Disney on Ice presents Frozen

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Let it go, let it go….


Disney On Ice presents Frozen, kicked off its national tour in Perth on Friday night. My not so little family was invited to a special meet and greet before the show. We’ve been huge fans of Disney on Ice, over the years, so how could we let it go say no.


I’d love to be able to say we’ve seen all the shows but the truth is, we haven’t always lived in close proximity to Disney On Ice venues. There was the brief period where we resided in Wollongong and Sydney and of course now Perth. Oh, how I love Perth and the fact Perth Arena is just a 15 minute drive away and parking is a relatively painless exercise, if you head in early enough. Friday night was no different and parking at the venue was a flat fee of $20 for the night.


The meet and greet was a gorgeous photo opportunity with Elsa and Anna for a handful of fans before the show. Of course, when it came to the crunch, with my girls being older (16, 17 & 19) they refused to have their photos taken and I had to adopt another family respect that. Thankfully Trae from Where’s the Glow was in the right place at the right time and had her own little versions of Elsa and Olaf in tow and they weren’t so shy when it came to photos (you can see the photographic evidence cuteness over on Instagram).


Disney on Ice presents Frozen


When it came to the show though, it wouldn’t matter what age or level of Disney obsession you have, it’s hard not to be completely enchanted. Although I must admit, even with the wide grins on my girls’ faces, it was delightful seeing the little ones in the front row and either side of me really getting into the show.


Opening night for a show like Disney On Ice, is always going to have an air of anticipation but honestly so do most ice skating performances in general. Even more so when you’re seated behind what I’m assuming was the director and/or choreographer, with his head piece and notebook. While there seemed to be lots of note taking, there was a general delight and a whole lot of clapping throughout.


To me and I’m assuming the majority of the arena, the show went off without a hitch. The special effects were dazzling and the skating was utterly breathtaking. Having said that, there were two interesting moments with Kristoff and backflips. I’m not entirely sure if he landed the first one perfectly because he recovered so well but there seemed to be an element of added drama and a collective gasp throughout the arena. Honestly though, it was hard to tell if the landing was actually part of the act and in keeping with his character. Although, the second back flip seemed to be more flawless.


Like most Disney on Ice shows, Mikey, Minnie and friends hosted the event. There was also a brief appearance at beginning and end from a few Disney favourites before heading to a fantastical Frozen winter wonderland. Anna, Elsa and the lovable snowman Olaf were crowd favourites as were the never before seen characters of Grand Pabbie and the trolls, as well as the Marshmallow.


Disney On Ice presents Frozen


Now I must confess, I haven’t actually seen the film Frozen but surprisingly and much to my girls’ embarrassment, I seem to know all the words to all the songs. Much to my girls’ relief, broken ribs stopped me from singing along loudly on this occasion but I’ve had the tunes on replay in my head ever since. It was such an enchanting performance, I would be keen to head back to see another show before it closes here in Perth tomorrow, 5th June.




My broken ribs and 24th house move, mean I’ve completely missed the boat for a giveaway for the Perth shows but thanks to Disney On Ice presents Frozen, we have 4 tickets to GIVEAWAY to one lucky Melbourne Disney fan for the 7pm performance on Friday 7th July.


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You will need to register your details by clicking the giveaway button above and also let us know in the comments below your favourite Disney memory to be in the running!


For more information and to purchase tickets for Disney On Ice presents Frozen, head to www.DisneyOnIce.com.au


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  • Man, I wish I lived in Melbourne. I have always wanted to see Disney on Ice and as for the photo opps, you’re never too old for a Disney snap!

    • Couldn’t agree more… you are never too old for a Disney snap!

  • Thanks for all your entries so far. Due to tightened security on AMC most of our guest comments are needing to be approved before they will show here. Rest assured we have all your entries.

  • Carmel Corry

    Favourite Disney memory is watching the weekly series which was introduced by Walt himself! I learnt about animals in the wild as well as getting to see all the cartoons. Treasured family memory with my siblings at my side!

    • I wasn’t allowed to watch TV as a child, so I completely missed out on this. Off to lodge a complaint with my parents. LOL

      • Carmel Corry

        Our viewing time was strictly monitored but yes I’d lodge a complaint if I were you! 😉 I’m pretty sure my love of animals and the environment came about from watching the Disney documentaries

  • jonmic

    Cinderellas magical make over for the Ball….as a child i was transfixed!

    • It was a magical make over. Thanks for entering jonmic.

  • Renata Marchionna

    This is a tough prompt, all of my Disney memories are my favorites. Growing up they were all my favorite movies and TV shows, it was also one of the most exciting vacations of my childhood, and a highlight of my senior year in high school. I was even lucky enough to be able to go back two years later with some bros for spring break

    • I always wanted to go to Disneyland as a child. I remember all of my school friends going with their parents and was so envious.

