12 Days of GIVEAWAYS – Day 11 – Perth

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IN THE SACK with Agent Mystery Case, helping you survive the silly season one blog post and giveaway at a time! 


My forced STAYcation, where I’m casing first and my big plans to put the ‘There’s nothing to do in Perth’ theory to rest….




There’s nothing to do in Perth?


When we first looked at relocating to Perth WA (Western Australia), a few years ago now, I was a bit confused about the whole NOR and SOR side of things. I had virtual friends from both North of the River (NOR) and South of River (SOR) offering advice on best locations and if I’m honest I was rather amused about the supposed great divide.


At one point during our search for a home before we moved, I’m pretty sure I joked I would need to set up base in the middle of the River to keep everyone happy. Even that caused issues with the locals and you would need to have spent a decent amount of time in Perth to appreciate the whole NOR/SOR debate.


One thing that constantly came up when doing our research for our big move from NSW to Perth/WA (apart from how expensive it is over here) was the following saying “There’s nothing to do in Perth”.


It might be that I still, pretty much, consider myself a relative newbie to Perth but so far I’ve found this to be quite the opposite.  While the silly season events are in overdrive at the moment, it wouldn’t matter what time of year or what night of the week or even how hard you might be to impress, there is always something on. You just need to know where to look.


This year Mr C’s work is, once again, only allowing for limited time off over Christmas/New Year and I believe a lot of that time will involve being on call, which means being close to home aka his office and possibly the airport.


Rather than continue to sulk about the fact we are stuck at home, I’m quietly reminding myself that we are missing out on a peak season holiday which would be super busy and super expensive.  I’m also looking forward to planning and enjoying another STAYcation where we can get back to really exploring Perth with a view to not only keeping the entire family entertained but also look at bringing more of an Out & About in Perth feature to the blog next year.


There’s everything to do in Perth STARTING HERE


Having recently discovered the delights of Perth’s much loved Rooftop Movies in Northbridge with a friend, I will be starting my STAYcation adventures here with Mr C and our long overdue date night.




A rather retro pop up cinema from the people that bring you Fringe World, hosted from a car park rooftop with panoramic views of Perth City and an interesting array of vintage caravans serving gourmet food and drinks. Astro turf, flamingos and the odd palm tree continue to set the theme as do the views over the city on sunset and throughout the evening.



perth event agent mystery case always on the case rooftop movies Perth


With a mix of block buster new release films, cult classics and the all-time classics hitting the big screen this summer, there should be something to suit everyone. They also have a fabulous event planned for NYE (SKY HIGH NYE 2014/15) with tickets selling fast and just $40, I’m thinking this might be the perfect way to see in the New Year.



Agent Mystery Case always on the case ROOFTOP MOVIES Perth Event




Rooftop Movies runs through until 11 April 2015 and is located on the open air, sixth floor of the Roe Street car park in Northbridge.

Open Tuesday to Sunday, from 6pm and subject to the weather playing the game.

Pedestrian access is off James Street opposite the Piazza Screen.

Tickets are $15 website pre-sale or $16 at the door and for $10 you can park your car in the Roe Street car park all night from 6pm (prices include booking fees).

Popcorn, candy and drinks are available at the rooftop.

For more information, including the full December – January program and to purchase tickets head to www.rooftopmovies.com.au.


Rooftop movies Perth logo




Thanks to Fringe World and Roof Top Movies we have five double passes to giveaway.

Four double passes for today and a further pass which will make up one of our mystery prize packs (so make sure you are entered in all of our giveaways).


To enter: Just leave a comment below suggesting a venue or event that is worth casing here in Perth or Western Australia.





FOUR winners will each receive a double pass to Rooftop Movies in Northbridge

Valid 16 December 2014 – 22 January 2015

Rooftop Movies is an 18 + venue

Seating is subject to availability

Pass is not valid for special events


Not associated with Facebook or any third party

Game of skill

Entries Close: 15/14/12 (9pm WST – Perth time)



MORE MORE MORE!!!! Why not enter all of our GIVEAWAYS while you are here. We have another decided prize for Perth follows thanks to MYER Giftorium (Smooth SALE-ing) and you can view a roundup of all our giveaways at WORTH CASING WEDNESDAY.




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  1. Sounds like such fun! As for things to do in Perth, well we do spend quite a lot of time in parks with the three kids, but my favourite place at the moment is a little cafe in Sorrento called Voyage Kitchen which does the BEST breakfast taster plate!

  2. We are fairly new to Perth and always looking for new things to do. I love the sound of the rooftop movies. Not sure where to suggest, perhaps the zoo.

  3. Oh, you made me laugh about the NOR/SOR thing. It realy *is* hard to explain if you’re not a Perthite, I know, because I’ve tried to explain it to people before – but it really IS a thing!!! (As you’ve no doubt realised by now!)

    • It really is a thing. I’ve been hoping I might be lucky enough to meet you at a blogging event Amanda but I haven’t exactly been getting out much lately. So do tell, where should I be casing first for my Perth STAYcation?

      • I don’t get out enough either so our stars have obviously not aligned yet!!!
        I’ll tell you my totally favourite thing to do in Perth lately – not a Perthy thing at all – but hanging out with friends for a singalong at Utopia karaoke in Northbridge!

  4. I am so keen to come to Perth. I have never really been out of Queensland and have family over there. I am seriously thinking about making it a goal to get there in 2015, I’m thinking that a bit of a bloggers night out would be fun! Perhaps a rood top movie!? Shannon x

  5. I’m in WA but not Perth but putting my hand up to enter as we will be visiting Perth in early January. I always like to do the tea rooms at Cottesloe when we come to Perth. Have you been there?

  6. We love attending the Local markets but my fav at the moment is the TGIF Hawkrs market in Vic park, only on a friday night. Amazing food, approx 10-20 vendors from different parts of the world get together and have a market of food. Each meal is approx $10-$15each, we usually go with a group of friends and share each others, I try pick something different each time.
    Great for kids as in summer its held in a local park (winter in a laneway)

    Another place if you have kids is the Ellenbrook water park, a free outdoor water park for hot days like today. Remember to bring sunnies, sunscreen and shade (limited shade there)

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