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Today’s giveaway comes with another confession. Not that I like to advertise the fact but I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to anything to do with craft or sewing. I’m the person that outsources hemming and even worse the sewing of a simple button.


I’m not entirely sure how I managed to pass home economics at school, I suspect it had everything to do with the cooking side of things and much less to do with my sewing ability.


Thinking back my choice of mini skirt for my end of year major assignment, clearly showed I was ahead of the fashion knew my limits in the sewing department. A simple design with the least amount of fuss and fabric. A skirt that I eventually had to outsource without my teacher knowing, so I could not only pass the subject but walk down the end of year runway without fear of a major wardrobe malfunction. I really was that bad. Still am.


I’m always envious of my crafty friends, especially at Christmas time. Getting your craft on, is a great way to give individual made with love presents, keep costs down and indulge your creative side.


Having confessed all that, it should come as no surprise that I’m releasing The Craft Within, my Christmas craft blog post this year for IN THE SACK, to the gorgeous Malinda over at The Style Within. That’s right I’m once again outsourcing my craft.


For Worth Casing Wednesday, I’ve decided to share a snippet of the finished product and have you guess what it is……..



The Style Within | Christmas Craft | IN THE SACK | giveaway





Three mystery prizes up for grabs today!


Prize 1: Mystery Prize

Leave a comment below, telling me what you think Malinda’s Christmas craft might be & let me know your best or worst experience with craft.

There is a bonus prize if the winner selected has also found The Style Within‘s official blog post (later this week) and left a comment there.


Prize 2: One  month of advertising

For our Worth Casing Wednesday linkers. In appreciate for all the love and link support you’ve given me this year both here on Agent Mystery Case and on our original site Ms Mystery Case we have a month of advertising up for grabs for one worth casing linker.

Just link up your worth casing or wordless Wednesday post below to be in the running.


Prize 3: Mystery Prize

A third mystery prize is up for grabs for the first person to correctly guess Malinda’s Christmas craft project.





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  1. Hi Raychael, thank you for sharing this great WW, I love the way you changed things up. I can learn from your ideas. Thanks for hosting this week, please stop by and join us as well.
    Have a great week
    Oh My Heartsie Girl karren

    • Thanks Karren, I like to mix things up a bit. We have a fantastic Christmas link party on Day 1, make sure you pop back and link up all your Christmas posts to be in the running for a mystery prize pack.

  2. I’m going to guess a christmas bauble?? I don’t have any sewing stories because I can’t sew lol. I’m good at the crafting thing as long as it only involves paper, cardboard and washi tape. Trent bought me a sewing machine for Mothers Day and I still haven’t used it, whoops.

  3. I’m crap at craft! I have ideas but generally struggle on the follow-through! Plus quite frankly I can never be bothered.

    And I almost failed home economics when I took it in year 8. We had to make a wrap-around skirt (very early 1980s!) and I screwed up the button hole that the wrap around bit went into. Oh well… my inability to do a button hole hasn’t hampered me existence since then!

  4. I used to be a crafter of sorts. I used to do tapestry, cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting etc. That was all BC. Since then I have never got back into any of it sadly! I remember making an apron and a wrap around skirt at Home Economics. I also remember the teacher was a nasty piece of work and none of us liked her. I have absolutely no idea what your mystery item is?!!

    • I do crocheting but only one style and I did attempt a rather elaborate cross stitch with disastrous results. I think I would have definitely failed if an apron or wrap around skirt was on the cards. My sister made not one but two full length ball gowns the following year. Thanks goodness I was the year before her. Imagine following that.

  5. I’m guessing milk duds in a glass jar. As for crafts my worst recent story would have to be the bats we made for Halloween. It was a craft I did with a group of five and six-year-old. We didn’t allocate enough time to the painting dry, and the unfinished bats were placed in the closet, and I forgot all about them. They are still there.

  6. I’m good with craft as long as it doesn’t involve any form of glitter. I don’t have a great track record with glitter.

