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Celebrating the end of the year with a series of gifts and giveaways for our readers. A virtual Christmas party and our way of saying thank you for your love and support over the past 6ish years, as well as a further opportunity to showcase some of our favourite people, products and places in the process.




Having three teen daughters (19, about to turn 18 and 16) means some of the excitement and magic of Christmas has been lost along the way but I’m not ready to give up on Christmas completely, even if I have to drag the rest of my family along for the ride.


Gift giving is a little part of that magic but shopping without a plan or guide at this time of year, can add to the stress and chaos, sucking the spirit right out of Christmas. Online shopping is a fabulous way to avoid the crowds and save time but you need to get your act together early on in the piece to incorporate delivery times, especially here in Perth where we take the term snail mail a little too seriously.


On the home front, hubby is the first to admit that he hates shopping without a purpose and a dedicated plan of attack, at any time of year but more so at Christmas. Having said that, hubby always makes an effort for anniversaries and birthdays (when he remembers) but Christmas has always been more miss than hit with him and most years he would prefer to skip gift shopping altogether.


Hubby usually asks me for help ideas before heading out, keen to finish shopping as quickly as possible impress. This doesn’t always constitute in me ending up impressed but it’s the thought that counts, right?! Like that time, hubby made me my favourite dish Steak Dianne on our first Valentine’s day as a married couple. Only he mistook 3 cloves of garlic as 3 whole garlics and we basically had to sell our unit and move 3 suburbs away to get rid of the smell. Needless to say, Steak Dianne is no longer my favourite dish.


I was reminded only last night that hubby really needs a rather specific list before he heads to the shops. Basically, after a quick discussion, hubby popped down to the supermarket to pick up a couple of things for an impromptu get together. What he arrived home with didn’t really cut the mustard so to speak, which resulted in a conversation about me needing to be more specific and him needing to listen more clearly, and a return visit to the shops together.


Thankfully we only live 2ish minutes drive away (depending on traffic) to our local Westfield and I’m usually more on the game in this department (that department being hubby and his shopping allergy). My game is a little off right now having just returned from a full-on week of shopping till I literally dropped in Malaysia.


The shopping in Malaysia was interesting to say the least. The shopping centres and their approach to Christmas has certainly filled both myself and my daughter who joined me for this latest trip, full of Christmas spirit. If I wasn’t so utterly exhausted from our travels and so busy catching up with emails, events and end of year deadlines, I would be giving our home a massive Christmassy makeover.


Christmas in Malaysia




In all honestly, all I really want for Christmas is to celebrate with my immediate little family (& cat) in our new home, feast for days on leftovers after our traditional Christmas Eve family feast and exchange a few quirky but meaningful gifts.


Given we are staying put in our new (to us) home for Christmas this year, I’m super keen to keep things, especially gifts that generally end up as clutter, to a bare minimum. Hubby has once again asked for my wish list this year and for more than a few reasons, I’m inclined to oblige.


So, without further ado, my rather specific wish list for Christmas with visual aids and a link (for good measure) because hubby asked and who am I to say no… and after 22 years of marriage, I know how this plays out it, if I don’t.





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I appreciate I already have an extensive Jessica Bratich collection BUT there a couple of gaps in my bag collection and I’m rather in love with the black and gold print denim in the latest collection. The print features on an overnight bag, a clutch and a wallet. A wallet that could double as a small clutch. There’s even enough room for your mobile and your passport. Hello… more travel that requires my passport.


My first pick would be the overnight bag for all the staycations we plan on doing in the next 12 months. Next up would be one of the JB backpacks. I don’t actually own a backpack. Mainly because I didn’t think they could be so stylish and huge handbags have been more my thing. My only dilemma is which backpack. I’m leaning towards the gold but black with leopard print is also appealing.


The black and gold print denim wallet is next on my wish list. Not that I need a new wallet but something tells me I NEED this particular one. If only the backpack featured the gold and denim print.


