Mystery Case Style Challenge | Outfit Under $50

Mystery Case Style Challenge | Outfit Under $50

Today we finally get around to introducing you to the winner of our recent Outfit Under $100 challenge and launching our latest style challenge…. cue the mission impossible music…..  Are you ready for this?

Mystery Case Style Challenge | Outfit Under $50


Firstly, a massive thank you to all the gorgeous bloggers that jumped on board our Outfit Under $100 challenge.  They are all winners in my eyes, all pulling off super impressive outfits with some fantastic hints and tips for styling on a budget as well.


I’ve been on a not so secret Finding My Style Mission as I struggle with my changing shape and style since hitting my 40s and I’ve been finding huge inspiration and a way forward thanks to not only Nikki Parkinson from Styling You and her new book Unlock Your Style but all the following bloggers:


Our mystery judges have awarded Shannon from How Can I Wear That (Outfit on a Budget) as our winner this time round with her two spring looks both for under $100 each. Congratulations Shannon!      


This time round I’m turning things up a notch (well down actually) and looking to my fellow bloggers and readers for outfits under $50 with $50 up for grabs together with a little mystery prize for one lucky styler who links up.      


This is very much a bloggable event and possibly mission impossible but having said that you only need to look at the last round of entries, some of which came in at well under $100, together with our Outfit Under $25 challenge featuring Adelle from Where The Styled Things Are to know anything is possible.      


Like always, our guest blogging lounge will be open for anyone that wants in on the action but doesn’t have a blog or if your blog niche doesn’t allow for outfit posts on your own blog.





1. Link up your Outfit Under $50 blog posts before November 20, 2014 and/or

2. Email us your Outfit Under $50 guest blog posts  


Remember to include:

  • Our Outfit Under $50 blog button or a link to this post on your blog post 
  • As much detail as possible together with photos and/or style boards  
  • Entries are via a blog post either here as a guest blog or on your own blog  
  • Must include a recent outfit for under $50 
  • You can enter more than once  
  • One winner will WIN AU$50 plus a mystery prize  
  • Game of skill  
  • Not associated with any third-party  
  • Entries close 20 November 2014 9 pm (Perth time)






Edited to add: we finally have selected our winner! Come on down Malinda from The Style Within for her maxi love blog post! $50 is headed your way.  Our next Outfit Under $50 challenge will kick off in the new year, in the meantime please join our #shareyourshorts fun on our quest to find the perfect pair of shorts for summer.



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  1. Some of those outfits look absolutely amazing. As a mama on a budget, I am pretty good at making an outfit on a budget. Last week I was so delighted to find that a dress that I kept walking past in a favourite shop window was $49. It was a world of Eric Carle dress, which would explain why it looks like a children’s book. I bought it and love it!
    Dani x (Sand Has No Home)

  2. Ooooh, I can so do this! I’m not a fashion blogger in any way, shape or form, but I picked up the most awesome grad-dyed hot pink dress at Big W for $29 the other day!

  3. YAY for Shannon. I’m so pleased she won. I love that girl’s style! WOW $50??? Well let’s see what I can come up with!

  4. Oh my goodness! Thank you so very much Raychael, you have made my day. I absolutely love all of these challenges, it just goes to show that style doesn’t have to cost the earth. I can’t wait to enter the $50 challenge. Thanks again. Shannon x

  5. All of these women are awesome! I can’t wait to see what they come up with on the $50 challenge. I’d be useless myself so I need the inspiration 🙂

  6. I recently spent $170 in Best and Less and managed to get a ton of stuff. The most I paid was $35 and that was because the dress was just on the shelves. I actually feel stylish at the moment, instead of just a different coloured sack.

    • Thanks Kate! I’m having a few weight issues with my current meds and needing to adjust my wardrobe (on a budget) in the interim and hoping this challenge will help me do that. Nikki from Styling You is in town next week and I’m heading to both events. So I might need to start with mix match outfits for those events.

      I’m also doing my ‘Should it Stay or Should it GO NOW?!’ challenge where I share the more questionable items from my wardrobe and have my stylish friends help me decide if I should keep or not. So far it’s not going too well. My wedding dress was the first cab off the rank and everyone seems divided.

      Would love to know your thoughts, you can view the post here:

  7. Love the idea of this challenge. I reckon most of my daily outfits come in at under $50 so I think I’ll be entering more than once! 🙂

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