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Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival, which kicked off in Perth this week to the delight of Disney fans young and old.  I should know, I’m most certainly one of them.


Disney on Ice Perth

I must confess, it’s been over 11 years since we last attended a Disney on Ice performance as a family. It was at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre in 2004, for Disney Princess Classics. What a show. We were seated in the nose bleed section because tickets back then weren’t as affordable as they are now. I admit we may have needed better vision or binoculars to really appreciate the skating technique in those seats but what was clear from the outset, Disney know how to do spectacular that resonates with the masses and my family love Disney on Ice.


Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival


Even though my girls are now so much older and this is typically a show aimed at a much younger audience, they were all surprisingly super keen to attend. Their keenness didn’t equate to dressing up or singing along, so I may look to adopt a much younger family if I decide to head back before it closes on Monday. And yes… I’m considering heading back. Dressing up even, because Love is an Open Door and as far as I’m concerned… a Disney on Ice spectacular.


Just going on audience perception, taking into account the jumping up and down in their seats factor, there were two standouts for this performance.


The first took us Under the Sea with The Little Mermaid, a visually spectacular performance, where it was hard not to be captivated by Sebastian the Crab’s energetic performance or be swept away with Ariel’s impressive aerial acrobatics, high in the air when the mermaid found her legs.


The Little Mermaid | Disney on Ice Magical Ice Festival

The second standout will come as no surprise given half the audience were dressed the part for Frozen. It kind of left me wondering why Disney went with the current line-up and didn’t just bend to popular demand and call it Disney on Frozen Ice.


Two complete hours dedicated to Frozen would certainly appeal to the younger audience members but I think the current line-up actually appeals to a much wider demographic. Something for all generations young and old. Enough Frozen to satisfy the masses but not too much to tip the poor parents, that have been force fed it of late, over the ‘let it go’ edge.


As it was, the show line-up included four Disney films. The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Frozen. All condensed into bigger than bite sized dishes, providing audiences with an almost, all you can feast on 2-hour buffet. And what a feast it was, ending with a super sized Frozen dessert.


M.I.C.K.E.Y  M.O.U.S.E…


For me, who is rather old school, it was Beauty and the Beast, followed very closely by (don’t hold it against me) the Mickey Mouse Club component of the production. Which is basically how the show started. Four iconic Disney characters (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck) our hosts for this magical Disney journey with a talented troupe of back up ice skaters.


Disney on Ice Magical Ice Festival | Beauty and the Beast

Speaking of the skating element to the show. Completely mesmerising. There were no falls or mishaps on the ice on this occasion and you weren’t really left with the expectation that there might be, like one experiences when watching ice skating at the Olympics. There were a couple of really tiny moments that had me second guessing if a skater had just saved themselves from a small fall or if it was in fact part of the show and the performance. For the most part though, the performances were seamless, captivating and a real testament to the performers and their world-class skating abilities.


Which brings me to Tangled the Disney film that brings the story of Rapunzel to life. I’m not entirely convinced there was enough, if any, letting of the hair down. Don’t get me wrong, I was still enchanted by the performances, I just didn’t think the condensed Disney on Ice version kept true enough to the story for this particular one. Something that possibly boils down to trying to fit so much Disney magic into so little time.


LET IT GO… because love is an open door


Disney on Ice Magical Ice Festival | Frozen

I must confess, I somehow missed the entire ‘Let it Go’ Frozen movement. My girls are a tad older, get to make their own decisions when it comes to movies and generally head off to the cinema with friends. So I haven’t actually seen the movie or listened to the song in its entirety. Which means, I was probably the only adult at Perth Arena on Saturday morning that didn’t actually know all the words to ‘Let it Go’ or cringe in anticipation of that particular song.


As the realistically looking fake snow started to fall, I may have started singing “let it snow, let it snow” and found myself wishing I was part of the front row action. With the little ones and their parents, not too far behind, nudging closer to the action by the snowdrop.


