12 Days of GIVEAWAYS – Day 4 – Smooth SALE-ing

MYER Christmas Giftorium

IN THE SACK this silly season with Agent Mystery Case





I don’t know about you but there are a couple of things I really struggle with this time of year. Well actually there are more than a few but mainly it’s the gift buying side of things that gets me in a spin.


Regardless of whether I’m on a tight budget or not, I love to shop the sales, especially at Christmas when I have so many to buy for. Thirteen nieces and nephews plus my three girls for starters.


I’ve done my mother and aunt of the year duty on the front line, the first day of toy sales over the years and fought hard among the vultures to nab a bargain to help keep children happy and costs down.


I’ve quietly patted myself on the back the Christmas measles struck and I found a better online way of doing things which saw gifts delivered directly to family while I was stuck at home with a 3, 2 & 1 year old. Now that we’ve moved interstate and over 4,000 km away, I’ve tried where possible to continue this tradition. It’s not always easy.


I do prefer to hand select gifts and add my personal touch to gift wrapping but I’m not great with crowds at the best of times. Shopping for gifts when you are time poor at this time of year is not the best of times. Far from it. Postage is another contributing factor and annoyance. You can end up wasting a lot of time and money with Australia Post.


Last month, I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the Myer Christmas Giftorium (blogged here), it opened my eyes to an even better way of doing things.


MYER Christmas Giftorium


One floor dedicated to taking the stress out of shopping this Christmas with all the gift giving help and inspiration you could ever need. Giftorium, a Christmas concept that includes gift guide stations with something to suit everyone, even those hard to buy mother-in-laws relatives.



Gifticians are on the ground to help with your every need, including gift wrapping and local CBD delivery. You just tell your Giftician who you are buying for and they will happily point you in the right gift department direction. They will even hold your hand through the whole gift buying process. Well not literally but you know what I mean.


My tip is to book a time with a Giftician so you know you are going to get one on one top quality service or head in super early before the crowds and check out the amazing SALES they have on at the moment.


If you really can’t face the stores, you can also take advantage of the Elf Delivery service side of things online:



When push comes to shove, I like to think I’m pretty impressive when it comes to gift buying, so I opted to outsource this ‘casing’ assignment to possibly the worst gift buyer in the world (Mr C). With the help of a Giftician, he passed with flying colours. In under ten minutes (blogged here). A gift buying record and possibly a small Christmas miracle for Mr C who is allergic to shopping and isn’t known for his gift buying skills.


For this GIVEAWAY, I’m going to personally put the MYER Christmas Giftorium and their Elf delivery service to the test and purchase two gifts for two lucky winners!


Giftorium Elf Delivery




Two winners, one Perth and one Australia wide.


If you are in Perth, I will be heading in store to purchase your MYER mystery gift. Everyone else, you will need to be in Australia for delivery for this one.




Let me know a little bit about who I’m buying for and why they deserve to win. It can be for yourself or for a friend.

For starters: Age, Sex, Interests, Gift Guide Department (see list above) and anything else that might help our Giftician select the perfect gift.

Make sure you let me know you are from PERTH when you comment.


PRIZE TWO: MYER Elf Delivery Mystery Prize (Australia Only)


Head to MYER online & shop elf delivery products. Select a gift for yourself or a friend and leave the details below including why you or your friend deserve to win this.

Alternatively you can just give me the age range, sex & interests of the person you want to win this and I will select a mystery gift on your behalf.




Two winners, one from Perth and the other Australia wide.

Perth entrants are eligible for both prizes draws.

Game of Skill

Entries Close 15/12/14 (9pm WST – Perth time)

Not associated with Facebook or any third party.



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  1. I have ordered a necklace for my friend – she’s 45, working mother, likes to read, travel and just generally have a good time. The problem is, the necklace may not arrive before we leave, which means I can’t post it to Brisvegas by xmas. I’d love to test out the Elf’s skills as a backup – that way she gets 2 pressies if all go to plan (she’s the sort of friend that deserves them) or one if the necklace fails to appear in time….

  2. If you can find something for my husband (AKA World’s Most Difficult Person to Buy For) then you would surely win the prize of Elf of the Year. So he’s 42, doesn’t read, doesn’t have hobbies, doesn’t play sport (although likes running,) is a computer geek (but doesn’t have game consoles) watches a lot of TV, loves soccer, but doesn’t like soccer related gifts AND is really fussy with clothes. This is why he always gets socks or PJs every Yuletide. Can you help?!

  3. I would love to give my daughter the *Guess Passport Large Tote in Brown SI492425* she never spends money on herself and she is the greatest daughter, wife and mother.

    • I might need to case that one myself. I’m a huge fan of guess. Thanks for entering Cheryl. Make sure you enter all our giveaways. We have some fantastic prizes up for grabs this year.

  4. My friend Stacie and I are all about the brows at the moment and I’d love to give her the Arch U Lucky set from Benefit which includes a voucher for a waxing at the Benefit Brow Bar . . . I love to give the gift of pain!

  5. Okay, although I would like some perfume – I mean, hello?! – I’m choosing the popcorn maker for my friend Ruth and her little boy, the delightful #Pickle (not his real name. #obvs). He’s dairy allergic so she has to make popcorn from scratch (can’t buy the microwave stuff), 3yr old Pickle would LOVE seeing the popcorn maker do its thing!

    • Do you have a favourite perfume Deborah? I went looking for a new one the other day and realised my usual favourites were a bit on the nose now that I’m getting older. Thanks for nominating your friend.