Surprisingly, I’m also loving the new JB kids’ range for both myself and my three teen daughters. I picked up one of the Rubika bags (pictured above) for my daughter for our recent trip to Malaysia. It was the perfect size for popping in my phone and a little cash for day trips and I ended up using it as a cross body bag most days. I’ve popped that one on my wish list as well, as I wouldn’t mind one for myself for quick trips to the shops or clubbing* when you only need your phone, a lippy and your card to buy cocktails.


There are a growing number of Jessica Bratich stockists both here in Perth and Australia wide. If you are in Perth, I believe you can now arrange a Jessica Bratich party in the privacy of your own home. You can also shop online direct. I’d suggest you sign up for the JB newsletter so you can score 10% off your first online order and be first in the know for sales and other promotions when they happen!


*I haven’t actually been clubbing for about 20 years. Do they still call it that? Actually, in my day it wasn’t called clubbing and I’ll be showing my age if I say anything more.







Because there’s a whole lot to love about the latest Jessica Bratich collection and it’s the season to be giving… I’ll be picking up a little JB mystery bag for one of our readers. To be in the running follow the instructions below:


  • Head to Jessica Bratich HERE and case the latest collection;
  • Comment below (or email with your favourite JB bag and where you will use it these holidays;
  • Register your details by clicking on the above banner.


Game of skill; One Winner will receive a Jessica Bratich bag of their choice; Refer to our standard terms and conditions via our giveaway registration; Australian residents only; One entry per email address; Winner notified by email on Dec 18 and has 48 hours to respond, otherwise we redraw.




Our end of year Gifts & Giveaways will run over the next two weeks, with more giveaways being added almost daily. The best way to keep up, as our member registrations are currently closed, is to follow our December Aussie Giveaway Club page and/or Facebook group. Not only does the post list all our current giveaways in the one spot but it also includes giveaways from reputable Australian based bloggers and businesses. If you are in the business of winning, it’s a great place to grab a tea or coffee and spend a little time, casing all the competitions, on a daily or weekly basis. With new giveaways being added all the time.


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  • Wendy Christidis

    The denim wallet is just gorgeous and would be perfect for both day and evening as a lovely clutch 🙂 I really need to show “Santa” a picture of it!!!!

    • Visual aids and hints work well with Santa as well. LOL

      Thanks for entering Wendy. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

      • Wendy Christidis

        thanks 🙂 Same to you and your family

  • Thanks to everyone entering. Due to tightened security, the majority of your comments (especially for guests) will need to be approved before they show here. Rest assured we have all your comments/entries.

  • Paula Harris

    Amelia Backpack – Hazelnut Gold would make travelling easier. Hoping Mt Agung stays quiet so we can actually go

    • Great choice, I’m leaning towards that backpack myself. Hoping you mange to get to Bali and have a wonderful holiday.

      • Paula Harris

        Oh me too 🙂 I must be the only person in Perth who hasn’t been to Bali (or Rotto hahaha)

  • Tracy Andreatta This would be perfect for a sneaky weekend away from the kids bag.

    • Great choice Tracy. Thanks for entering. Happy holidays!

  • Jessica Lee Simpson

    Isabella Evening Bucket Bag – Black Charcoal
    Bucket bags are perfect for every occasion and I’d take this one with me everywhere!

    • Heading over to case that bag now. Thanks for entering!

  • Karen Edwards

    I’m in love with the Brooke overnight bag in black to use as a nappy bag for baby number 4 my current bag just isn’t big enough or super stylish like this

    • It’s such a great bag. A bit like a tardis with how much you can fit in it. Congrats on baby number 4.

  • Michelle @ Jarrah Jungle

    A JB party at home? Now that could be dangerous!
    Id love the Amelia backpack because its named after my daughter and would make a great hands free baby bag! Ill be taking it to the shops for the after Xmas sales as like yours, my hubby has no idea what to buy me for Xmas so I think its best if he takes me shopping instead!

    • That’s a lovely name! If I ever get my act together and host a JB party at home, you will most certainly get an invite Michelle!

