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Celebrating the end of the year with a series of gifts and giveaways for our readers. A virtual Christmas party and our way of saying thank you for your love and support over the past 6ish years, as well as a further opportunity to showcase some of our favourite people, products and places in the process.





Event Cinemas - Merry Movies

In a week, where I managed to fit not one but six movie previews and launches in, including Star Wars: The Last Jedi at midnight at Event Cinemas Innaloo, on my daughter’s 18th birthday, it’s safe to say that I’m more than a bit of a movie buff.


You could also say, with one to two events most nights at this time of year, the silly season is well and truly upon us and finding time to fit so many movies in, means something has to give. In my case, that give has been Christmas shopping. I’ve barely had time to think about Christmas, let alone start shopping and truth be told, I’d rather eat the frog on my long to-do list than hit the shops right now.


Thankfully, the elves at Event Cinemas have come to my rescue with a brand new range of themed Merry Movies Gift Cards.  I can either shop online (, having the gift cards delivered direct or pick them up when I’m next at my local Event Cinemas, avoiding the shops (and crowds) altogether. It’s a WIN WIN in my Christmas Shopping 101 books!


Event Cinemas Merry Movies


The Merry Movies Gift Cards come in a variety of fun designs, including summer blockbuster film themed cards, with prices ranging from an affordable $25 to a maximum of $200.


I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like to head to the cinema to watch a film, so a cinema gift card has always been my last minute gift back up plan, no matter what the occasion but especially at Christmas. Apart from wanting to avoid the shops at this time of year, I also prefer to avoid bulky gifts so I can keep postage costs down, with all of our extended family (including 13 nieces and nephews) on the other side of the country. Spending less on postage, means more money for gifts. Another WIN WIN.




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Speaking of winning… thanks to Event Cinemas we have 2 double pass e-vouchers up for grabs for 2 of our readers.


To be in the running:


  • Register your details by clicking on the above banner
  • Refer to e-voucher terms and conditions HERE!
  • Game of skill, please refer to AMC standard terms and conditions via registration
  • Comment below (or email with the movie you would see if you won.


You can check out upcoming movies via the Event Cinemas website.





Our end of year Gifts & Giveaways will run throughout December. The best way to keep up, as our member registrations are currently closed, is to follow our December Aussie Giveaway Club page and/or Facebook group. Not only does the page list all our current giveaways in the one spot but it also includes giveaways from reputable Australian based bloggers and businesses.


If you are in the business of winning, it’s a great place to grab a tea or coffee and spend a little time, casing all the competitions, on a daily or weekly basis. With new giveaways being added all the time.


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Managing Editor of Agent Mystery Case. Follow Raychael aka Mystery Case on her mystery adventures 'casing' people, products and places to bring you her worth casing favourites.
  • Jane Baker

    Great idea. I’ve been slacker than slack this year with Christmas gifts and was looking for gift vouchers but something that would suit everyone. Now if I was lucky enough to win, I would see the new Star Wars film.

    • I hear you. I’ve been slacker than the slackiest slacker this year. You will love the Star Wars film. I’m not a huge fan but loved it.

  • Sally Bishop

    Can thoroughly recommend Wonder. Wouldn’t mind seeing it again but Paddington Bear 2 also looks great.

    • I too have heard great things about Wonder and hope to see it over the break. Thanks for entering Sally.

  • Emma Strong

    NRMA use to offer discounted movie tickets but I’m not sure they still do. Love this gift idea, especially now they are xmas themed. Wonder is on the top of my movie list for the holidays.

    • Thanks for entering Emma. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Peter M

    This is the perfect gift for me. Especially if it includes gold class. Murder on the Orient Express.

    • My hubby wants to see that film as well and treating him to Gold Class at the new Events Whitfords, would actually make a great Christmas gift.

  • Katie Seaton

    Great idea. I’m almost sorted but still looking for stocking fillers. There are so many great movies out right now. The trailers from Daddy’s home 2 look hilarious.

    • These gift cards would definitely make great stocking fillers.

  • Such an awesome idea. We’re enjoying a more “minimalist Christmas” where we’re all about gifting experiences, not things, so these cards would be perfect. I have a long list of movies that I want to see including Paddington 2 and Daddy’s Home – the trailers for both look amaze!

    • We are just back from the Paddington 2 advanced screening. I thought it was a sweet film. Hubby wasn’t so impressed but personally, given he is suppose to be on holidays already but he is still picking up the slack for others with end of year deadlines, he probably needed an action film to distract him.

