The WAR on shorts and my short comings…..

Share Your Shorts Summer Style Challenge with Mystery Case & The Fashionable Mum #shareyourshorts




I must confess, at a recent morning tea with some of my favourite local bloggers, someone referred to me a fashion blogger. I cringed.


Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with fashion blogging or any style of blogging for that matter, BUT I’ve done my best (well I thought I had) to maintain a rather nicheless blog persona. Even more than that, I struggle to think of myself as fashionable. I’m also quite possibly under some misconception that in order to be a fashion blogger you need to be fashionable. You tell me?!


For me, being a fashion blogger involves actually getting in front of the camera and possibly sharing your daily outfit photos together with a host of other really fashionable things that are really out of my league comfort zone.


While I throw lots of style challenges, I honestly don’t think I’m stylish enough to wear the style blogger tag either. Once again it’s possibly a huge assumption on my part that being stylish is a prerequisite if you want to make it as a style blogger.


YES… I definitely have an interest in both style and fashion and cover it to an extent here on the blog. YES… I do wear clothing every day. NO… I don’t necessarily think I’m stylish or fashionable or you need to see photographic evidence from me on a daily basis. Far from it.


You could argue that you don’t actually need to be stylish or fashionable to blog about these things and just having a passion in this area should be enough but you know what… I honestly think being stylish and comfortable in front of the camera helps.


If I’m honest the whole body issues and self loathing when I see photos of myself also comes into play here. I admire those that do the daily outfit shares. I did attempt this for a week (blogged here) and I’m pretty sure it was this week that preempted my complete social media free week breakdown.


It’s just not me or my style, especially in my current state and what I really mean by that is my current size and shape.


Mystery Case Style Challenge | Finding My Style


If you’ve been following the blog you would know that I’ve been on a mission to find my style now since turning 40 (well actually that was a few years ago now but shhh let’s keep that to ourselves). I’ve also been making more of an effort push some of my body issues aside, so I can start to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. Like a lot of people, this is definitely a work in progress but I’m happy to say, I’m slowly making progress.


I’ve been keen to overhaul my wardrobe because I do think having a wardrobe that works for you and not against you helps you not only look good but feel confident. With this in mind I’ve been sharing some of the more question items in my wardrobe asking for help and ideas, through my Should it Stay or Should it GO NOW blog posts. Although, I’m yet to throw a single piece of clothing out, instead I seem to have adopted a different approach to the problem, which is basically a relocation to another part of the house scheme.


Mystery Case Style Challenge | Should it Stay or Should it GO NOW?!



My endeavours have had me casing all of my favourite style and fashion bloggers starting with Nikki from Styling You and her fantastic book Unlock Your Style. I’ve also found a lot of comfort and advice from Vicki from The Fashionable Mum, who shows you how to sneak style into your grocery budget.


Our Outfit under $100 and Outfit Under $50 have been a tremendous inspiration as well, especially as I’m not wanting to add to the chaos or outlay huge amounts of cash to get my wardrobe sorted for summer. One thing I’m really struggling with though is shorts.




Following a catch up with Vicki from The Fashionable Mum, I realised I wasn’t alone. Vicki has declared a bit of a war on shorts this summer. In fact, I believe Vicki is just plain out refusing to wear them this year. You will have to head over and ‘case’ Vicki’s blog to find out why but given I don’t actually own a pair I was seriously thinking of joining her and starting a war on shorts movement.


As a bit of a joke and following my first coffee in over a month, which had me bouncing off the walls and spurting crazy ideas, I found myself sharing the following status update on Facebook……



The WAR on shorts?! I believe the gorgeous Vicki from The Fashionable Mum has declared a bit of a war on shorts this summer.

I’m in two minds, possibly due to my excessively white and out of shape limbs. As long as they go down to my ankles I don’t have a problem.

Where do you stand on shorts? How short would you go?



More than a few people were getting a bit hot under the collar about the war on shorts. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve actually had to delete comments. Strange really, given we were talking about shorts not shirts here.


At 2 am, wide awake and still suffering from caffeine induced crazy ideas, I took the war on shorts one step further and jokingly challenged The Fashionable Mum to a style challenge and did a little Instagram and Facebook share.


Then things rather surprisingly went into overdrive and the emails with requests to know more, followed by the emails putting me in my shorter than short shorts place, started flooding in.




With our latest Outfit Under $50 wrapping up (we will be announcing our latest winner soon), it just made sense that this really should be the next style challenge we run with here!


So without further ado I introduce you to our latest style challenge and giveaway……


Share your shorts summer style challenge #shareyourshorts



Click on the banner for all the juicy details on how you can join us in the quest to find the perfect shorts for summer. I’m really looking forward to bringing The Fashionable Mum kicking and screaming to the short party this summer and more than determined to have a whole lot of fun with our latest style challenge. I hope you can join us!



Where do you stand when it comes to shorts and how short would you go?



