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  • I have no words! Well I do really, how sad for any blogger who feels competitive rather than collaborative.

    • I’ve been fairly quiet on the collaboration front for a little while now. Now you know why. Looking forward to getting back to collaborating with new projects later this month.

  • It all sounds like a wild pile of crap 🙁 Sorry to hear it’s still going on. I really don’t understand how you are offensive or anything like that to anyone.

    Gotta say, I had similar thoughts when the remarkables were still a thing for bloggers – oh yay, 10 bloggers writing about the same voucher (or whatever the hell they did). I don’t know if I saw them all because I was a blogger or if non blogging readers also saw the massive overlap.

    Kind of makes me glad I’ve never been interested in 99.99% of the blogging events, freebies blah blah that have come across my inbox.

    • To think, I’ve only shared the tip of the iceberg. I don’t understand it all.

      Agree The Remarkables (& similar) approach to blogging was never going to work. People just switch off.

      Events can be good for networking and connecting (even for introverts if you have a plan of escape) and I honestly think there is only a small element of the other nasty side here in Perth but it’s that element that has spoiled the rest for me.

  • Whilst I am saddened by what I have read I sense that your strength is in continuing as you want to go on. This is a good thing. I am glad to be a very small blogger enjoying some conversations each week on the blog and my private IG account. Blogging and the community who read my blog have been helpful in supporting me since I was diagnosed with cancer and for that I am grateful.
    I do hope things improve very much for you and yours! Onward…as you always have done. Denyse x

    • Thanks. I think you would be sickened at the full extent of what has been throw at me. I love my community here but I feel the need to protect them from any ugliness. I only have 2 years till retirement so I would love to go out with a bang here and tick off a few bucket list items for at least another year.

      The investigative team have offered a couple of ways forward. One of which, would be removing comments altogether or closing the site to members only.

      The first to me, means a one way conversation, something that doesn’t sit right.

      The other, is a lot of work both front and back end and would involve employing moderators. Still unsure about what to do with the social media side of things. I’m not convinced coming back, even with a private account on Facebook will protect my girls/family/friends? I’m also not really missing it. FB page proves tricky because I prefer to be posting and replying myself but in the scheme of things… do I really need it?