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Thanks to Universal Pictures, we have FIVE in-season double passes to Manchester by the Sea up for grabs.


Movie ticket giveaway, Manchester by the Sea




In cinemas from February 2, Manchester by the Sea is a must see drama written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan. The film tells the story of the Chandlers, a working class family from Massachusetts.


After Lee’s (Casey Affleck) older brother Joe (Kyle Chandler) suddenly passes away, he is made the legal guardian of his nephew (Lucas Hedges). Lee is forced to deal with a tragic past that separated him from his wife Randi (Michelle Williams) and the community where he was born and raised.





To be in the running for one of five double passes to Manchester by the Sea, comment below letting me know where you feel most at home and why.



  • Entries close: 29/01/17 at 9pm (WST)
  • Game of skill
  • Five winners each receive a double pass
  • Open to Australian residents only
  • Winners will be notified by email
  • Winners have 48 hours to claim prize, otherwise a redraw will take place
  • Refer below for VOUCHER TERMS!


Tickets are not valid public holidays and Saturdays after 5pm. Not valid on cinema discount days or with any other offer. Tickets are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Not valid for mobile or online ticketing. Passes do not guarantee entry as seats are subject to availability. Tickets must be surrendered upon redemption.

Valid even with NO FREE TICKET restriction. Only valid at participating cinemas.


** We were gifted tickets for this giveaway **

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  • Ooh I love Michelle Williams! I feel most at home at my parent’s house strangely enough. I seem to be more relaxed and comfortable there than I am in my own home. Perhaps it’s because my parents are there to entertain the kids and mum spoils me 🙂 #teamIBOT

    • I’m a Michelle Williams fan too. I’m really looking forward to the advanced screening of this film tonight.

  • Did someone say Ben Affleck? Woot! I’m a bit of a chameleon and strangely enough, I feel at home wherever I am. For me the feeling of home, isn’t so much the place I’m in, but having some of my familiar things around me. Some creature comforts don’t go astray either 🙂

    • I’m much the same, especially when it comes to creature comforts. Probably something to do with moving 23 times. Although there are a couple of places I just don’t feel at home.

  • I so excited to see we finally have some good movies coming out. I felt there was a real lack of ‘good stuff’ at the end of 2016 and this month. Looking forward to seeing this one 🙂

    • I know. Far too many kid and action films for my liking.

  • Cannot wait to see it. Love Oscar season.

    I feel most at home by the sea myself. It is my sacred space and where I feel most alive, supported and free. The sound of waves, the open space and fresh air, sea glass and shells and unexpected treasures!

    • Apart from the first few years of my life, we’ve always lived near the sea. It feels like home to me too.

  • I feel most at home in the Aussie bush, it reminds me of my childhood. Listening to the birds, searching for rare wildflowers and enjoying the quiet.

    • I have smells from my childhood that make me feel home. I guess moving so often, from an early age means I don’t really have a place I associate with my childhood that feels like home to me.

    • Congratulations, you’ve won a double pass. Please email through your postal address, so we an get your pass in the mail to you. (

  • Reeva Cutting

    I feel at home at the beach! There’s something so calming about the sea and the sand. Although I do miss Cape Town, such a beautiful city. If I had to pick a city it would be Cape Town 🙂

    • Interesting. I don’t think I could pick a city. Having moved 23 times, I suppose home is always where I find myself now. It’s usually by the beach.

      • Reeva Cutting

        Oh I hear you! I’ve moved 15 times in the last 19 years, I think it was about the same before that. Longest I’ve ever been in one house was 4 years…it gets exhausting!

        • Yes, it is exhausting. Especially when you bring children and their emotions into the equation.

  • Bryan Rigby-Roberts

    I feel at home in the kitchen – I get very ‘zen’ when kneading dough and mixing batter. I’m sure my wife feels at home eating the results, too…

    • Have you always felt at home in the kitchen?

      • Bryan Rigby-Roberts

        Pretty much yeah, especially since the age of 10. After this point I was brought up by my grandma who instilled in me a love of baking and fresh cooking. I do miss her…

        • I miss my grandmothers and their cooking. It brings back such wonderful memories when I recreate their dishes. Certain smells always remind me of them.

  • deejay11

    The local markets in Darwin always make me feel at home – steamy heat, the perfect climate!

    • I lived in Darwin for a brief period when I was 18. Nothing like that heat.

  • Di

    Here, home, where the heart is, along with all our creature comforts.

  • Ern.

    At my Grans place. She goes all out to make people feel at home, and I guess having spent most of my youth there is why I feel most at home there. And the smell of her baking, she’s always baking, so comforting and homely.

    • I have smells that remind me of my grandmothers and make me feel at home. They were bakers too.

  • Jennifer B.

    Familiar, comfortable and loved are the requirements for me… I’m at home with my children and dogs under my vast, spreading peppercorn tree.

    • Would love to see a photo of your peppercorn tree!

