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Like most people at this time of year, I could do with more time on my hands and a lot more sleep. While I can’t bottle and gift you time or sleep, I can give you the next best thing. A super easy way to de-stress and it only takes five minutes from your day.


If I had more than five minutes, my favourite way to de-stress would be Nanna nap or a session in the Skindeep Medi-Spa sleep pod but most of the time, there isn’t always time for this indulgence.




A five minute no distraction tea break with my finest china is my not so secret de-stress weapon, especially at this time of year. While my tea or coffee is brewing, I set the table and organise some healthy snacks, usually an apple, some shaved Jarlsberg cheese & a handful of nuts. Then I dedicate five minutes to myself. No phones, no internet, no exceptions. Just me, my favourite brew and my thoughts. It’s a perfect and simple way to recharge the batteries and combat the brain fog that tends to close in mid afternoon.


My afternoon me time also involves Leaf Bean Machine, who keep me caffeinated all year round with both my favourite bean (Karvan Blend No 3) and my favourite leaf (Japanese Dew Pure Tea).


While Leaf Bean Machine are located here in Perth, Western Australia, you can now purchase from them online with Australia wide delivery. If you are a tea or coffee lover they will have you sorted, with everything from Tea, Coffee and Machines.



Leaf Bean Machine


Leaf Bean Machine love the Karvan Coffee that they roast on site and prefer you to enjoy both their coffee and Pure Tea at their freshest, which means ordering less and more often. With this in mind they have capped postage for orders under $50 to just $4. With free shipping for orders over $50. As far as I know, at the moment orders are only available Australia wide.


They also have some lovely hampers and gift ideas at this time of year. If you are stuck for ideas or want a custom made hamper, their friendly staff are only ever an email or phone call away. With the $4 shipping. I will be doing a lot of my interstate gift giving with Leaf Bean Machine this year. You should too!




I was lucky enough to attend a Christmas party recently at Leaf Bean Machine which included a behind the scenes guided tour that looked at their brewing processes and highlighted just how passionate and customer service oriented their team are. It was also the perfect opportunity for me to pick up a handful of mystery prizes for our GIVEAWAY.

Leaf Bean Machine Christmas Giveaway on Agent Mystery Case


Leaf Bean Machine are also providing a gorgeous INSTANT NANNA KIT (just add water), which I’m calling Nanny Gorgeous for one lucky person, which includes the cutest teapot cosy crochet kit.





Leaf Bean Machine also have an amazing GIVEAWAY running on their Facebook page where each day they fill a gorgeous basket with a different item for the 12 days of Christmas…. you will have to head over and ‘case’ their Facebook page for more details on how you can enter that one. I really want to win, so I’m not going to make it easy for you.




Here is a little sneak peek of their giveaway treats so far……


On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
Six Stoneware Teapots
Five English Breakfast Teas
Four Filtropa Filters
Three Peach Senchas
Two travel mugs
and a bag of Karvan Blend #3




Nanny Gorgeous is the name my girls and their cousins have given my mother. Most of the time this name really suits my mother. In the past there was the odd occasion, especially when my mother owned a farm with cattle, where you would arrive to find her knee deep in cow crap. On those occasions hearing my girls call out ‘Nanny Gorgeous’ really made me smile.







You don’t need to be a Nanna to WIN today’s prize. To be in the running for a gorgeous Nanna kit hamper from Leaf Bean Machine, just leave a comment letting me know how you like to de-stress or who you would like to sit down to tea/coffee with and why.



For more ways to WIN I suggest you start here:



Game of Skill

Entries Close 15/12/14 (9pm WST – Perth time)

Must leave a comment here

Open to Australia Residents Only

Not associated with Facebook or any third party

Leaf Bean Machine have generously gifted a Nanna Kit hamper for this giveaway

More on Leaf Bean Machine and my behind the scenes guided tour coming to the blog soon!

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  1. I de-stress by dropping my man at the pub & then having ME time. A soak in the bath followed by a chick flick. Sometimes I watch the movie on my laptop while I am in the bath (yes I have been known to lay in the bath for up to 2 hours!)

