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This week, I’m knee deep in school holidays shenanigans here in Perth. I’m also trying to come to terms with my the 1950/60s Fahrenheit oven in our temporary accommodation. It’s practically impractical and I’ve completely lost my cooking mojo. My girls’ lunch boxes are suffering as a result.


Given we are here for at least 12 months while we sort the sale of our NSW property, I thought it was high time, I learnt to love the oven we are stuck with.


With three teens more than capable of coming to the party in the kitchen, especially when it comes to lunch boxes and quick and easy meals, I’ve been busy casing one of my favourite mummy food bloggers Kylie from Kidgredients for inspiration.


I thought the school holidays might be a great time for us to band together (code for leave them to it and hope for the best) in order to get back on track in the kitchen starting with some home baked treats.




So while my girls are busy casing recipes and cooking up a storm, I’ve been busy catching up with Kylie the talented blogger behind Kidsgredients to discuss the business of blogging.


Kylie loves cooking homemade family meals with whole foods as well as teaching her kids (Miss 5 and Master 3) about food and cooking. Her blog is an interesting mix of kids, family foods and amazing lunches. The perfect place to head when (like me) you’ve completely lost your cooking mojo and you’re looking for inspiration.



How long have you been blogging and why did you start?


I’ve been blogging since September 2014. I officially resigned from my job (I’d been on maternity leave for four years) and decided I needed something to do. Blogging was the perfect choice as I really wanted to share the meals that I make for my family. I also wanted something that I could do around family commitments and during my own time. I didn’t realise it would help to build friendships with like minded people and that I would be joining such an awesome supportive community.



Tell us a bit about your blog and what we can expect to see in the next 12 months?


I blog about kids and family foods. I’m getting a bit of a name for myself as a crazy lunch box lady as I love Bento style lunches and making food fun. The next 12 months you’ll find more exciting recipes, lots of ideas for getting kids eating good food and also more “out and about posts” as I’m going to build that section of the blog up.


As an ex teacher I’m also keen to do more cooking with kids posts as I think they really help parents to get in the kitchen and form good relationships with food.




Do you have a favourite place or dedicated space for blogging?


I end up blogging from the couch surrounded by kids toys and balancing my laptop on my lap. I also take most of my photos in my kitchen which has the best light in the morning or in the lounge room as it’s the best place for the afternoon. I am in the process of organising a space in our study, but the couch still ends up being my bloody space.




What are your must have tools and resources when it comes to blogging?


I love my Olympus camera. I couldn’t live without it as it is compact and has all the features I need without needing to learn all about digital SLRs! I also DIY’d some backboards for food photos and they are completely awesome- especially when taking photos balanced on a coffee table or on a glass dining table.


As for resources, I’m a member of the Kid Blogger Network and I have found their support and assistance amazing. The encouragement you get from a group of like minded people is amazing.



Have you ever experienced blogger’s block and what are your top tips for when it strikes?


Yes I have. If it strikes for me it’s simple…get cooking! Something will happen and I’ll come up with a new idea. I know that doesn’t work for everyone though. So the next best option. Ask your readers a question!



What have been your blogging highlights and biggest challenges?


Highlights have been meeting Lunch box Dad, going to the Kidspot Gala and being totally awestruck and speechless meeting Cooker and a Looker. Also, having a post go viral last year (21 lunch boxes for back to school).



The biggest challenges have been: getting people to take what I do seriously, getting my name “out there” and learning to take better photos (I’m still learning).



Who inspires you and what’s on your Worth Casing list when it comes to other bloggers?


Grace Hall from Eats Amazing constantly inspires me with her photos and the awesome food ideas she comes up with. Amy from HandbagMafia inspires me because she says what she thinks, backs it up with evidence and has a totally no nonsense approach. Kirsty from My Home Truths inspires me because she blogs about her kids who have special needs and gives us a slice of her reality.



What advice would you give to anyone that is thinking about starting a blog of their own?


Just do it! That should be a slogan…oh wait, it is! Start on WordPress.org because there is nothing more difficult than re-branding and moving a blog. Trust me, it took me ages to move it all manually from blogger. Be authentic. Be yourself. It’s too hard to maintain a persona, so don’t try to be something you’re not.



What are some of your favourite posts from your blog?


My all time favourite post is I’m not a smug foodie because it shows my readers I’m real. I’m most proud of the photos for Lamb Veggie Pies because it was my first food gawker acceptance…after many many many many tries!


lamb and veggie pies- Kidgredients


If you weren’t in the business of blogging what would you be doing?


I’d probably be back teaching primary school or something. Or being an educational designer like I was pre-kids. Or doing translating or something. I don’t know, I’d probably be less excited about what I’m doing. I do know something: I’m glad to be blogging and I’m so grateful to each and every person who reads what I have to say.