  • I feel most at home…. at home. I’ve lived alone since 1991 and though I’m fine with people – am a huge introvert. I wrote a post once about aloneness vs loneliness, saying I sometimes felt the former but never the latter. But when I’m at home I always feel AT HOME.

    • Home alone sounds rather delightful to me. I’ve never actually lived alone. Apart from the month before my surprise wedding, when hubby was sent to sea with work for a month.

      I shared houses with friends before hubby moved in with me. We went on to have 3 under 3 kids and well now they are teens (about to turn 16, 17 & 18), I kind of feel like I’m back flatting again with them all, especially the eldest, coming and going.

  • Oh, I adore Michelle Williams!

    I feel most at home in the eastern beaches suburbs of Sydney. It’s where my husband and I first lived for quite a while and it holds a special place in my heart. I feel comfortable there.

    • I was a bit like that with North Sydney & Crows Nest, where I first lived with hubby (22 years ago). On our last trip back though, there seemed to be a change. Possibly in me but also the change in landscape.

  • Ros McFarlane

    I feel most at home in the Illawarra, as when I am down and need time to think I take a walk along the beach. The wind, breeze and walking bare foot is the way to go. At times we go as a family as it is good to be free

    • We lived in the Illawarra for a few years after I first met hubby. We moved there with his work and actually threw our surprise wedding on Austinmer beach. Such found memories. Work wise for hubby, it was kind of dead end though. Which saw us constantly moving, till we finally settled in Perth.

  • I feel most at home down south with my hubby and boys. The care free lifestyle, smell of the sea and peace.

    • When you say down south… is there a particular place? We are looking to do more exploring this year thanks to Mitsubishi and I’m rather fond of Denmark but looking for other suggestions.

  • I feel most at home when I’m relaxing at home – probably sitting with an ice cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a great book (currently The Girl on The Train).

    • I’m trying to find more time for reading this year. How are you finding The Girl on The Train?

    • Congratulations Johanna, you’ve won a double pass. Please email your postal address to

      • Woo Hoo! Thank you! How fantastic! Emailing you now!

  • Sarah Light

    I feel most at home surrounded by friends and family. After losing our house in Black Saturday, we realised that we could make a home anywhere as long as we had each other.

    • That’s so sad Sarah. Definitely something that would put everything else into perspective.

      • Sarah Light

        For sure. But we were fortunate that all of our family were safe. There were so many much worse off then us. I feel that it also brought us closer together.

    • Congratulations Sarah. You’ve won a double pass. Please email your postal address to

  • Sarah @sarahdipityblog

    I feel most at home when I am with my hubby and son- wherever they are is where home is

  • St Krishelyn Smith

    I feel most at home when I’m fishing. The soothing motion of the water, alone with my thoughts and immersing myself in the beauty of the beach.

    • I gosh, I use to love fishing. Especially late at night, when there is probably no chance of actually catching anything other than a cold.

  • Jade o

    My family’s farm in country Victoria, among the bush and wildlife, the perfect place to relax and unwind during the holidays, plus I always look forward to feeding the alpacas!

    • Oh gosh, my mother had alpacas as well. She use to make my hubby help shear them when we would visit. They are nice animals from afar. Close up you end up wearing green slime and needing stitches (true story) when they head butt you.

  • Olivia Oh

    In bed in my PJ’s with a kindle and a platter of cheese and bowl of ice-cream on my bedside table.

  • Katrina Stubbs

    I feel most at home in a book store I love reading and being surrounded by books is like being with family and best friends

    • There’s something about the smell of a book store that does it for me.

      • Katrina Stubbs

        it would be good if we could bottle it 🙂

  • Lara Daebritz

    Even though Im a 48 year old mother myself ( with my own home), I still feel most at home at my parents’ house – cups of tea in the morning, early nights, dinners cooked….

    • I would love cups of teas in the morning and dinners cooked. Not so sure about the early nights, I’m kind of a night owl. 🙂

  • TeganMC

    I feel most at home curled up in bed with a good book.

    • What are you reading now Tegan? I’m determined to make more time for reading books, especially ones that aren’t business related this year.

      • TeganMC

        I’m reading a fair bit of fantasy stuff at the moment. I’ve just finished The Reliquary. It’s a bit drug lords meets magic.

  • Tailor

    I feel most at home – at home, where my family is, where my memories are, where my garden grows. It’s my magic on earth.

    • You’ve just reminded me that I really need to do something about our garden, especially in terms of fruit and veg. I’ve been putting it off because we are in temporary accommodation. Now we are looking at building, so will be here for a lot longer than first expected and there’s no excuse not to establish a garden, we can hopefully take with us.

  • I’ve created an escape room, child free, pet free (if you ignore the british bulldog snoring from the wing chair). It’s British themed and reminds me of my Grandmother. I escape to this room, this is where I feel at home, safe, secure and relaxed surrounded by nostalgic childhood memories.