Oddly enough, I belted out ‘Love is an open door’ for a good 30 seconds before my girls gave me the ‘act your age, not your shoe size… you’re about to be disowned’ look. Of course their looks of disapproval only fueled the fire. There’s something about that song that makes me want to hop in my car with a bunch of bloggers and start lip syncing my heart out.  {To all my blogger friends… I’m keen if you’re keen}


My girls, although older thoroughly enjoyed the entire show. While they weren’t jumping up and down in their seats or singing along, like myself & the under 10s in the audience, they were certainly singing, dancing and cheering on the inside.


IN REVIEW (hints, tips and more):


Allow extra time for parking and cloaking your prams (if you decide to bring them).


Don’t be alarmed by the huge lines outside, once they get flowing, they tend to move pretty quickly.


Once inside you’ll need money and time to peruse the merchandise area. It’s extensive, slightly expensive and hard to say no to.


It’s a 2 hour show with a brief intermission. Eat and drink before you head in and then head somewhere nice for lunch afterwards (if seeing the morning show), rather than fork out a fortune for snacks at the venue. At the Perth venue, bottles of water are $5 and I believe that’s one thing you can’t actually take from home and through the security check. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m also led to believe you are allowed to take your own snacks (within reason).


Keep in mind this is ultimately a performance targeted and adored by small children. So you may need to put up with having your seat kicked constantly and being hit in the head with wands and other merchandise purchased before the show. Some of this merchandise flashes brightly like a burning in the back of your eye strobe in the dark. If you’re prone to headaches/migraines it can be rather in your face.


Pick your plus ones wisely! This show is for all ages; so don’t feel you need to borrow a friend’s small child to attend if you don’t have one of your own. Your experience is probably going to be on a completely different level and a lot more fun though, if you do have a little Disney fan with you, especially if you are sitting front row. So many little ones couldn’t contain themselves to their seats throughout the show and it was an absolute delight to watch.


If you take teens with you (like me) and feel like belting out a song or jumping up and down in your seat, be prepared to be disowned. If you bring your Disney hoe hum hubby along for the ride, be prepared for them to be on their phones catching up on the sport occasionally (not mine of course but I did notice a few in the crowd).




Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival. A jam-packed show overflowing with the magic factor that we’ve come to know and expect from Disney on Ice!


Currently in Perth until Monday 6 June before heading to:


  • Adelaide Entertainment Centre 10 – 13 June
  • Wollongong- WIN Entertainment Centre 16 – 19 June
  • Brisbane Entertainment Centre 23 – 27 June
  • Melbourne- Rod Laver Arena 1 – 5 July
  • Newcastle Entertainment Centre 8 – 10 July 
  • Sydney- Allphones Arena  13 – 17 July




©Disney. All Rights Reserved





Thanks to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival I have a fabulous prize pack up for grabs for our Melbourne readers:


  • 4 tickets to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festivalin Melbourne on Sunday 3rd July, 6pm (valued at $194)
  • 2 merchandising bags (valued at around $80)


To be in the running to WIN this fab prize pack, please comment below letting me know who your favourite Disney character is and why!



  • Entries close 24/6/2016 at 8 pm (EST).
  • One entry per person.
  • This is a game of skill.
  • Entries are judged by a mystery third party.
  • Winner must be able to attend the Melbourne performance on 3/7/2016 at 6pm.


Tickets available through Ticketek. For more information and to view a clip from the show visit


I was gifted tickets for my family to see the show. All opinions, crazy jumping up and down in my seat and really bad singing during the show (that may or may not have annoyed my teen daughters) are as always 100% my own.

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  • My favourite Disney character WAS Tinkerbell. But only because my father used to call my niece (his only grandchild) ‘Tinks’. He was a lover of nickhames. I was ‘snugs’ and my brother (inexplicably) ‘fattummy’. I made sure I referenced this habit in the eulogy I wrote for his funeral – read by my brother.

    Interestingly my niece was a HUGE Disney fan and is in fact now working over at Shanghai Disney which opens in a week or so. I’m not allowed to say what it is she does or WHO she is but…. well… (it’s not Tinkerbell, but…)

    • How interesting for your niece. Can’t wait to hear more. Will you head over and see her perform?

