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Nikki Parkinson Unlock Your Style

Santa Clause is coming to town……. and I’ve relaxed my ‘no talk of Christmas till December’ rule, with a quiet determination to be super organised in the gift giving department this year.


Nikki Parkinson from Styling you is also coming to town…. so I’m throwing a GIVEAWAY!!


MYER Christmas Giftorium | Agent Mystery Case


I’m just back from my first Christmas event for the year.  I KNOW a tad early, especially for me, but there was a good reason for this. If you’ve been playing along on Instagram you would know MYER are launching their Christmas concept department Giftorium in November and I was lucky enough to attend a blogger sneak peek on Friday.


Arriving early to the party, I managed to pick up the bargain buy of the century in the clothing department. A gorgeous jacket that was originally priced at $189 but marked down to $84. There was an extra 50% off the marked price but even better than that, it scanned for just $21. I hadn’t planned on purchasing any clothing until I sort my existing wardrobe out but the style and the price were too perfect to pass up.


I must confess, as I continued my way up to level two and the Christmas Giftorium, I really needed to put the shopping blinkers on. With so many bargains and fabulous ideas for summer it was hard not to be inspired and spend, spend, spend.




Then something completely weird (for me) happened between level one and two. Shopper’s block! Something that anyone that knows me would laugh off because seriously, I’m paid on a weekly basis to shop and review my experiences. I’m a shopper and I know it, so does hubby but gift buying even when you are an expert shopper isn’t always easy.


As the MYER Christmas Giftorium is your one stop gift buying department, I was clearly in the right place for someone suffering shopper’s block. I just needed the right plan of attack and that was a list of who I wanted to purchase gifts for and a MYER Giftician.


MYER Christmas Giftorium


My personal shopping guide Marie (aka Giftician) was a tremendous help as were the twelve themes of Christmas. Twelve themes to help you on your gift giving way, including Glam Gran, Miracle Mum, Stocking Fillers and Trendy Young Things for starters. All stocked with hundreds of gift ideas for your loved ones.


In the end I found it pretty easy to find something for just about everyone on my list and all before the launch party and other bloggers arrived. I plan to head back after the official launch on November 8, to make my purchases, so I can also take advantage of the fantastic wrapping and delivery services.


Twelve themes of Christmas MYER  Giftorium



With a $50 voucher to spend on the day, I was determined to select something for myself but I definitely had a huge case of shopper’s block when it came to purchasing my own gift. I then had one of my crazy blogging ideas, which saw me phoning hubby with a request he join me in his lunch break. You see hubby is hopeless at selecting gifts, when he actually remembers the important dates to start with and I thought giving him my $50 voucher, a person (namely me) and an occasion (our wedding anniversary next month) that I really could put the MYER Giftorium concept to the test.


Yes, I appreciate this is a Christmas Giftorium but honestly I didn’t want to wait till Christmas for my gift and as hubby will be at sea for our anniversary (November 12), there is no time like the present for a present. In the scheme of things, this cool concept should work for not just Christmas but birthdays, anniversaries and well any special gift giving occasion and Mr C is ultimately the  worst gift shopper in the world perfect person to test this.


Strangely enough, call it a Christmas miracle or a gift giving concept store that really works, Mr C selected a rather impressive gift within the first ten minutes.  He headed straight to the miracle mum section and after a quick browse and consultation with a Giftician, knowing heated rollers were on my wish list, found a ceramic set that ticked all the smooth salon curls boxes.


What do you think of Mr C’s selection?  I was impressed and so was Mr C who doesn’t enjoy shopping, especially browsing endlessly for gifts, at the best of times. While not a traditional 19th wedding anniversary gift, we’ve never really been known to do traditional. Just look at our surprise wedding.



Giftorium MYER Christmas Agent Mystery Case


More on MYER‘s Christmas Giftorium coming soon including plenty of ways to take the stress out of shopping for gifts this Christmas together with in-store promotions and a GIVEAWAY!!


While Santa didn’t make an appearance at this event with only a matter of weeks till Christmas it’s safe to say he is coming to town. Before he does though, Nikki Parkinson from Styling You is coming to Perth and honestly it’s like a Christmas wish come true for me.


GIVEAWAY | Nikki Parkinson ‘Unlock Your Style’ book signing


I’ve been a huge fan of Nikki and her blog Styling You for a little while now. I first discovered Styling You through one of her awesome mega giveaways and after a little ‘casing’ found a blog that really resonated with me (and clearly many others) on so many levels. Since discovering Nikki, I’ve been attempting to whip my chaotic wardrobe into shape and following not only the Styling You blog but the gorgeous community that shares their #everydaystyle via Instagram.


Nikki Parkinson Unlock Your Style


Just recently Nikki released her first book ‘Unlock Your Style‘ and on Wednesday 29 October you catch up with Nikki for an evening of styling and book signing here in Perth. I can’t wait!


I’m auditioning looking for a plus one for the night, so if you are in Perth and would like to join me, just leave a comment below letting me know why you would make the perfect plus for this event


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Winner selected this Friday 9pm.

Winner must be available to join me on Wednesday, October 29th (5.30pm) at Rydges Perth (815 Hay Street, Perth).

Game of skill not associated with Facebook or any third-party.

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  1. You’ve just alarmed me that I’m potentially 5 to 10 years away from Glamour Gran…how did that happen? Was there a sign for Crazy Old Lady?

  2. he’s done well raychael!
    as an ex hairdresser those hot rollers look mighty cool hun!!!
    and 10/10 for mr mc ;0 … <3 it love m:)X

      • hi raych, I subscribed to your blog ages ago and didn’t hear
        from you so I forget to look;0 … unless prompted each day!
        I like your blog with your clever words and style! love m:)X

        • Thanks Merliyn, I’ve just merged blogs, so you may need to resubscribe to our RSS feed if you want daily reminders. Our newsletter is a once a month thing. Perhaps I need to start looking at a weekly round up email? I still have a bit of tweaking after the merge so I will add this to my to do list.

  3. Another time where I sigh and wish I lived in Perth!! Nikki was in my home town over the weekend and I didn’t know about it until it was too late to get tickets to see her 🙁
    Have fun and can’t wait to see some pics of you after using your awesome new hot rollers!

  4. I’m impressed with your new bargain jacket – pictures please!!! I got an invite to the Myer Brissie event but was too busy to make it, I keep seeing and hearing all these awesome things about it on blogs and social media, severe case of FIMO!!

  5. I hardly ever set foot in Myer (After all, I AM a bogan, I’m just pretending I’m not), but I did buy my Dyson in there. I hate Christmas shopping, I ALWAYS have shopper’s block!

  6. I attended the Sydney Myer event and unashamedly spent my voucher on Chloe & Lola PJs for myself! I did get Nathan a Mr Perfect mug and the kids something small. I was nowhere near ready enough to do any real christmas shopping – it is only October, after all!!!!

    • I hear you. There was a time when we lived in NSW and I had 13 nieces and nephews to purchase gift for that I would do ALL my Christmas shopping in the mid year SALES. Since moving though, the cost to post presents and the fact they are all teens (ie hard to buy for) means we do vouchers, if anything.

  7. I would love to be your plus one Raychael. First of all I would love to meet you in person so we can talk about the mystery of life, silky smooth curls and unlocking my style from stinky 90’s student to hot noughties mamma. I am looking for some direction with my blog and I would love to hear Nikki’s story and inspiring words. I know the snippets of information I would gather on that night would be invaluable.

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