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Celebrating the end of the year with a series of gifts and giveaways for our readers. A virtual Christmas party and our way of saying thank you for your love and support over the past 6ish years, as well as a further opportunity to showcase some of our favourite people, products and places in the process.




My love affair with all things Maggie Beer kicked into overdrive after my recent trip to South Australia and her farm shop in the Barossa Valley. Just prior to departing for SA, I received a little care package from Maggie in the mail. It included her latest and to me most impressive cookbook to date, Maggie’s recipes for life.


A cookbook, I’m looking forward to casing aka reviewing from cover to cover over the holidays. It includes 200 delicious recipes to help reduce your chances of Alzheimer’s and other lifestyle diseases. The book ties Maggie’s passion for sharing delicious, simple food with her ongoing dedication for improving the health and nutrition of older people.



The farm shop and the new on site restaurant that opened the same week as my visit, were a real highlight of my SA trip. During my time at the farm, I was able to attend a Verjuice cooking demonstration in the new demo kitchen. After the demonstration, we were able to feast on the creations and have photos taken, funnily enough, in the old kitchen that features in The Cook & the Chef TV series.


I waddled away from the demonstration with a new and improved opinion of Verjuice. The bottle of verjuice I’ve had sitting in my pantry since last Christmas not really knowing what to do with it, was lucky to see the week out on my return home.


I honestly had no idea just how versatile this product is. Without a doubt, it is now a pantry staple in my place, with Maggie’s Verjuice mushrooms and veggies on high rotation at meal times and Maggie’s Verjuice recipe book is high on my Christmas wish list, as are most of Maggie’s hampers.






I often joke at this time of year (well anytime of year actually) that I would love for Maggie to adopt me or at the very least invite me for Christmas lunch. Seriously though, all I really want for Christmas is to spend time with my immediate family. Being a family of five foodies that time is usually best spent at the dinner table over a nice meal. If that meal includes a Maggie Beer product or 12 via a hamper found under the tree Christmas morning… all the better.






Maggie Beer Mystery Hamper


Thanks to Maggie Beer and her team, we have a little mystery hamper up for grabs for one lucky person as part of our Gifts & Giveaways end of year virtual party. Not the hamper pictured above because where would be the mystery in that!


To be in the running, just register your details by clicking on the banner below and comment here or email with your favourite Maggie Beer Hamper from this year’s line-up (see here).


As a Christmas BONUS… I’ll also be including a small mystery prize with the hamper. In order to get the prizes to you in time for Christmas, this giveaway will be short and sweet.


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  • Game of skill.
  • Comment below letting me know your favourite Maggie Beer hamper.
  • One winner – drawn 18/12/17 at 12 pm (Perth time).
  • Winner must make contact within 24 hours or there will be a redraw.
  • Open to Australian residents only.
  • Mystery hamper will vary from one pictured.
  • Standard terms & conditions via registration.





Our end of year Gifts & Giveaways will run throughout December, with more giveaways being added almost daily. The best way to keep up, as our member registrations are currently closed, is to follow our December Aussie Giveaway Club page and/or Facebook group. Not only does the page list all our current giveaways in the one spot but it also includes giveaways from reputable Australian based bloggers and businesses. If you are in the business of winning, it’s a great place to grab a tea or coffee and spend a little time, casing all the competitions, on a daily or weekly basis. With new giveaways being added all the time.


Now just in case you decide, like me, to do a little Christmas hamper or gourmet produce shopping while you are visiting the Maggie Beer website, make sure you sign up as a VIP. It opens your inbox to special offers and keeps you in the loop for worth casing promotions.


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  • Maria

    They’re all so yum it was hard to pick only one. I’ll choose Breaking Bread cause I love the name and it’s perfect for Christmas.

    • Great choice Maria and you’re so right, it is hard to pick just one.

  • Andrea M

    Pantry staples because my pantry is always a little bare at this time of year.

    • Mine too. I just don’t have time for any kind of shopping right now. Even online with home delivery.