More ways to CASE…





Have you met Kylie from Kidgredients? Do you have any tips for me, when it comes to my really good looking but completely useless vintage oven?




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  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    I love reading Kylie’s posts as some (not all) I can attempt – I am definitely no cook.

    • I’m less of a cook than I use to be when the girls were little. I need to get back to it.

    • Kidgredients

      That’s what I love to hear, Natalie! That means I’m achieving all my goals!

  • I have met Kylie! Kylie has amazing recipes and is one of the most down to earth people you could meet! Thanks for the shout out, too! As for oven tips….have you got a slow cooker? You’d be amazed at what they can do 🙂

    • Yes, I have a slow cooker and almost every appliance known to man (apart from a thermomix) but no room at all in this kitchen for appliances. As it is the microwave, coffee maker and toaster have to take turns on the one small bench. Wish I was kidding. But you are right, I should find a way to throw the slow cooker into the mix.

    • Kidgredients

      So right about the slow cooker! There are entire groups on facebook dedicated to them and what people make in them. I can’t bring myself to do coffee though.

      • What? You can do coffee in the slow cooker? Please explain? I’m guessing that could be my next viral video. LOL

  • Lamb veggie pies sound delicious! Perfect for a cooler, rainy day like today! Thanks for the inspiration Kylie, and thanks Raychael for sharing a bit more about Kylie here, definitely a blogger worthy of spotlighting!

    • I’m going to attempt the pies tomorrow. Well give the girls the recipe and have them make them. They do sound delicious.

    • Kidgredients

      *blush* thanks Ingrid! Lamb and veggies for the win in autumn I say!

  • I’m off to check out this fabulous sounding blog from Kylie. Right up my alley!

    • You will love Kylie’s blog.

    • Kidgredients

      I don’t know that I’m as fabulous as Raych has made me sound, but I hope you find a recipe to love!

  • Hi Kylie, nice to ‘meet’ you. I also blog from my couch. It makes me feel like I’m sitting down for a conversation which is what blogging is for me!

    • I’ve completely lost my office in this latest house move. I may start blogging from my couch as well.

    • Kidgredients

      The best thing about blogging from the couch…you’re always comfy! 😉 Nice to meet you too!

  • Ohh those pies look to die for. Definitely going to try them.

    • They do don’t they. Hoping my girls will make them soon.

      • Kidgredients

        drop hints…lots of hints 😉

    • Kidgredients

      Thanks Johanna- they have been a lifesaver around here as they are easy to cook from frozen…

  • Loved that lunchbox post by Kidgredients. Definitely a blog worth casing. 🙂

    • I completely missed the viral post the first time round.

      • Kidgredients

        you’ve got to get into the kids lunchbox scene 😉

        • My girls don’t do lunch boxes now that they are older. No real room in their backpacks one you include the laptop and all the heavy text books.

    • Kidgredients

      Aw shucks! Thanks!

  • Raych, you are so funny! Quote: …a great time for us to band together (code for leave them to it and hope for the best)… LOL – And, I love your idea for the kids in the kitchen. School lunches are boring in our house, because I’m not motivated. Maybe I can learn from your guest blogger. I love her blog’s illustrated name. Sending another prayer for the sale of your home and for that dream home to become a reality!

    • Thanks Tina, just seems to be one hurdle after the other right now.

      By the way, I’m time poor this week and just about to add our worth casing Wednesday linkup to this post. Pop back in about half an hour to link up.

    • Kidgredients

      My blog name hit me in the shower- where all my good ideas happen. 🙂

      • I’m the same with the shower. I need a downloadable whiteboard in there.

  • What a great guest post and such a nice story. She sounds like she enjoys staying home.
    Thank you for your party!
    Have a great week!

    • I’m just heading over to your blog to link up now. I’m ahead of schedule this week. Only 11:30 pm Tuesday here in Perth.

      • You are just 2 hours ahead of us! Thanks for popping over!!

    • Not sure it linked up. It was requiring a back link?

    • Kidgredients

      Yes I do! And blogging allows me to do that! 😉

  • Nice post and loved the photo all smiling heheh!

    PS: Gissa pie LOL

    Have a casetastic week 🙂

    • Thanks Steve.

    • Kidgredients

      Not suprisingly that is the only photo of the four of us I have where we are all: smiling, looking at the camera AND not secretly trying to harm each other (the kids).

  • pioneerpat1

    Very nice Q&A. really enjoyed it.

    • Thanks Pat. Hope you are having a great week.

    • Kidgredients

      *blush* I loved answering the questions!

  • I LOVED meeting you in Sydney Kylie. A cocktail party at Luna Park – this blogging caper has some pretty great perks, right? 😉
    A x

    • I was sad to miss the cocktail party in Sydney. Looking forward to my trip to Sydney at the end of the month though. Hoping to catch up with more than a few of my favourites at the Kids Business brunch.