  • Jane Baker

    The Mickey Mouse Club for me, which has me showing my age.

    • M.I.C.K.E.Y… Mouse… I’ve got that stuck in my head now. Thanks Jane.

  • Sharlene

    Taking my daughter to her first Disney On Ice. It was magical watching it through her eyes and perspective.

    • It’s definitely a more magical experience when you are with little ones.

  • Katherine B

    Seeing Peter Pan at the drive in with my gran.

    • I haven’t been to a drive-in, in years. I’m not even sure if they are around anymore.

  • Emma Strong

    The Disney On Ice that featured the Disney Princesses. It was years ago but that is still my favourite.

    • If it’s the performance I’m thinking of, I’m pretty sure we took our daughters to the Wollongong show.

  • Tegan Parsons

    The stage production of Beauty & The Beast. My favourite Disney show.

    • I have fond memories of that show too. Mainly as it was the first production I attended with my hubby.

  • Justine Mills

    I’m a huge fan of Beauty from Beauty in the Beast. It was the first Disney book that I read as a child. Still holds such fond memories for me.

    • I can’t remember the first Disney book I read. I may have to use that for the next prompt.

  • Sarah J

    My girls can’t get enough of frozen. It’s their first real experience with Disney. Would love to see the show.

    • Such a great show too Sarah. Even if you aren’t a full on Frozen fan.

  • Maree-Louise

    Sooo many great Disney memories. Have been to Disneyland several times. They are definitely the most magical moments.

    • I’m envious. I would love to go to Disneyland. Have never been.

  • SP

    Anything to do with Cinderella. It’s my favourite Disney film.

    • One of my favourite too SP. Thanks for entering.

  • Courtney Delaney

    Anything and everything FROZEN. Can’t get enough of it.

    • You will love this show then Courtney. Thanks for entering. Just make sure you register your email address on the link above to be in the running.

  • Sherrin G

    Singing and dancing along to the Mickey Mouse Club as a child. Take me back to those days.

    • I have that song stuck in my head now. Thanks for entering Sherrin.

  • Jasmine C

    Tough question. I’m a huge Disney fan with lots of favourite memories. My first trip to Disneyland stands out but so does the first time I took my little one to Disney On Ice in Melbourne.

    • I didn’t realise how tough a question it would be.

  • Holly Jackson

    Do I have to pick just one? Like everyone else I have too many great Disney memories. It is hard to choose one. I’ll choose the most recent instead which was Disney On Ice last year. Such a fab show. Not nearly enough Frozen for my little ones liking and we hoped they would go full on Frozen for this one.

    • I know. All of us Disney fans, have far too many great memories.

  • Megan Johnson

    All my Disney moments are memorable but my favourite is my daughter’s 3rd birthday where we had a Disney Princess theme. Too much cuteness.

    • Sounds all kinds of wonderful Megan. I bet your daughter was thrilled.

  • Alexandra G

    Man, I can’t wait for this to hit Melbourne. My girls will be over the moon. Any Disney moment with them is a favourite.

    • Not long to go now Alexandra. Thanks for entering. Just make sure you’ve also entered your email address on the link above to be in the running.

  • Hayley Marsh

    We went to Disneyland for my 30th birthday. It was a lifelong dream and full of my favourite Disney moments.

    • What a way to celebrate your birthday. So envious.

  • Tess Bell

    We already have tickets to this show but if I won, I would love to gift them to my friend who is doing it tough right now. They could do with some Disney magic. My favourite Disney moment includes a Mini Mouse toy left under the tree for me at Christmas. My parents way of telling me we were off to Disneyland.

  • Bec Campbell

    Dressing up as Elsa for my daughter’s birthday party. The look on her face was priceless.

  • Ros Mann

    Taking my niece to Frozen at the cinemas and watching her, hardly able to contain herself, singing along.

  • Breanna

    Favourite Disney on Ice memory was last year. It was our first time at Disney on Ice and we loved every single minute. Can’t wait to head back again this year. I have two little Frozen fans.

    • Your Frozen fans will love the show this year.

  • Cath Shephard

    I’m not in Melbourne but have family there and would love to enter on their behalf. My favourite Disney moment is with them as a child watching the Mickey Mouse club and then spending the entire weekend coming up with our own show which we would force on our parents.

    • Of course you can enter on their behalf. We select our winner later today.

  • Amy H

    I’ve never seen Disney on Ice. We’ve always lived too far away to make the trip. This year we are a lot closer and would love to win tickets to see the show.

    • Thanks Amy. Do you have a favourite Disney memory?

  • My favourite Disney moment was meeting Scott Irwin (who played Gaston in the stage show in the 90s). He was so, so, SO good that I was actually hoping Gaston would win Belle’s heart in that show. Talk about a plot twist!

  • A massive thanks to everyone that entered. In the end we had over 300 entries. Our winner has been emailed.