  • Katie Seaton

    I love your style of writing and your sense of humour. I don’t have much time for online or blog reading, having started a new job but your giveaways always get me in. I would be happy with any of Maggie’s hampers. They all sound divine. Favourite would be the Shared Memories Hamper.

    • Thanks so much Katie that means a lot. I don’t have much time for online right now either.

  • Jenny P

    As I’m hosting XMas this year, the family gatherings hamper would go down a treat.

    • Good luck with hosting Jenny. I haven’t hosted a big, extended Christmas do since we moved to Perth (9 years ago last week).

  • Stacey Fuller

    Farmhouse Christmas Hamper.

  • Katie Seaton

    I’m sure I joined Disqus but I can’t for the life of me remember my password, or much else. Would love to win any Maggie hamper, it would make my Christmas.

    • I’m the same with remembering passwords right now Katie. I almost feel like throwing the laptop when after 3 attempts to get a new password you get the message… ‘you can’t use a previous password’.

  • Jane Baker

    Everyday Essentials hamper, or any hamper really. Loving that you can pick up Maggie Beer at my local woollies.

    • I find our local IGA has more products than the local Woolies but nothing compares to the Farm Shop. Just a shame I couldn’t bring the fresh produce home with me and had to indulge in my hotel room.

  • Courtney Delaney

    Maggie’s favourites hamper because I was having trouble deciding.

    • It’s a great hamper Courtney. Thanks for entering.

  • Sally Bishop

    Celebration Table Hamper as we love to celebrate at the table at Christmas.

  • Emma Strong

    Slow cooked hamper. I wash gifted a slow cooker for my birthday and it hasn’t had much use.

    • I found keeping it simple when starting with the slow cooker was the way to go. Mine is used almost daily now.

  • Alexandra G

    Sunday favourites hamper but I will need the verjuice cookbook to go with it. LOL

    • Don’t get me started on verjuice. I just can’t get enough of the stuff.

  • Kylie R

    Season’s table hamper for my mother who is once again hosting this year.

  • Adeline

    the good tidings hamper would make the perfect addition to my xmas feast this year.

  • Katherine Parker

    Sparkling celebrations hamper as we have a lot to celebrate this Christmas.

  • Tegan Parsons

    They are all so reasonably priced. My favourite is the long table hamper.

    • I love a good long table lunch. Thanks for entering Tegan.

  • Heather A

    A fine spread hamper.

  • Donna S

    Any of the hampers would be wonderful.

  • Donna S

    Ooops. Hit the wrong button before I’d finished. Sharing the Table hamper would be my pick.

  • Hayley Marsh

    Sharing the table hamper because that is what we tend to do at Christmas with our extended family. All bringing a plate.

    • Great choice Hayley. Enjoy your Christmas do with the family.

  • Peter M

    Shared Memories Hamper because isn’t that what spending time with family over the holidays is all about. Making memories.

    • Couldn’t agree more Peter. Thanks for entering.

  • Sheridan F

    Proof & Pudding hamper. Pudding is a staple at this time of year in our house.

  • amandagorton

    I love the Stocking Favourites Hamper with her classic cookbook included it is Maggie’s words of wisdom that make it a priceless gift to give or receive!

  • Sparkling Celebrations Hamper there were so many delicious treats in that hamper. xo

  • Beth Fraser

    Sunday favourites. Sunday is my favourite day. We sleep in late and have a family brunch.

  • Wendy Christidis

    The “Sparkling Celebrations” hamper is just lovely!It would be perfect for the holidays with so many delicious treats to share <3

  • Irena

    Farmhouse Kitchen Hamper, because the products are fresh from the farm!!

  • Charlene

    Sparkling celebrations hamper because all celebrations should be sparkling.

  • Kirsty P

    Even when we are full it’s hard to say no to delicious festive desserts. I say lets splurge! Our family of sweet tooths would love to get their mits and lips into Maggie’s Proof and Pudding Hamper to whip up some dreamy desserts.