      So sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. I’m sure the eulogy was heartfelt.

  • I know my daughter would love this so I might have to make some magic happen this week and take her along next week when it’s here in Adelaide

    • Hoping you get to make the magic happen. Report back if you do, would love to hear how you found it.

  • I used to take my daughter to Disney on Ice in Sydney back when she was a pre-schooler. I’m not sure I ever took my son though. Hmm. Not sure why. He just wasn’t as interested in live shows as she was. She still is! Disney never do anything by halves … it’s always a great show.

    • Such a great show. I suppose a lot of the Disney characters in this one appeal more to females rather than males. I know my nephew wouldn’t have gone to this and admitted to enjoying himself but I think that’s just him. I spotted just as many little guys getting into the performance as girls.

  • Katherine Parker

    Would love to win tickets for my family for the Melbourne show. My favourite Disney character is Sleeping Beauty. It was the first movie my nan took me to see at the cinema and the start of a long running tradition until she died last year.

    • Thanks for entering Katherine. Sorry to hear about your nan but what a love tradition. Hopefully something you can carry on with your family.

  • Heather A

    I’m like you with Beauty and the Beast but not sure I’d go so far as to call myself ‘old school’. Was it true to the original story? Regardless can’t wait to see the show. I’m not sure why Belle is my favourite Disney character or that particular film resonates with me more than others. It just does.

    • It was more a highlight reel, there just wasn’t enough time for much else.

  • Sharlene

    My youngest daughter loves Elsa (my favourite character by default) and I think I deserve to win the prize pack (if not more) for the amount of times I’ve had to watch Frozen.

    • I’m really going to have to watch the film. It’s a long weekend here in Perth, so perhaps tomorrow.

  • Kylie R

    Damn, not in Melbourne. Will you have a giveaway for the Sydney show?

    • Not at this stage Kylie but tickets start from just $43ish. I also run the Aussie Giveaway Linkup, so keep an eye on that page. A Sydney blogger may link up during the month.

  • Ben Farnsworth

    Yes please for Melbourne, what a school holiday treat for my kids.
    My kids and I like Snow White as she is kind and caring and the kids love her singing.

    • It would make a fab school holiday treat Ben. Thanks for entering.

  • Yvonne ‘von’ Ryan

    my favourite Disney character is Cinderella, such a beautiful story. Even as an adult l still love Cinderella and my granddaughters and l have watched it so many times and we are always in aww

    • Thanks for entering Yvonne. My girls are all fond of Cinderella as well.

  • kookla123

    Belle is the one I adore
    A book-lover, with kindness galore
    And what’s more, you’ll discover
    She doesn’t judge a book by it’s cover!

    • Lovely entry kookla123.

      • kookla123

        Thanks so much, fingers are crossed xx

  • Natalie Land

    My favourite Disney character is probably Belle. I love how she is up for adventure and falls in love with the ugly beast.

    • My favourite too Natalie. Thanks for entering.

  • Mel

    Would love to win these for my girls but if there is an emphasis on Frozen, I may send hubby with them. My fav is Ariel. I would love to be a mermaid for the day.

    • You are going to love Ariel’s performance in this one.

  • Jane Baker

    In Sydney but I have family in Melbourne, two nieces. Would love to enter and win it for them. They both love Disney and Disney on Ice. I adore Alice in Wonderland. It’s the escapism of falling down the rabbit hole and having a wonderful adventure.

    • Thanks Jane. You can definitely enter on behalf of your nieces.

  • Vanessa Connor

    I’ve never been to Disney on Ice. Guess that’s what happens when you have boys. Well, I suppose I could take them but I basically can’t be arsed is what I’m saying lol

    • I would think Disney on Ice would appeal to boys as well. More than some of the more girly films.

  • Katie Seaton

    Peter Pan because wouldn’t it be lovely to have an excuse to never grow up.

    • It would be lovely Katie. Thanks for entering.

  • Donna S

    I don’t have a favourite, I love them all. Not in Melbourne but will be front row at the Sydney show.