      Thanks for entering and great idea about taking hubby shopping in the sales. My hubby is allergic to sales just as much as shopping. LOL

      • Michelle @ Jarrah Jungle

        Id be up for that! Thank you 🙂

  • amandagorton

    The Georgia Cross Body Bag is a fabulous innovative design! Different from the ordinary square/rectangle shape it expresses my individuality completely. The holiday season season is filled with social events and I’m sure to stand out from the crowd accessorizing with bag like this!

    • Great choice. I’m loving cross body bags right now.

  • Maria

    The Mackenzie Shopper is gorgeous. Just the right size for work or to take shopping. Love the hazelnut colour.

    • I’m loving that colour too right now. Great choice.

  • Jane Baker

    I must get you to send me the link to the JB sales group on FB. I really could do with a new clutch and like you I love the gold and black print.

    • Not spending much time on FB right now but will send you the link via email soon.

  • Sally Bishop

    The wallet in pale dogwood? It looks pink or nude to me. Love the size of it. It would go everywhere with me this summer.

    • Great choice. Loving that colour right now, it works well with everything.

  • Courtney Delaney

    Avery clutch in black. Love the fringe. It would jazz up my LBD for New Years Eve.

    • If you love fringe then you will love this clutch.

  • Emma Strong

    Overnight bag, so I can have a night away. Either black or the black/gold.

    • The black and gold is currently sitting under the tree, after I purchased it for myself. I find myself now wondering if hubby may have also purchased one for me. His present doesn’t usually appear until Christmas morning.

  • Adeline

    Abigail tote to clutch in flame. Perfect for party season.

    • Great choice. You should also look at the Adeline, it pretty much has your name on it. LOL

  • Katherine Parker

    Amelia backpack in hazelnut. The perfect day tripper bag for my upcoming holidays.

    • I’m still deciding between that and the leopard print one. It’s a tough choice.

  • Katie Seaton

    Brooklyn overnighter in grey. For a bit of 50 shades of grey staycation action. 🙂

  • Tegan Parsons

    Rubika Kids in dogwood and rose gold. Would make the perfect gift for my little one.

    • We love our one. I’m using it more than my daughter is.

  • Donna S

    Any of the Rubika bags would make the perfect gift for my granddaughter.

    • Agree. Such cute bags and all make perfect gifts.

  • Sharlene

    Ruby cross body bag in buttercup. The perfect colour to add a pop to my summer wardrobe.

    • Off to have a look at that one myself. Thanks for entering.

  • Holly Jackson

    The zoe bucket bag in burgundy. I tend to need to take the everything, including the kitchen sink to work with me and this would be one stylish way to do it.

    • I love the burgandy that features in the latest collection. Great choice holly.

  • Just a quick reminder that we’ve tightened security on commenting here on AMC. It means that most of your comments, especially guest ones, will need to be approved by admin. Rest assured we have all your comments and entries.

  • Kylie R

    Savannah clutch in gold. Perfect for New Years eve celebrations.

    • Great choice Kylie. Thanks for entering and your ongoing support over the years.

  • Holly Jackson

    Brooke overnighter in black in hope that we will get a night away together without the kids soon.

    • Fingers crossed Holly. Hope you get that night away.

  • Bec Campbell

    Victoria mini tote in leopard, so I can bring some animal magnetism to date nights.

  • Bec Campbell

    Navy Sophia Clutch. I can’t get enough of Navy in my wardrobe and I love the look of this clutch.

    • I’m hoping to add a bit of Navy JB to my collection as well. Thanks for entering Bec.

  • Maxine D

    Scarlet laptop bag in hazelnut. It would double as my everyday bag and I would take it everywhere with me.

    • On my wish list too. Hopefully hubby gets his act together.

  • Cassie

    Cassidy saddle bag. It practically has my name on it. I can easily see this becoming my day to night, work to play, essential bag.

    • It practically does Cassie. Thanks for entering.

  • Leanne Day

    I would pick the Ellie rollover bag in the black and gold. It would be my party bag this summer.

    • Off to have a look at that one myself. Thanks for entering Leanne. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Breanna

    Grace wallet but I’m having trouble choosing which colour. Happy to be surprised if I’m lucky enough to win. If it doubles as a clutch, I would take it everywhere with me this summer.

    • If you do win, I will get you to pick the colour! Thanks for entering Breanna.