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  1. I’m not a shorts lover raychael!
    never have been! … the young and the feckless look outrageously gorgeous if they have the legs! … sad but sorry … I think if one doesn’t have the legs don’t wear them! … shouldn’t feel like that and everyone has a right to wear whatever! … but I think the body dictates what one wears! … I have a short waste and even though I’m only 54 k and 5’4″ I’m slim but the wrong clothes can make me look fat and quite frankly I don’t want that! … legs are still ok too but hate the shorts on moi!
    lol m:)X

    • I’m a tad shorter than you and much heavier but even when I was a lot smaller, I never really felt shorts were for me. Although it would be nice to have shorts as an alternative with the weather heating up. Do you wear dresses or skirts or something else in summer Merilyn?

      • yes I have a couple sarongs and knee length and long stiped skirts to wear to the beach and around the house … but I’m such a pants person though!
        I’ve got some very light linen and some cotton loose long pants and 3/4 or ankle slim line cotton pants … usually places are air conditioned and these all work ok for me! … love m:)X

  2. I live in shorts at home but only have a couple of longish pairs that I would consider wearing outside of home. I’ll be following the challenge with interest Raych!

    • I can’t ever remember living in shorts but I also can’t remember any decent alternatives. It’s hotting up here in Perth and while I possibly should be putting my energies into trying to get my legs into some sort of shape, I’m admitting defeat and needing a pair of shorts that I would be confident to venture out in.

  3. I wear shorts – but not really in public. I do have a couple of cut-off tracksuit pant things that I’ll wear to Woolies (cos, why not?!) but they’re to my knees and baggy and ugly. The idea of real shorts (at my current weight and size) really does my head in. (Though I wear stuff like that around the house!)

  4. I have only started wearing shorts. Women make up all sorts of rules that we must follow when it comes to how we dress. Rules that we believe make us look better, but rather end up making us feel less and worst. We need to stop limiting ourselves and just do as we please. And smile. Smiling will always make you feel good. xS

    • Completely agree. There was an interesting question throw at Nikki from Styling You at her Perth style session/book signing. It was about bloggers that think they are stylish but actually look like train wrecks. I still don’t know what to make of it or who in particular the person that asked the question may have been referring to. Nikki handled the question with style and reiterated that it was all about feeling confident and comfortable.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Sarah and I’d like to think I don’t make up rules, but I do have some guidelines that I follow to look my best, I’m sure we all do. I also share those guidelines with my readers, not everyone knows how to make the best of themselves and style blogs are the ultimate go-to for me because they feature women of every shape and size.

      I’ve been following your #shareyourshorts on Instagram and you look great in them.

  5. Wow, that was a spirited discussion! LOL. I’m team mostly-no-shorts but have just started to experiment with knee length denim shorts paired with Le Tan gradual tanning lotion. I have good legs, but they are neon white!

    • I possibly should have kept in the deleted over the top comments but I know I’m feeling a tad thin skinned and over sensitive at this time of year and I’m assuming everyone else probably is as well. Instead and I hope everyone can appreciate this I’m just trying to have some fun.

      I’m also calling it early but neon white legs are on trend this year. 🙂

  6. I love shorts and only wear short-ish ones because I have slim-ish legs from the mid thigh down. I do NOT want to see anything above mid thigh, bottom or the rest when wearing shorts. If that’s the plan then I feel people should wear skirts. As for you being a fashion blogger, maybe it’s because of the style challenges you through out that give that impression. I wouldn’t give you a label, much like myself you dabble (well I hope) at most things! Em – thanks for linking xx
    (just so you know that is no photo under the words……. found myself sharing the following status update on Facebook……

  7. I wear shorts, but for me, short shorts stay on the rack! It does depend too on whether I have had time to defuzz the legs. It annoys me no end on a shorts day I have forgotten to do this! Not meaning to plug a website, but have a great ‘my style’ guide I refer to all the time when choosing clothing styles that suit my body shape 🙂

  8. I’m not scared of shorts but I certainly don’t have the body or legs for them. They’re just practical. I go for shorts that end just above the knee. Sometimes it is challenging to find the right pair but I’ve got a few good pairs that work. With an apple body shape, it’s hard to find shorts that fit my waist without looking like a tent everywhere else. I couldn’t get through summer without them.

  9. As a gardener and walker I were shorts quite a bit and like them – jeans on the other hand, as a funny pear shape are not my friend, though I love seeing women like Nikki showing us how with so much gorgeousness so maybe one day! 😉

    • Oh jeans. Do you know I didn’t wear a pair until I was twenty. Now I would live in them if I could. I’m a weird pear shape too. Try Katies ultimate range but go for a slim leg fit rather than bootleg.

  10. I like them to sit about half way to the knee…. There are way to many short shorts getting around these days for my liking! I also like some of the pretty printed shorts this season. Bought a gorgeous pair from KMart yesterday!

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