    • Enjoy Sydney Donna, especially front row. It’s definitely worth spending that little bit extra to sit front row if you have little ones or even if you don’t. Make sure you pop back and let me know how you found it.

  • Di

    Tiana – a gorgeous girl from deep down South (a place where I’d love to live too) and she adores frogs…….so do I!

    • I really need to brush up on all the Disney characters. There are so many fab ones.

  • Ern

    Rapunzel. Sucker for a girl with longer than long hair 😉

    • I think I could easily be Rapunzel. So keen to let my hair down, especially at a Disney on Ice festival.


    Tod & Copper, the most adorable best friends that ever were.

  • Dianne Childs

    Haha, yep my hubby would be playing Clash of Clans on his phone I reckon lol. Not entering, good luck to everyone though!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • The dad in front of me was on his phone the entire show. It kind of made me wonder why he went in the first place. His wife and small child were definitely more into the show and must have purchased every single flashing piece of merchandise there was.

  • Andrea M

    I’m a huge Minnie Mouse fan. Have been collecting memorabilia since I was little and now my daughter is doing the same for Frozen.

    • My youngest use to be into Minnie, I’m not actually sure what became of her collection. I think it ended up in a glory box after one of our moves and hasn’t resurfaced since.

  • KJ

    Gosh, so many saying they wouldn’t take their boys to see this. What is wrong with people? Seriously, it is time we stopped the gender appropriate blue and pink crap.
    I have a little boy and will be taking him to the Melbourne show regardless of if we win tickets or not. If he wants to dress up, I’m not going to stop him.
    I adore Frozen, so it would be Anna or Elsa for me.

    • I don’t think it is a gender thing here, more just some kids aren’t into Disney on Ice as others.

      Thanks for entering KJ, best of luck.

  • Sarah

    Elsa, Elsa, Elsa because I can’t get enough of Frozen. I can’t wait to see Disney on Ice when it comes to Melbourne. I don’t have children but still really want to see the show and I’m sure I could find 3 friends to take with me.

    • Sarah… you need to Let it GO. LOL just kidding. Thanks for entering.

  • Justine Mills

    Cinderella, it was one of my favourite books growing up.

    • Interestingly I have two younger sisters and always secretly referred to them as my ugly step sisters.

  • Angela

    The Beast from Beauty and the Beast because in a weird kind of way I can relate to the message of the show and more the beast than the beauty.

  • Denyse Whelan

    You have stirred memories in me now! I took my now older teen grandkids to see Disney on Ice at the (now demolished) Ent Cent in Sydney in 2006. I enjoyed it too but not the price of the paraphernalia on sale. Interestingly both granddaughters eventually performed at the same place for a number of years in NSW Schools Spectacular!

    • Oh gosh has the Sydney EC been demolished. Clearly I didn’t get to that part of town when in Sydney. Where is it now? At the same place or somewhere different?

  • Anne M

    This probably isn’t what you mean but my favourite Disney character is the fairy godmother in Cinderella. I could do with a fairy godmother and a magic wand.

    • Completely what I mean Anne. Any Disney character, doesn’t have to be one included in this production or a major character if that is what you are meaning?

  • I wish I had gotten tickets for my little girl. I will definitely get them next time. It looks wonderful

    • We will have to go together for the next one Julie.

  • Pick me! Pick me! My fave characters are the sisters from Frozen. I love that Ana doesn’t bat an eyelid when her sister goes bat shit crazy and starts turning everything to ice, she just hunts her down and tells her that she loves her. I also love that when the price turns out to be a total dick Ana gives him a big old punch to the face. Sisters rule boys drool!

    • There was huge gasps from the younger audience members when the sisters made it onto the ice for this production. Can you believe I haven’t actually seen the film? If I have a couple of hours to myself next weekend, I’m planning on finally watching it.

  • Susan M

    No, PICK ME!! My favourite character, Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, especially with Mr Depp in that role.

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I love Disney on Ice – they put on such an awesome show!

    • They really do. Can’t wait for the next one. I wouldn’t mind seeing if I can kill a few birds with one stone and head to Melbourne when it is on there.