    • Sounds wonderful. I had something similar in our previous home. Our formal lounge, dining and office were my domain. I’m hoping to get back to having something of my own in our next house.

    • Congratulations ZippyZappyLife you’ve won a double pass. Please email your full name and postal address asap (

      • Thank you MC how very exciting, I’ve really been wanting to see this movie. 🙂

  • Maria Parenti-Baldey

    I feel most at home on our old armchair on our timber verandah — three parts of the way around; looking out onto the rainforest, sipping my hot cup of tea, with a laptop on my lap — writing. From 7am on the weekends, all is silent in the morning. It’s about 22C, crisply fresh. This is before the sun crests our mountain blessing the surrounding greenery with shade. Loved reading the others. It really shows we should care about ourselves. Thank you. Great conversation.

    • Your part of the world sounds all kinds of wonderful. We lived near a hidden rainforest, at one point, growing up and had so many great adventures there. It was about ten minutes walk from home and you could easily spend the day getting lost there attempting to find the resident platypus.

  • Hayley

    Relaxing at home on the lounge reading a good magazine. My home is my sanctuary filled with love, comfort, warmth and security.

    • I’m hoping to find that sort of home sanctuary in our dream home. We hopefully start building soon.

  • Eva Kiraly

    I feel at home in my bedroom, in my house, in a little community by the beach, in a town that’s close to the city, that’s where my family is!

  • Liking the refeshed site…the colour pops are awesome. I am most at home….where I am with my husband. No place has ever quite felt like home although I have a great fondness for the years growing up near Manly. But that place is memories now. What has not changed is my need for a loving person (thanks hub of 46 years) and shelter which is comfortable and I have some of my ‘musts’ near! They would be wifi, computer, phone and books.

    • Thanks Denyse. Slowly working on the make over here. Still a little bit of work to be done before it’s looking exactly right.

      I’m much the same with feeling at home with my hubby. We met in Crows Nest of places.

  • amandagorton

    I feel most at home right in the suburb where I live……..its friendly chats with the neighbours, bumping into people I know when shopping, its the businesses I go to regularly where I am greeted by name, it being surrounded by my best friends. Its all these things and I am sure more that make me feel welcome in the place I call home!

  • Harry Varvaressos

    From the age of six the place I have always felt at home is the cinema. I feel privileged to possess a passion that peers have come to define me by, a lens through which I involuntarily perceive everything- this passion is cinema.
    At 6, “Edward Scissorhands” sent me into a stratospheric degree of ecstasy, by 7 Jacques Tati became my favourite director, and by nine, I was anticipating Christmas only because Wes Anderson’s latest was out on the 26th. But watching films was not enough, I became obsessed with knowing everything about them. I would trawl through volumes of cinema history, marvelling at the pictures – from the gaunt, spectral figure of Max Schreck in Nosferatu, the maschinenmensch of Metropolis, the single painted eyelash of Alex DeLarge, the brusque slouch of Bogart, the rogue brooms from Fantasia; they all ensured my brain’s capacity was submerged with an obsessive desire to be know more and more and more, even if I was too young to understand most of the films whose actors, directors, and images I could recall with precision. So enveloped was I that I began drawing posters (despite not knowing how to draw) of all the movies I saw, and between the ages of seven and fifteen, I filled fourteen 120 page art books, double-sided. I even wrote film reviews religiously and would display them eagerly to my family. As I started to learn piano, and sing, my interest in music was filtered through film also. I would work out arrangements of songs on the piano based on musical score I adored in certain films,
    Film is a gateway for empathy, an all -inclusive, infinitely diverse means by which to connect with others, thus a red chair, seated comfortably close to that glorious screen, will always be my home.

    • What a wonderful way to be and from such an early age.

  • Jenni Hoad

    Out in the great Australian Outback, sitting still listening to nature.

    • There’s nothing like listening to nature and switching off for a bit.

  • Hugo Foong

    I feel most at home in the water; most blissfully at the local waterhole at Balmoral Beach during the balmy summery mornings when the mornings are full of promise and invigorating life.
    About 100 feet from the shore, a boardwalk runs the perimeter if the beach in a semi circle; I venture out into the ocean with a flock of swimmers 2km out into the blue haze and back.
    The waters are still and warm, the atmosphere is mild and mellow. I can hear rustle of palm trees swaying in the breeze while the aroma sweet Frangipanis fill the air.

    • I have such fond memories of Balmoral Beach. Haven’t been there in over twenty years though. I suspect there have been a few changes?

  • Jane Baker

    It’s certain parts of Sydney for me. Places that connect me to my childhood and upbringing. Places that hold a special place in my heart.

    • We lived in Crows Nest for a couple of years. It is where I first met my hubby. Such great memories.

  • Donna

    Home, home on the range where the kids and the animals play. Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy or grey.

    • LOL too funny. I was forced to learn that song, well not your variation, as a child, having guitar lessons with the nuns.

    • Congrats, our judges liked your musical take on this one. Please email your postal address to