Mystery Case Confession | Sleep Walking My Way UP

Sleep walking my way to the top! UP!! A Mystery Case Confession

With Mr C at Sea for up to a month, I’m failing on all fronts at the moment and looking to hire a hubby. As a result I’m arriving rather late to the confessional party this week and sharing my latest birthday gift from hubby. The sort of gift that should have me heading for the D-I-V-O-R-C-E courts and sleeping my way back to the top!!


Sleep walking my way to the top! UP!! A Mystery Case Confession



First up, I must confess that when I married hubby 19 years ago we incorporated a number of conditions into our wedding vows. Mr C vowed to cook, clean and slave after me and I vowed to take more of an interest in rugby league. I realise it might look like I received the raw end of the stick here but in the scheme of things…. shhhh!


I also vowed never to purchase or administer Vicks VapoRub, due to the fact that Mr C was smothered in the stuff as a child and has developed a huge phobia. I on the other hand found myself declaring that any form of bracelet giving was grounds for divorce.  Like Mr C I have my reasons.


So imagine my surprise when hubby gifted me a bracelet of sorts right before he jumped on a plane, heading off to meet up with the survey ship he is currently working on for up to a month somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


Map, Compass, Agent Mystery Case


I must confess, I’m rather attached to my hubby and after 20ish years of training, he has the cook, clean and slave after me down pat. We don’t need to talk about my failure to take more of an interest in rugby league, I tried, I failed, I don’t think hubby has noticed, so let’s leave it at that.


Having trained Mr C so well over the years (remember he thought toilets were self cleaning when I met him) I hardly want to be thinking about divorce and starting over on the singles scene, due to a small oversight on Mr C’s part but the fact remains…. he gifted me a bracelet!


On opening my gift, all manner of thoughts went through my mind. Was it a sign? Was he trying to tell me something? Can I now re-introduce Vicks into the household? Oh how I’ve missed it. Not to mention my poor Vicks deprived daughters, who have to head to their Grandmother in NSW (without their dad) to get a whiff.


The questions continued…. Did hubby not see my ‘bracelets are grounds for divorce’ reminder blog post? Will I be lucky enough to have email contact this trip to ask him?


Thinking about it, I’m pretty sure it’s the no contact component to these constant trips to sea that I hate the most. It wouldn’t matter if it was a week or a month, it’s the no phone calls or emails that I find hardest to take.


There is also the sleep factor. Even when I’m not time poor and giving up sleep so I can meet deadlines and fit everything in, I don’t have a good track record when it comes to sleep. I hardly sleep as it is, I definitely sleep less when hubby is away. Not just because I have the extra work load (three girls at three different schools for starters) but also the missing hubby factor and the empty bed. Hubby knows this and he knows how precarious my health is at the moment and how important getting enough sleep is for my health.


sleep sign | Agent Mystery Case


Which brings me back to the bracelet. On closer inspection the weird looking bracelet wasn’t a badly chosen fashion statement or a statement of the state of our marriage (which is rather good considering) it was a device to help me get my sleep sorted, amongst other things.  It was an UP fitness band by Jawbone!  A bit like the Fitbit on my birthday wish list only different. Possibly better considering one of the main reasons I don’t do bracelets is the irritation issues that come with wearing anything too tight on my wrist for an extended period of time.


The UP bracelet is going to help me make smarter daily decisions when it comes to my diet, sleep and activity.


Hubby, for once, had done his gift giving research on fitness bands and found the Jawbone Up ticked all the boxes, especially when it came to not causing skin irritations.  When you are wearing something 24/7 (only taking it off for swimming not showers) you need something that isn’t going to irritate your skin. Having worn this for over a week now, I’m convinced I won’t be having any issues. I’m not sure if it is the material or the design but I’m guessing the clip free element does help.


Jawbone UP fitness band


Now this little device doesn’t just track my sleep (or lack of) it also monitors my steps and diet (when I remember to record my food and drink intake). At this stage we are still very much in dating getting to know each other mode.


As far as tracking my activity, steps and sleep… I’ve found the device (let’s call him UP) to be a little too accurate. I was determined to have an average keeping it real (for me) week and let UP get to know and analyse the real me. Interestingly it didn’t take UP long to realise I have issues when it comes to sleep.


Agent Mystery Case | Jawbone UP tackling my sleep issues


At first UP gently reminded me that I needed to put him in sleep mode when I was heading to bed, assuming my low sleep numbers were down to not knowing how to use to the device. After a few days UP started seeing a pattern and adjusted his motivational suggestions accordingly.


With UP suggesting that I should aim for better sleeping habits and try to get to bed by 12:35am, it brings home just how bad my sleep habits are and how spot on UP is at analysing this.



My steps and activity are no better, I’m seeing a pattern there too. The days I have the best sleep, I have the worst steps and vice versa. Better time management on my part could help here but so could prioritising both my sleep and daily walking, placing them at the top of my to-do list. 


Apparently, I should be aiming for 8 hours sleep a night and 10,000 steps?? I’m a long way off my 80 km per week walking and exercising 5 days a week that was my routine this time last year. I’ve never been good at the whole 8 hours sleep a night thing. This week, I’m going to make more of an effort to meet these goals.


I’m yet to be convinced that UP will motivate me because I truly believe that needs to come from within and a change in mindset, but given I have the cold hard facts fed to me on a daily basis in black and white or blue and orange as is the case with UP, it has to help. Doesn’t it?


Agent Mystery Case | Up by Jawbone Fitness Band App


Having a support group would also be a huge help and I will look into the UP online team side of things this week together with finding a local buddy.


I should emphasis, my journey with UP isn’t about weight loss. Due to thyroid and health issues, weight loss should be on the agenda and is definitely needed but it’s also very much mission impossible for me for the time being while we try to get my meds and other health issues sorted. This exercise is more about changing my mindset and putting one step in front of the other, with me aiming to be the healthiest I can under the current circumstances. No more excuses.


Agent Mystery Case | Vitality Diet Exercise Sleep Mindset


Speaking of excuses, I’m now wondering if I shouldn’t bite the no bracelets bullet and ask one of my designer friends to design me a few bracelets to go with the UP so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb when I’m wearing it to evening events. What do you think? Stranger things have happened.


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Do you sleep for 8 hours each night? Is it quality sleep?  Have you tried the UP or a similar fitness band? How did you find it? Did it motivate you?




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