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There’s been a bit of a catastrophe and I’m needing some advice this week from my cat loving friends… keeping in mind I’m not a cat person and I’m fairly new to all this cat shenanigans.


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Long story short (I’m a blogger, things are never short)… the neighbour’s cat ‘Pepsi’, the one that decided to adopt our family when his owner moved to Melbourne (4000km away) and left her daughter (with her own cat & dog) to house sit him, has been attacked by another animal.


hurt cat, ragdoll, injured cat,


He has an infection and will need a general anaesthetic and a small procedure on Thursday if his medication doesn’t start working. Please let the meds start working and please let there be no need for any cone of frustration (to stop him licking his wounds). He refuses to wear a collar. A cone would be a complete nightmare, as is trying to get him to take the three different lots of meds each day and keep him inside.


I’m not great at forcing the issue when it comes to medications. Thankfully for now we are having some success with crushing and hiding in his food.


To make matters worse, we never formally adopted Pepsi and the neighbour (& her daughter) always let him roam the streets, coming and going as he pleased. The neighbour’s daughter has now also moved on and we have no way of contacting them to make things official, which we really need to do so we can update his microchip and registration with the local council (or find a way to get around) and we probably need to look at pet insurance. How expensive is the vet?!


I’m also wanting to put a stop to the roaming and make this outdoor cat an indoor one. BUT he is 8 years old and fairly set in his come and go, as he pleases, ways.


Is there any hope of changing this and getting around officially adopting him when we can’t track the owner down? Any tips on how to convert this outdoor, free as a bird cat to loving the indoor life? At the moment, he has been too sick to be bothered much with going out but that’s starting to change.


Ragdoll cat | Pepsi


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I think I may actually be a cat person after all… it just took the right, rather eccentric, cat to turn me. Who knew?!Are you are cat person and have some advice for me? What are some quick, easy and affordable options to make our home more ‘inside only’ cat friendly?

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  • I hope he does OK – good luck! Poor little guy!

    • Thanks. I’m hoping the meds start working soon.

  • Aww! poor Pepsi he looks like a lovely cat, If the original owners have moved on then I should think you would have no probs changing ownership to you …good luck with everything and I hope he recovers soon.

    • I’ve been advised we can sign a statutory declaration as why he is now in our possession but I would honestly like to track the owner down and make sure she isn’t planning on moving back into her house (which is now rented) and claiming him back.

  • Clairejustineo

    Aww no, hope is is ok 🙁 Such a handsome cat, hope he recovers quickly..

    • He is a handsome cat. He is rather miserable at the moment, not sure if it is injury related or the fact we are keeping him indoors.

  • Such a beautiful cat…hope he gets better. I’m sure you should be able to legally adopt him…maybe if you have some details from the old owner, they could give you something in writing and then you just have to register him under your name and address with the council.

    That’s great that he’s taking meds crushed in his food…I struggled with my cats and with my Buttons, had to hold him all wrapped up in my dressing gown and shove it into his mouth when he had the flu. Fortunately now, they have antibiotics in a paste form with a meaty taste!

    As for the indoor-outdoor thing, I’m not completely sure about that as mine are both indoor and have been from the start. It shouldn’t be impossible but you might need to protect your furniture and get a few more things indoors to keep him entertained. Also teach him to use the kitty litter and make sure he doesn’t run out when you enter or leave the house. Eventually, he might cease trying to go out.

    Oh, and I reckon anyone can totally become a cat person! Cats are misunderstood…I was never a cat person until I got Pebbles. And then I was well and truly sucked in and adopted Buttons too. Now I have two and am bordering on crazy cat lady.

    • I can easily see myself becoming a crazy cat lady. Would now love to adopt a second cat, to keep this one company. Although I suppose they could end up fighting. For now, I just need him to get better and hopefully adapt to being indoors.

  • Sorry I have no experience with cats but your post vividly brought back memories of being utterly despaired trying to get my 3 year old son to take his much needed antibiotics. The hospital released him early (after one week as an inpatient) on the understanding he would take the antibiotics at home but he point blank refused. We ended up having to syringe it into ice cream for him which he then ate prior to every meal with chocolate topping to disguise the flavour! Boy were his older twin siblings jealous of the amount of ice cream he was consuming. I think he knew what we were doing to the ice cream however. Since no longer needing antibiotics he has refused to ever eat chocolate topping again! He still eats ice cream however!

    • There is no way, I could do the force it down his throat approach the vet suggested on the cat, let alone a child. Thankfully all our 3 girls always took their medicine when they needed to. Sounds like the ice-cream worked a treat.

  • Dominique Goh

    I’m certainly no cat person.. no pet person actually but I think treats/ toys would certainly help the medicine go down easier.

    • I wasn’t a cat or animal person before Pepsi either. How times change.

  • NanaHood

    I’m a dog gal but I’m betting you get lots of cat people to help you!

    • Thanks. He seems so miserable tonight. He was born to be wild and outdoors.

  • Caroline Fernandez

    Poor cat! I hope you can get the microchip updated easily

  • pioneerpat1

    I hope he gets better soon. You may be able to change him as a cat always knows where the food dish is best. If you have a good food dish, he will stay indoors.

    • Thanks. I’m hoping we can convert him. He is pretty miserable right now. Not sure if it is due to being kept inside or the injury. Possibly both. I think he was born to be wild and outdoors.

