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Share your shorts summer style challenge #shareyourshorts

The long and the short of our latest style challenge


What started out as a bit of a joke one night following a Facebook status share where I may have thrown Vicki from The Fashionable Mum in the deep end by declaring a war on shorts, with us both refusing to wear them this summer, certainly gained momentum and interestingly a lot of flak both in comments which I needed to delete and then abusive emails. 


Share your shorts summer style challenge #shareyourshortsThe War On Shorts Blog Post  | The Style Challenge


The negative comments and emails mainly questioning my right to declare a war on something so trivial.  I had intended to follow this up with an open letter to shorts and the people who have lost the ability to take a joke at this time of year but you know what in the scheme of things and all the bad that has happened in the world lately, declaring a war on something so trivial probably wasn’t the best way to go about this challenge. 


Having said all that I’m super impressed with everyone that popped on a pair of shorts and joined our challenge. Especially, Vicki from The Fashionable Mum whose distaste for shorts started the Share Your Shorts Summer Style Challenge (#shareyourshorts) ball rolling. Thanks to Katies, Vicki will now be sporting three pairs of stylish shorts this summer (photographic evidence here: Casing Katies for Summer Shorts with The Fashionable Mum).


Just a blogful handful of the gorgeous #shareyourshorts entries on Instagram:



This time round there were two prizes up for grabs, one for those that jumped on board with a blog post and another for sharing your shorts over on Instagram.




Our blog winner is: Away From The Blue | Printed Stripes and Shorts


Our Instagram winner: icadoo (Andrea Koster) with what might just end up being my next challenge with The Fashionable Mum, I’m calling it ‘may the Shorts be with you’….


icadoo (Andrea Koster)




A massive thanks to everyone that participated, with a special mention to Nikki from Styling You, who is always a huge inspiration when it comes to everyday style (as long as it has nothing to do with puffer vests). Rachel from Redcliffe Style who I believe also has issues with shorts but gosh looking at her photos and blog posts you wouldn’t know it (Dressing Up Shorts | Redcliffe Style). Finally, the gorgeous Kimba Likes who despite having major blog issues this month and needing to move hosts, still jumped on board in a big way.





Next challenge coming soon but in the meantime, keep sharing your shorts because I still haven’t found what I’m looking for……. which possibly has more to do with my super white rather out of shape legs than anything else.


If you are a blogger and would like to ‘case’ a brand on our behalf, stay tuned for a little callout early in the new year.


NOW!! Without wanting to call a war on anything else this close to Christmas (unless it involves me ‘casing’ a holiday destination), what are you struggling with when it comes to your summer wardrobe?



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  1. Lots of gorgeous ways to wear shorts too, I thought it was a fab idea to #shareyourshorts. Congrats to the winners! 🙂

  2. lots of good photos from the shorts lovers!
    I’m not looking for them! but I had some boy leg undies on the other day and doing the rush from the bathroom, sig other called out cuuute! you still look good in short!
    gotta laugh hey raych! lol <3 it! love m:)X

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