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Why I’m telling everyone to get LOADED and have a merry and bright Christmas with my latest and last GIVEAWAY for 2016!


Christmas Gingerbread Tree


If you play along with my antics on Instagram, you would know that on Wednesday I celebrated the 17th anniversary of giving birth for the second time. In other words, my second child turned 17. Apart from celebrating with a stack of gifts (for her not me), we ventured out for a day of delights. Sharing some of my favourite people, places and products here in Perth with my gorgeous daughter.


While the majority of our day of delights needs to remain under wraps, I’ve been given permission by Miss now 17 to share one of the real highlights. Our start to the day. Brunch.


Not any old brunch though. A fully loaded brunch at an espresso bar (Rise & Grind) that is also home to Perth gingerbread. Where after enjoying a leisurely meal, we managed to do a little Christmas shopping and pick up a prize or two for my latest and last giveaway for 2016.




Before I say too much about my favourite spot to brunch in this part of Perth, you need to race over and start following Rise & Grind Espresso Bar on Facebook. They have a special offer for their FB fans that ends soon. If you are a local foodie, who likes to indulge, I’m guessing you will want in on this particular offer. I know I did!


Aside from their special offer, they also serve up the best coffee from 6.30 am (although it might actually be earlier now that summer is upon us) and do an all day breakfast. Since moving which means I’m no longer within walking distance, I’ve been known to drive over and grab my coffee as my post walk treat.


I think getting the exercise out of the way first, helps keep the blinkers on, or justify my love of indulging when it comes to the insanely delicious food on offer both from the set menu and the display cabinet of treats, all made in-house. The blinkers do come off on occasion and I do like to host client meetings here when I get the chance.


Rise & Grind are also known for their specialty gingerbread. Especially their trees and houses, which always feature in some way on my Christmas table. They really are great centre pieces for your Christmas table and also make perfect Christmas gifts. The houses come with a little mystery treat inside as well and you know me, I love a good mystery and we all love, love, love top quality gingerbread in this house.






We also love indulgent food when it comes to celebrating anniversaries and birthdays. On this occasion, we opted for freak shakes of epic proportions and to share the Salted Caramel Brioche French Toast. All from the set menu and all meals in their own right.









It’s the delectable menu and special treats coming out of the kitchen at Rise & Grind, that I believe prompted proprietors Ben Proposch & Kristen Watts to release LOADED, an obscenely indulgent sweet and savoury recipe book, which is loaded with drool worthy, cheat day treats, that you can now attempt yourself at home.  They’ve even included some of their in-house special recipes such as their divine R & G gingerbread and R & G hot sauce.


With over 70 recipes on offer, it’s hard to know where to start with this recipe book. I was tempted, very tempted to approach this one as a bit of a family challenge, attempting each and every recipe in the book. Given all recipes are incredibly indulgent and my cheat days are few and far between, it would probably take me 5 years if not more to get through all of them.


My family of foodies, who don’t have the diet restrictions I do, are as keen as gourmet mustard to give all the recipes a go and who am I to stop them. I’m assuming for the next few weeks, while everyone is home for the holidays and keen to cook up a storm, you will find me drooling, trying not to kill them for overindulging in front of me.


I’ll also be photographing every bite because… photos or it didn’t happen and what better way to torture my family, while they are torturing me, than have them wait while I take photos of their food. Right?



I’ve suggested we start here…


  • Brie and Bacon Cupcakes
  • Crispy Chicken Waffles
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Scones
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Salad
  • Nutella lava cookies
  • Bourbon Slow Cooked Ribs


LOADED retails for $25 and can be purchased in-store or online {HERE}. It would make a great last minute Christmas gift for your foodie family members and friends.






Thanks to Rise & Grind, we have two LOADED recipe books up for grabs.


COMMENT BELOW… letting me know if you prefer sweet or savoury and why you need this book in your life!

  • Ends 31/12/16 (WST 9pm)
  • Game of skill
  • Two winners
  • Open Australia Wide
  • Bonus prize if the winners selected are following @riseandgrindespressobar on Instagram!


Also keep an eye on our Instagram feed (@agentmysterycase) over the weekend for a short but super sweet Rise & Grind giveaway for our local friends. And for more ways to WIN this Christmas, head over and case our Aussie Giveaway Linkup







Not sponsored. No affiliate links. Rise & Grind have very generously donated prizes for this giveaway.

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