  • pauline

    I know its a kids bag but I would love to win the Faith kids bag in gold. I prefer a smaller bag for night time events and this would be perfect.

    • Nothing wrong with picking up a kids’ bag for yourself. I know I did.

  • Elle

    The Mackenzie Shopper Tote in black denim would be perfect for shopping all the sales with.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for entering Elle.

  • Charlie

    Rebecca box clutch in silver. I’m wearing white with silver trim for New Years and this bag would make the perfect accessory.

  • Tanya

    I really love the idea of the tote to clutch in the charcoal. I would take it shopping with me as a tote and out to dinner with the girls as a clutch. Perfect and the colour is divine.

    • It’s such a versatile bag. Thanks for entering Tanya.

  • KJ

    Nude clutch (Layla) would go with just about all my party dresses this summer.

  • Jasmine C

    Black Brooke over night bag for my next holiday. It can’t come soon enough this silly season.

    • Hello stranger. Glad to see your name in the giveaway mix again this year. Hope all is well.

  • Maree-Louise

    Andrea tote in white and chocolate would be the perfect summer bag for me.

    • I’ve been umming and ahhing about this bag myself. Great choice.

  • Sherrin G

    I’m crushing on the Lily clutch in the black and gold.

    • It’s a great clutch Sherrin. You’d be surprised at just how much you can fit in it.

  • Kaitlyn Ainsley

    spinx cross body bag in turquoise and silver to add a pop of colour to my summer wardrobe.

    • And it’s on sale right now. Love this bag. I’m normally one to stick to neutral or black but I’m slowly embracing a bit of colour in my wardrobe.

  • Brenda Walker

    Abigail tote in flame. No idea at this point where I would use it but the colour is amazing.

    • The colour is amazing as is the bag itself. Thanks for entering.

      • Also, lovely to see so many new faces this year. Make sure you head back and enter all our current giveaways. Most are ending tomorrow at lunch. With two kicking off this week that will run over the holiday period.

  • Oliva Grace

    For uni next year, the Abigail backpack in hazelnut.

  • Diane

    Brooklyn overnight bag in black, would be perfect for our summer holidays.

    • It certainly would. Thanks for entering Diane.

  • Lee S

    Selecting the overnight bag in black/gold for my mother. We are surprising her with a trip for her 60th birthday in February, this bag would make the perfect xmas gift.

  • Anne G

    Ava clutch gold for all the parties I’m hoping to attend over the holidays.

  • Ingrid Delaney

    Backpack in nude. I would take it with me on holidays.

    • Such a great bag for day trips or even carry on. Thanks for entering Ingrid.

  • I am torn there are so many beautiful bags. I think though the Brooklyn Overnight bag for my trips to the coast this summer.

    • Trips to the coast sound like fun. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • I’d love the Brooklyn Overnighter – I take a suitcase with me for my overnighters and would love to downsize. Runner-up prize to the Andrea Tote in white chocolate, because a) it’s gorgeous and b) IT SAYS CHOCOLATE SO OF COURSE IT’S AMAZING.

    • PS the images in your post didn’t load for me. Could be a fault at my end – just FYI. x

      • PPS I clicked on the banner and it looped back here. Sent the link to a friend who had the same problem. So I couldn’t do the banner part of the entry. x

        • That’s just so weird because it just shouldn’t do that. We’ve had a spike in traffic but still I’d suggest you would end up with a time out error rather than it looping back. Will be glad to have the new app next year. Or no app and just have people email entries. Now there’s a thought.

          The registration for this comp:

          but I have personally validated your entry.

  • Brook Marsh

    Tough decision. I have about 5 bags I NEED. On the top of the NEED list is the backpack in leopard and black. So very cool. I would take it everywhere with me.

    • I hear you on them being NEEDS rather than wants!

  • Kirsty P

    Having one of the JB Amelia backpacks in my hot little hands would really make my Christmas. What a gorgeous looking bag to have on my back while freeing up my hands. I live in the Perth CBD and have given up my car. No longer would it be a struggle to carry a load while walking, using public transport and boy would I look good! X