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I must confess I’m loving this week’s confessional prompt from My Home Truths where we are asked to share the soundtrack of our life!

You only have to look at all our Five in Five posts to know that apart from ‘casing’ I have a thing about theme songs.  My business motto (when I’m not bringing the mystery to the blogosphere) is all about helping others to discover their theme song in life and follow their wildest dreams.  

In my travels, I’m finding a lot of people are like me when it comes to theme songs, where their life is more like a musical and just the one theme song is not enough and a soundtrack comes into play.

I also have a tendency to gravitate towards designers that name their collections after songs or designs that are musically inspired. One of my favourite House of Zaccaria jackets is aptly named “Soundtrack of your Life”!

Perth Designer House of Zaccaria Soundtrack of your life blazer
Soundtrack of your Life Blazer from House of Zaccaria

When I first launched the blog, I would often nominate a theme song of the week just for the blog. Like the blog my personal theme song is evolving all the time. This week I’m giving you the top ten songs that go a long way to making up The Soundtrack of my Life.

While a lot of my selections, especially the first few songs, really need blog posts of their own to describe just why the are so important I’m going to keep it brief and let you draw your own conclusions. 

The Soundtrack of my Life

It’s time to make our move, I’m shaking off the rust!  I’ve got my heart set on anywhere but here.  I’m staring down myself, counting up the years. Steady hands just take the wheel, every glance is killing me. Time to make one last appeal for the life I lead.

Stop and Stare, I think I’m moving but I go nowhere……..

Have you got a Fast Car? I’ve got a plan……

We’ve got get out of this place….  but seriously after 22 moves, those songs are wearing a bit thin on me and since launching the blog with more eyes on me than ever before…….

Circus by Britney Spears….. all eyes on me in the centre of the ring just like a circus…. may have some merit.

But when it comes to the blog, every waking hour I’m choosing my confessions where sometimes I’ve said too much or I haven’t said enough…. that’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight Losing My Religion.

Career wise Bring Me To Life might seem like an odd choice because I honestly don’t need saving but again moving 22 times and having three girls has seen my career take a bit of a back seat over the years. 

While I’ve enjoyed being a Virtual Assistant and I’m loving the blogging side of things, with my girls now that bit older and Mr C hopefully moving from contract to permanent employment next year I can finally bring some new life and direction into my career.

Which brings me to Mr C and my little family where it isn’t hard to see we’re in Heaven and our dreams are coming true for the good times and the bad.  

It would be great to have more of the good times and less of the bad but regardless… heart is like an open highway and I just want to live while I’m alive because It’s My Life!

A life where I’ve never been afraid to show my True Colours and since its release in 1986 this song has always been a big part of the Soundtrack of my Life! 

Finally, I must confess………. I’m just a Girl, one of the greatest mysteries you’ll find in this world! 

Perth Blogger Ms Mystery Case

What’s on your Soundtrack of Life?

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