  6. PICK ME!!!!! My sister is the hardest person to buy for. Mid 30s, has everything she wants/needs, career driven and no hobbies. You would be doing me a huge favour and someone else to point the bad gift giving finger at this year.

    • Thanks Renee, I’m sure, even if you don’t win this one, we can come up with something for you. Make sure you enter all our giveaways running at the moment. We have some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

  7. A single mum (widowed) with an 8yr daughter , in her 50’s – love to surprise her with something for Christmas (just for her) -something ptretty or useful or animal related as she loves animals and has a menagerie of ccreatures.

  8. My mother is seventy-three and is allergic to all scented things. She can’t wear perfume or makeup. She’s really interested in home decorating and reading but has already read every book ever written I’m sure. She doesn’t wear any jewellery even a watch. It has been impossible to buy her anything for years so I’ve always gone for the gift card which I hate doing. Heeellllp!

    • Sounds like mission impossible but I’m sure even if you don’t win this one, we can come up with some suggestions for you. Also keep entering all of our giveaways, we have some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

  9. I need help with my husband’s gift!! He’s 37. Not a reader, tv watcher, sports player. Dislikes chocolate (say wha?! ) returns gifts if he doesn’t like them whilst telling me that he’d rather just buy things when he needs them. .. Every time I think ive got the perfect gift, it’s not. I’d love to see a genuine smile on his face on Christmas morning. Ps we are in perth.

  10. My dad is impossible to buy for. I used the Myer “Elf Gift for Him” menu and there were 3 pages of results, all quite clever and across a range of prices. I know he uses an electric razor and expect it’s years old so I like the VS Clippers, and the Nanoblocks set. He has more patience than anyone I know but I think these could test him!



  11. I’m picking myself because for once I actually have the presents picked for everyone else, even my impossible Dad. I’d pick the citrus infuser water bottle. I need to drink more water but our water is so gross, even once it’s filtered so I tend to put cordial in it. I think the citrus infuser would definitely be a much healthier option.

    • Our water is pretty awful as well. I didn’t even know about the citrus infuser water bottle. I’ve been using a jug in my fridge overnight which I fill with water and a sliced lemon with a couple of sprigs of mint.

      You really do seem to be super organised on all fronts at the moment. Please come and be my silly season stunt double. I need all the help I can get.

  12. I volunteer each week with the Pyjama Foundation – we read with kids in foster care. I read weekly with a 12 year old boy – I would love to give him the Ariete – Waffle Maker, as I know he often has to make dinner!

    • That’s a lovely thing to do Marleisa . We are supporting Cases4Kids this year, an initiative to give all kids in care suitcases so they don’t have to cart their belongings around in garbage bags. You can read more about the charity, through our giveaway ‘Charity begins at home’.

  13. I would love a clarisonic. It has been on my wish list for a while. I could still use my homemade beauty product with it. Or I’ve read lovely reviews of the book Food Fashion Love by Fluer Wood. I’d love to win as I know that Husband isn’t going to buy me anything. Its sad, but he’s better at saying we have no money and cannot afford it. I’m making him a cheesecake, but he’ll wont do something similar. Plus, my family never seem to know who I am or what I’d like so most stuff they give me gets donated or regifted elsewhere. Maybe I am just too difficult.

    • You know what, when it comes to gifts I think I’m much the same. Hubby has never been great at gift giving but he does on occasion try. Interestingly, since I’ve started blogging and blogging about his gift purchases, a lot more thought has gone into my birthday gifts.

      I’m not even sure what a clarisonic is, I will have to go ‘case’ that one.

  14. ooooohhh a Soda Stream, I think a soda stream would be a gift for the entire family. I have heard they are awesome at making fizzy juice which is perfect for the kids as they are not allowed to have soft drink and soda water which goes really well with Gin, which they are also not allowed to drink 😉 I am in Perth.

  15. Oh this is such a great idea – it has helped me with my father-in-laws gift and my 2 aunts 🙂 I can’t enter the Perth giveaway but from the elf delivery guide I would love the Sunnylife Underwater Camera Tallow – so cute! Miss 8 would LOVE it!!

  16. My master 17 is a tricky one…apprentice mechanic by day and a fashion leader by night. He prides himself on wearing nothing but the best. He deserves this win because he Is saving like crazy on an apprentice wage for a car and its not easy. perth location

  17. I love this idea Raychael. I was invited to the Myer event, but it didn’t happen due to work 🙁 I would love the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. I love trying new perfume and love, love, love his bottles. I am choosing this gift for myself, I think sometimes (as women, wives, mums) at Christmas we forget about looking after ourselves and it’s all about the other members of our family, so I think it’s always a good idea to get yourself a little treat. Shannon x

    • What a shame you missed the event. I think it’s great you are choosing a gift for yourself. I’m going to treat myself to some perfume for Christmas but I’m struggling to find one I like.

  18. I’d love to nominate my mother for a prize. She is exceptionally hard to buy for, because she has everything she needs. mid 60s, no real hobbies,

  19. Perth girl here and would love a gift for myself as we are saving for a holiday for next year and not doing gifts this Christmas. Any old gift would do.

  20. I’m in WA but not Perth as such. Not sure if that makes a difference. I would love to nominate a lady from work who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Possibly a pamper pack.

  21. Id love to get something for my well deserved mum, maybe a new cooking appliance or some new clothing, she adores everything Myers it would be lovely to spoil her.

    Age 52
    Loves cooking/clothing/phrases/shoes/lipstick

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