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Today, I’m super excited to be catching up with one of my fellow Aussie Giveaway Linkup Co-hosts, Felicity from The Baby Vine to chat about the business of blogging.


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How long have you been blogging and why did you start?


I started The Baby Vine when I was on maternity leave with my daughter, Cassandra (Cassie). I had previously worked in a national parenting magazine, and wanted to have a go at setting up my own educational website, offering insightful, fun and informative articles, while home with my daughter.


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Tell us a bit about your website/blog and what we can expect to see in the next 12 months?


My site aims to promote the community side of parenting. I want parents to have somewhere to go to find help from a variety of professionals in the field. At The Baby Vine you can expect well researched articles on a variety of parenting topics, and if you can’t find it, just ask!


We also run our expert of the month, giving you the opportunity to write in and have your parenting questions answered. This year there will be a big focus on bringing you some great play ideas, giveaways, and more and more articles on a diverse range of topics.



Do you have a favourite place or dedicated space for blogging?


Hahaha, just my lounge room couch. Often I am sitting out here, while Cassie is in her room napping. With the door open and a nice breeze coming in, it’s the perfect place to work.


Night time is when my best work gets done. This is the view I look at each day, it does inspire me to be a tidy person and clean up after Cassie before I settle down to work.





What are your must have tools and resources when it comes to blogging?


A good mothers’ group! Mine have been fabulous in offering article suggests and being there to bounce ideas off. A great team is also important – being able to rely on people who work for me makes all the difference. I am proud of the small team I have and can’t wait to see it grow.



Have you ever experienced blogger’s block and what are your top tips for when it strikes?


All the time. Normally it just involves me putting the laptop away and coming back at a later date. Some days I am just not in a writing mood, so on those days I focus on the other side of the website, the images and social media.



What have been your blogging highlights and biggest challenges?


Launching my site just over a year ago was the biggest highlight. It was seeing a month’s worth of dreams come to life in that moment and it felt fantastic. Other highlights have been watching my social media channels grow steadily over time, celebrating each win as it comes.


The biggest challenge has always been my to-do list. Since day one I have found there is always something I could be doing, whether it’s for my social media pages, blog writing, editing, etc., it can be hard to put the work down and learn to switch off.



Who inspires you and what’s on your Worth Casing list when it comes to other bloggers?


I try to follow as many bloggers as possible and have even teamed up with a few to do some posts. Some of my faves are:



What advice would you give to anyone that is thinking about starting a blog of their own?


Pick a theme or a topic to write on and go for gold. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back and just be who you want to be, people will love you for it.



If you weren’t in the business of blogging what would you be doing?


I still work part-time while blogging doing lots of SEO freelance work, and also acting as International Digital Marketing Manager for a new B2B marketplace: QualityTrade.



Can you share with us one of your favourite posts?


The play activities are the most fun to do for The Baby Vine . They have helped me become a creative person and allowed me to do lots of fun things with Cassie. It has been a win-win for me. One of my all-time favourites was our pasta play activity. Cassie had a ball and it was lots and lots of fun. Check it out here.



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Have you met Felicity? Can you relate to not being able to switch off?

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