    • We have twelve days of giveaways planned, make sure you pop back each day and enter. Day one also includes a blogging mystery prize pack. You just need to link up your Christmas blog posts. 🙂

  7. Much to my crafty mum’s dismay, I can neither knit, sew, crochet, hem or stitch. At a pinch, I may be able to reposition a button with lots of ugly stitching but that is it and I wouldn’t be confident after a big lunch! I would love to be able to tailor my own clothes or even whip up my own designs but I have a similar tale to yours, my “nightie” in Home Ec was basically a folded piece of material with a neck hole and two arm holes then run up the sides (crookedly). Even the guy who made leather happy pants did a better job! As for the mystery craft, I’m guessing a resin pendant of some kind . . .

  8. I think it is some sort of chocolate balls in a jar. Maltesers maybe? The jar will be decorated and very pretty. Maybe the jar is filled with other ingredients so that the recipient can bake some yummy goody themselves?

    I’ve been crafting more and more. I enjoy the creativity. I enjoy the mindfulness that comes as I focus on the task. Often things don’t work out well. Then I put it down and ignore it for days/ weeks/ months. Eventually I get back to it, inspired with ideas of how to ‘fix’ it. As for my best crafting creations, visit my blog and search DIY. There are a few. xS

  9. I love the idea of a Maltesers topiary tree. Or an absolutely gorgeous Christmas pudding – how clever! But I’m sure Malinda’s Christmas craft project will be something completely ingenious and unique.

    My Mum has always made and iced traditional gingerbread men, wrapped them and hung them on the tree to give to any children who visited our home during Christmas. I took over baking and icing them as a teenager. Only I iced some wearing bikinis and two as Adam and Eve. Mum wouldn’t hang them on the tree, so Dad took them to work to give to his mates.

  10. Reindeer Milk Bottles – such a fabulous idea – my boys will love it if the Maltesesers last.
    My worst was making footprints on a canvas with 2 18/12 months old – I had a little help but man those boys were like Octopuses trying to hold one foot still.

  11. Reindeer noses! My worst craft activity was sewing dresses, I spent a fortune on fabric, zippers, thread, etc etc etc and then never wore any of them.

  12. Something to do with Malteasers?
    After years of doing (crappy) christmas craft with kids at school I don’t do any of my own but am often in awe at the creativity of others. I am a bit of a scrapbooker and cross stitcher but like everything in my life I never seem to have the time to do it! 🙁

  13. I think its a glass jar with chocolates in it! My best craft project is a DIY wall art canvas that I made for my bedroom with the sweetest quote ” The sun couldn’t rise without you, darling”
    I have linked up from my Wednesday post 🙂

  14. I love Malteasers and would love her crafty gift. I made a feather garland today as a gift to my daughter. Now I have to come up with one for my son. He loves the feathers but wants it to be more “boy looking”

  15. Those reindeer milk bottles look so cute – but so does everything on pinterest and NOTHING I have ever tried has been an overwhelming success – I am not very “crafty” – we did paint some terracotta pots and that worked – wrapped them in tape and then painted and peeled of the tape to leave geometric shapes.

  16. Reindeer Milk Bottles, they would’ve been great for class gifts if I had seen them earlier. I will have to keep them in mind for next year.

    I have to admit that I quite like to get my craft on! There have been many fails along the way but I don’t want to talk about those. I will just say that when it goes wrong. . .it really goes wrong. My most recent success was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Christmas bauble that I made for my daughter and her class friends. They were so quick and simple to make and the kids thought they were awesome! Win win.

  17. Reindeer milk bottles – I love them!! Couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t eat all the malteasers before they made it into the bottles though! I don’t have a specific story to tell, but I’m a very crafty person and my kids seem to have inherited the crafty gene, so my house always looks like a crafty disaster zone! Think scraps of paper, glitter, pom poms, and all the other little crafty odds and ends all over the place. ALL. THE. TIME.

  18. Not only is Malinda the worlds best bargain shopper but she can craft too!? A woman of many talents. I am so terrible at craft, I loose patience and am of the opinion that near enough is good enough, not always the best attitude with craft. I am thinking that Malinda’s project is a glass jar with malteasers, maybe. Shannon x

  19. I don’t mind craft, I just struggle to find the time to fit it in. I’m having a bit of time off over Christmas and will attempt to get back into my cross stitch. It’s possibly my best and worst craft experience, given I started it five years ago and I’m not even half way finished. It is a massive wall hanging and will look beautiful in my lounge if I ever do manage to finish it.

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