      • Oh an advance screening! How jolly! Maybe it’s a guy thing, I don’t think hubby is as nearly as enthusiastic about Paddington as me!

  • gabby

    You are so right! There’s nothing better than managing to avoid the shops at this time of the year!
    Since we are in the midst of the silly season, I think its only fitting to sit through a ‘silly’ film! I’d go watch Pitch Perfect 3 for a few giggles (and maybe laugh off some of those christmas feasts! )

    • I was at the Perth premiere for Pitch Perfect 3. I’m still under media embargo, so can’t share my thoughts till next week.

      • gabby

        Can’t wait to hear what you thought. 1 and 2 didn’t disappoint, so I’m hoping 3 will be just as good! x

  • Maria

    Love going to the movies! I’ve just seen “The Greatest Showman” trailer and it looks great. Hugh Jackman’s character says “I promised you a life of magic and wonder” …yes please, I’m in!

    • Love Hugh Jackman and can’t wait to see this film. Great choice Maria.

  • Lisa Bright

    I’m a huge fan of gifting experiences instead of ‘stuff’ so these are such a great gift idea. I love movies. If it was just me, I think I’d go see Wonder, but I know the kids really want to see Coco… and if I’m honest I’d love that one too

    • Loved Coco, such a thought provoking and sweet film.

  • Gaylene S

    We’ve decided as a family to gift experiences this year and these cards are a great idea. I’m keen to see Coco with the kids.

  • Rebecca

    Fantastic idea. I was at the shops yesterday with everyone else wanting to pull my hair out. Any of the kids films, Paddington 2 or Coco.

    • I hear you Rebecca. I’m avoiding the shops at all costs. Hoping I haven’t actually missed the cut off for Christmas eve eve grocery delivery.

  • Jackson

    Star Wars The Last Jedi!

  • Sherri

    The Commute. Looks terrifying.

    • I think I’ve seen the shorts to this one and terrifying pretty much sums it up.

  • Anne Gray

    Great gifting. I would see Pitch Perfect 3.

    • I think my media review embargo has now lifted for this film and I can honestly say while it isn’t my top pick of the flicks, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would and laughed on the inside for a lot of the film.

  • Margaret Ryan


  • Justine Anderson

    Paddington 2. After revisiting Paddington.

    • I’m not convinced you need to review the first before seeing the second. A very sweet film, will be a hit with the kids and young at heart.

  • Beth Fraser

    PICK ME… I would love to win movie tickets or find a gift card in my stocking this year. There are so many fab films coming up on boxing day. Would be happy to see any or all of them.

  • Thanks for hosting the comp! I’d take a pitch with me to see Pitch Perfect 3.

    • Have you seen 1 and 2? I hadn’t but a quick review of their trailers and it didn’t seem to matter. Lots of laughs. Although Malinda (The Style Within), my trusty plus 1 had seen both previous films and laughed a lot more than I did.

  • Irena

    I would love to see Paddington 2 with my kids!!

  • Brook Marsh

    Paddington 2.

  • Amy Mack

    Daddy’s Home 2

  • Husband and I have been desperate for a Star Wars date night! We’d be off to see The Last Jedi with our voucher 🙂

    • Great choice Lara. This is definitely more hubby’s film than mine but I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

  • Ali

    I can’t wait for Pitch Perfect 3. I’ll be seeing it with my favourite pitches.

  • Amber

    There are so many films on my must see list. Paddington2, Pitch Perfect 3 and The Last Jedi.

  • Wendy Christidis

    Would love to take my daughter’s to see The Greatest Showman 🙂 Looks amazing!

  • mustangmum

    I need to see Jumanji as I need my Rock fix…

  • Suzie Elo

    Pitch Perfect 3 so it can give me the giggles for 90 minutes!

  • Eliza Green

    The Greatest Showman.

  • Katherine Parker

    Pitch Perfect 3 with my pitches.

  • Rachael Perry

    Zac in The Greatest Showman.

  • JB

    Could do with a date night at the movies. Tossing up between the latest Star Wars flick and Pitch Perfect 3.

  • Stacey Fuller

    Paddington 2.

  • Brenda Walker

    Downsizing or Daddy’s Home 2. Both films look hilarious and I could certainly do with a good laugh and some escapism this crazy Christmas.

  • Amanda

    50 shades freed. Loved the books. Not loving the films as much but still keen to see them and compare.