  2. I am so glad that you said you don’t have to be a Nanna because this is a gorgeous giveaway.
    I do love to de-stress with a good cup of herbal tea and a little bit of chocolate! (oh who am I kidding, that usually turns into a lot of chocolate! lol)

    • You know since I launched the blog, I don’t find or make time for book reading. I had great plans to review books. Goodness knows I’m send enough to review but it’s finding the time. Must say though with all the screen time I have, if I do manage to find the time, I’m not a fan of the kindle. Call it old age but it’s just too hard on my eyes and I would rather pick up an actual book.

      Stay tuned, we have a book giveaway just around the mystery corner.

      • I’m not sure what the newer kindles are like but the one I have doesn’t have a back light so it’s very much like reading a book. Obviously it means that you still need a light to read with but it’s much nicer on the eyes.

        • I think it’s just screens in general and my failing eyesight. Really need to upgrade my glasses which are normally for distance but lately I’ve been noticing I really need reading glasses as well.

      • You noticed I didn’t answer that hey. I found it really hard to answer honestly, so thought I’d ignore it. The most effective way is for me to leave the situation, for someone to bring me tea and a book, then tell me it’s all ok. Notice though, I’m not doing anything. My destressing all comes from outside factors doing things to me, rather than I doing for myself. I need to change this.

        I breathe a lot though. Not to be too hard on myself (you’ll notice a bit of a theme in todays comments. Sorry). I do stop, reassess and calm myself down by reframing my thoughts and behaviours. I have learnt to sit with my stress and tell myself that this feeling cannot hurt me.

  3. I love coffee!!!
    I would love to sit down with my Mum with a cuppa and talk about planning my wedding as I just got engaged a few weeks ago and its all so exciting and new to me. Plus I am a party planning queen so completely in my element planning the biggest party of. my. life! x

  4. I’ve found the best way to destress lately is to run under the sprinkler with my 3 year old. I’m so busy squealing and giggling from the cold water that I completely forget the millions of jobs I need to do, and enjoy being in the moment!

  5. De-stress, is it possible 😉 Usually its around 4pm Saturday when I have poured myself a Gin and tonic………. the non alcoholic version is going for a drive in Hubby’s 67 Ford up the coast. Or 2.30pm everyday when I sit down and have a cuppa.

  6. I de-stress walking with another mum and we talk non-stop! The other day it was raining and we decided to have a cup of tea and catch up and it seemed so odd to chat while sitting down – nice that walking has become our norm (but we still enjoy a good cuppa and chat)

  7. I destress by getting out my watercolours, I had art lessons this year and find I can feel the stress leave my body when I paint. The result won’t end up in a gallery but so much fun. I would like to sit and have a coffee with my husband cos he makes a good cuppa

  8. My favourite way to de-stress is to put some Bjork or Enya on my ipod dock, fill the bath up, drop in a bath bomb and just let it all go!

  9. What a gorgeous prize and what an amazing online store. I will definitely be looking at the hampers especially given postage is so reasonable. My favourite way to destress is through exercise.

  10. How I de-stress depends on the situation and where I am. When I’m at home feeling stressed I stand in front of the pantry, find the most calorie-laden food in there, and then escape into the office to eat it while I “play” on Facebook.

  11. Nanny Gorgeous – how precious! I like to de-stress with a morning walk. Then sit down with a cup of tea, a couple of bikkies and a puzzle magazine to exercise my mind. It makes me feel relaxed and refreshed.

  12. Oh I absolutely love the look of the whole Nanny Gorgeous range. I don’t actually drink tea or coffee (I have never tried it), I do however have a regular caffeine hit with diet coke! To de-stress I usually shop. A lot of people I know find shopping stressful but I just feel so amazingly happy shopping. The busier the shops the better. Shannon x

  13. I would love to learn how to crochet and love, love, love indulging in a cuppa. Destressing for me is something I struggle with and still trying to find better ways to deal with.

  14. This would be a perfect gift for the lady at work, I nominated for your Myer gift giveaway. I like to de-stress with a cuppa and a good book.

  15. I love to destress by having my fav cup of tea (currently cranberry/vanilla) and reading a book.
    Out of all people i would like to sit down with is my late grandmother, i miss her and really wish i could have spent more time with her.

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