      • Kidgredients

        The cocktail party was awesome 🙂 15 days to go to the Blogger Brunch!

        • Flights and accommodation booked, so no backing out now. Just need to get my wardrobe sorted.

    • Kidgredients

      Oh dear. Sprung! Yep meeting you was #highlightofthenight i a totally unstalkerish way! 😉

  • Denyse Whelan

    Morning from NSW! This was a great read thanks Raych! Just saw there the link up is… oops Awaiting visitors right now..excited to have 2 school age grandkids come for 2 nights! Denyse xx

    • I cheated with the link up this week. I have bitten off more than I can chew and have a major assessment due on top of normal work and girls at home for the school holidays. I’ve lost my private tucked away office in the new house which is making life and work interesting. The personal blog is once again not a huge priority.

      How exciting for the visit. Hope it goes well.

      Also, I’m coming to Sydney at the end of the month. Won’t have time to visit the coast this time. Attending the Kids Business blogger brunch on the Friday (29th) if you are going?

      • Kidgredients

        I hope you’re coming Denyse! Looking forward to it!

      • Denyse Whelan

        Not this time round Raychael! I loved the one Kids Business Blogger brunch I went to back in…2013 (I think!) at Centennial Park..and also the one that was part of Digital Parents Conf in 2012. Christie ensure a fab time. I am travelling less and less to my ‘old home town’ these days! Liking where we are even more. Denyse x

  • I pack obentos for the family too most days.. but they are usually quite simple. Can’t really do kyraben and honestly no time! haha


    • Yes, the whole time poor aspect comes into play as well. I’m hoping to get a running list of quick and easy lunch box treats and evening meals that our old oven can deal with.

      • Kidgredients

        NO-bake! I’ll have to send you some links!

        • Yes, I keep forgetting about the no bake. It’s also the lack of bench space, meaning you play a game of kitchen appliance twister with only room for one thing at a time. I’m not kidding. Can’t wait till we move into our dream home, hopefully with my dream kitchen. Not really sure what that looks like, just know what I don’t want. LOL

    • Kidgredients

      I love bento lunches! i like having fun with food and I’m happy that it makes the kids eat it.

  • Mary Denman

    I wish I enjoyed cooking more! 🙂 But my hubby has really been helping out there while I’m recovering from surgery. Am I ever glad!!!

    • Glad to hear your hubby is helping out. Have been thinking of you. Hope all is going as well as can be expected?

    • Kidgredients

      So good you’ve been getting help. I found big batch cooking to be a lifesaver- multiple meals in one hit! Hopefully recovery goes well.

  • aquariann

    It’d be nice if I liked cooking … thank goodness my Ogre does! I’m happy to eat cereal or pasta when he’s working.

    • I go through stages. Hubby is away at sea too often though which means I occasionally need to have my act together.

    • Kidgredients

      I eat with the kids if hubby is late, then they will try even more adventurous foods!

      • We’ve always eaten with the kids. No time for different meals. My girls were all really good eaters when little but they all have such different tastes now.

  • Oven tip… takeaway! Lol! We have a super old oven as well and we barely use it, Dave bought some bench-top contraption to use instead for things he can’t experiment with. Other than that, it’s just trial and error to find out it’s quirks, it took me ages to realise that I need to cook everything about 5 minutes less than the instructions advise unless I want really crisp (read: burnt!) bottoms on everything.

    Funnily enough, I am actually going to be meeting Kylie tomorrow at her house! We’re going to be chatting all things photography & blog photography related and I can’t wait to meet her! Stay tuned for lots of photos!

    • Say a big HELLO to Kylie from me. I’m hoping to catch up with both of you when we come to Sydney. Hopefully you will both be at the blogger brunch?

      LOL to your takeaway comment. We now live a 2 minute walk from Westfield food court. They mark their takeaway down at the end of the day, so it’s a little too tempting for the girls to head over. I on the other hand can’t tolerate that sort of food.

      • Kidgredients

        We had so much fun! And I’ll be at the blogger brunch, most definitely. It is also my birthday, so double celebration! Can’t wait. Takeaway and I don’t get along, always end up feeling mildly seedy…a feeling I’d much prefer brought on by alcohol!

        • Can’t wait to meet you and we should have cake or at least a drink for your birthday.

  • TeganMC

    I have a crappy oven too. There’s no hope if it getting replaced any time soon though unfortunately! Oh and Kylie don’t worry too much about blogging on the couch. I tried the desk approach and find that I get a lot more done while sitting on the couch in front of the TV!

    p.s Sorry it has taken me so long to return the IBOT comment love xx