Instead, I made the decision to have a blogging break and extend the closing date on all our IN THE SACK giveaways hosted here till Friday 19th December at 9pm (WST – Perth time). Our judges will select and email winners over the weekend.


It’s hard not to be changed by events this week. It’s hard to think about the two innocent people that lost their lives. It’s hard to think about 38 year old Katrina Dawson, the Barrister and mother of three small children, who died in the siege. It’s hard to think that just like that, for the rest of us, the beat goes on…….





If you have a blog post worth casing this week, this is the place to link up. We are always looking for new blogs to case!


Don’t forget to enter ALL our giveaways while you are here. We will return to blogging on Monday with a Random Act of Kindness initiative.



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  1. Such events really throw some perspective on things don’t they.
    Make sure you sign the petition on Change.Org to see changes made to bail laws in cases such as this. How many crimes are carried out by criminals on bail who have no remorse? No consideration for humanity?

  2. yes raychael, such a tragic event that sent shock waves around the world in seconds! … just what that perpetrator wanted!
    many things unanswered and now three young children are without their mother!
    I had to turn off the hype! … ott coverage everywhere that is mass hysteria! and too much like a stage setting with social media heavily involved!
    yes the selfie … shame on that person! … it was not a game!
    I’m over some people! but others a beautiful! … much love m:)X

  3. I absolutely feel you. I felt like wittering on about op shop bargains and shoes and make-up seemed a bit insensitive given the circumstances so I’m holding off for a couple of days.

  4. It’s so true, Raychael! Other things pale in comparison. I read the news report soon after it was released on Yahoo! news and began praying immediately. It’s a very sad tragedy – two lives too many. I didn’t read details, so I didn’t know that the Barrister had three small children. How awful for the family! Take care and God bless.

  5. I am glad that you are safe. Indeed it was a tragic event. I truly feel hard to believe that the future world for my kids, for our kids are becoming more dangerous 🙁

  6. It was awful enough being a city away. Feel thankful though, not to have been any closer to this horrible situation than via the TV. Thank goodness so many were indeed safe. #teamIBOT

  7. It’s a harsh reminder sometimes… when we’re going through something traumatic but that world keeps spinning and life goes on. Hopefully we learn stuff along the way however!

  8. I couldn’t believe how people were drinking in nearby bars and taking selfies as the tragedy was unfolding. Have people any sensitivity? It made me so angry and so sad for the world.
    Have a safe and peaceful Christmas, Raych. Thank you for your support and friendship x

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