  • Tegan Parsons

    Belle from beauty and the beast my favourite Disney film because I love a fairy tale ending.

  • Gee, I wish I lived in Melbourne! I am a sucker for all things Disney and despite the fact that there are no children in this house, Frozen: the sing-a-long version is on high rotation in this house.

    • OMG is there a sing-a-long version. That would eventually become rather painful if you had little ones but I’m tempted to get it to annoy the teens this weekend and invite a few friends over. They all had sleep overs here last weekend, so I’ve told them this weekend is my turn.

      • The singalong version is the BEST!

        • I’m sure my whole family are going to love it or think I’ve gone mad. Now what on earth are you doing up at (my time 1am) your time 3am? Or are you still travelling and more on my time?

          • Jet lag? Whatevs, I’m sitting here in my Frozen pyjamas (for real.) Off to Sleepy Town soon…

          • I’m sitting up in my active gear that gets more use as PJs, listening to each and every noise, wondering if it is another intruder. Night. x

          • Another intruder? Did you have one before?

          • Yes, on Saturday night. All a bit weird and unnerving. All explained on yesterday’s Worth Casing Wednesday post.

  • Amber

    A tale as old as wine… wish these tickets could be mine because I love Beauty and the Beast.

  • Emma Strong

    Ariel because she has a lovely voice and is adventurous, optimistic and never gives up easily.

  • My favourite Disney character is Eglantine Price. She’s a witch! A good one! She takes on three evacuated children during the war even though she doesn’t really want to, serves it up to the fraud who promised her a magical education and didn’t deliver the final lesson, travels on a bed to an animated land, and then sends the Nazis packing! SHE IS SERIOUSLY AWESOME.

    • Just goes to show there are so many Disney characters I just don’t know a thing about. I’m going to have to track this one down and watch.

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    We went to Disney on Ice last year, and it was fabulous. The girls loved every minute and yes, we did pay for overprice merchandise!! They have seen the ads for this year and have begged, but alas were giving it a miss this year (considering it’s a five hour drive!). Good luck to those entering though, great prize!

    • A five hour drive in school holidays might be worth considering? Mine were always good in the car though.

  • I would love to take my littles to this when it hits Melbourne, miss 5 is Frozen obsessed.
    My fave Disney Princess would have to be Rapunzel, mostly because of her awesome frying pan fighting skills, and because I really wish I had glow in the dark hair ?

    • Oh gosh how cool would glow in the dark hair be, or any hair (other than mine) right now. My latest meds have me contemplating cutting my hair off and embracing the 90% grey factor.

  • tanya clarke

    We love Mickey, he’s so grouse,
    he’s our favourite little mouse,
    gentle and caring, creative to boot,
    Mickey Mouse is oh so cute!

    • Very cool entry Tanya. Thanks and lots of luck.

  • deadgoon

    Goofy – he’s a loyal friend and always himself

  • I keep an eye out for each show to see what is coming up. I remember going as a child and can’t wait to take my kids along!

    • It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I first experienced Disney on Ice. Such a magical experience. No matter what age you are.

  • Katherine B

    I love them all. Huge Disney on Ice fan. Have been to all the shows. My favourite movie is Peter Pan. All to do with the magic.

  • Simone T

    Alice in Wonderland. The older versions not the latest ones. It reminds me of my days spent daydreaming and wishing I was Alice as a child.

  • oldfellow

    Donal Duck, you cant understand what he says, he gets into trouble a lot of times, but you cant help love him

    • He does tend to get himself into trouble. A lovable character all the same.

  • Stephanie

    Full of life, and bursting with positive energy the Genie from Aladdin is my favourite. Imagine having a BFF that grants your every wish? One thing’s for sure, you ain’t never had a friend like Genie!

  • Nelly

    Oh to see Disney on ice
    Would be rather nice!
    Ariel, Mickey, Donald, Elsa and Anna to name just a few.
    But to see Rapunzel would be a dream come true.
    Not only does she have long golden locks and a pretty face,
    She is brave and full of grace

  • Nassep

    Mickey Mouse – as I am a proud member still