  • Create With Joy

    Hi Raychael,

    When I was a teenager. we had outdoor cats until we moved to an apt. My mom worried about them adjusting to indoor life, much as you are worrying now – but for your cat’s health and safety, might I suggest that the secret to transforming your cat into an indoor cat is as simple as not letting him out of the house in the future? An indoor cat needs a good litter box in a safe, secure (quiet) spot to do his business (change it often) – a good scratching post to play (if possible, I recommend a big scratching tree that he can climb in – make sure it is secure for his size – as well as smaller scratchers throughout your home) – and lots of safe toys to entertain him – including lots of interactive ones you can play with together!) Your cat needs to have things to enrich and entertain him inside your home – but your cat does not need to roam outdoors to be happy.

    I’d also like to invite you to join the Blog Paws Community ( – they have some cat lovers groups that you can join where you can interact with other cat lovers, vets, etc and get all of your questions answered! They have an awesome website even if you don’t join the community – but either way, you’ll learn TONS about pet parenting from them!

    P.S. I don’t know how things work in Australia, but when you take your cat to the vet – if you explain the situation – that the previous owner abandoned the cat and that you have adopted the cat and are now the new owner – if it works like in the States, I would think that they could get you set up as the new owner in no time! 🙂

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply. Will definitely head over and join the blog paws community.

      We spoke to the vet, who has confirmed that they need contact from the previous owner or a statutory declaration before they can change ownership or add us to the microchip. Looking into all that now.

      He is rather miserable at the moment. I’m not sure if it is injury related or the fact he had been inside completely for a week now. We are looking for ways to make the house more inviting and looking to enclose a little outdoor area for him.

  • LydiaCLee

    oh, I don’t know how you formally adopt a cat that’s just become yours….what an interesting question.

    • Looks like a stat dec might be the only way forward.

  • Oh Pepsi is lovely. I hope all goes well tomorrow for him (and you). Vet bills are terrifying! eek.

    • Thanks Vicki. Vet bills… OMG. I had no idea. We are looking into pet insurance as soon as we get ownership sorted.

  • That puddy is stunning! Good luck with everything. X

    • Thanks so much Jody. He is so miserable at the moment. Not sure if it is injury related or the fact he isn’t allowed to come and go.

  • Poor little thing, he is very cute!

    • So cute. Probably why I fell for him in the first place… that and the fact I thought he was homeless.

  • Aww I’m not really a cat person myself but hope the wound heals nicely soon!

  • writeofthemiddle

    Oh Pepsi is gorgeous! I must say that Ragdolls are my favourite cat breed. I’m no expert on cats though (I’m more a dog person) so can’t advise. I hope that Pepsi heals up and is well again soon! Good luck! 🙂

    • He is no ordinary Ragdoll, seems to be the opposite as far as personality goes but I think that has more to do with the fact he has been left to his own devices and roaming the street for so long.

  • Life Images by Jill

    well it looks like you have adopted Pepsi whether you wanted to or not. He looks cute so have fun!

  • Oh no! Poor puss. That really is a catastrophe. No advice from me. But well done you for taking care of this gorgeous creature! We are a Dr Dolittle style family too loving all creatures great and small. Great to see others being so welcoming of extra fur guests.

  • Mary Denman

    Oh my goodness Raych! We run parallel lives sometimes. One of out cats broke her tail. No clue how! It’s just hanging pitifully, and I just looked at one of our kittens and she has a cut on her neck! No clue where that came from either! I’m trying to get them to the vet before my daughter’s knee surgery on Friday!

    I sure hope Pepsi picks up. Sorry about the mess with trying to adopt. It’s rather sad he was left behind without a convenient way to make him permanently yours.

    I’ll talk to you soon!

    • OMG that sounds awful. Sounds like someone or something has run over it.

      I’ve been thinking about you. I’m super busy trying to get everything in place before my eldest’s major surgery next month. I want to be able to have as much time out helping her recover in those first 6 to 8 weeks.

      Email when you get the chance.

  • What drama! I hope it all works out in the end. I’ll send a prayer your way. And, I agree with Mary D. that it’s rather sad he was left without a proper adoption in place. P.S. My cats roam free. It’s a risk, but we live in an area where being outside is pretty nice.

    • We are on a fairly busy street and he was heading across the road for more food before we took him in. I really need an enclosed outdoor area off one of our family room.

  • Oh Gosh! As if you need all this added drama 🙂 I really wouldn’t know what to suggest. They say to keep a cat indoors you should put butter on its paws. My thinking is that this could make an awful mess on the furniture. Hmm, professional Cat-Lover help is needed methinks.

    • Butter on his paws. Like you, all I can think of is the mess. I might need to google that one and have a think. He is rather miserable at the moment but it could be injury related. We are back at the vet tomorrow.

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    I don’t have cats, it’s not because I don’t like them. Can the vet to write a letter for council explaining the situation with the neighbours? I hope puss is better soon and you find a solution to the inside cat thingy. Do you have room for one of those outdoor cat enclosure runs at home?

    • I’m looking into the outdoor cat enclosures right now. We have room down the side of the house but I’m guessing our fussy cat wouldn’t take to it. I wonder if there is a way to test it before outlaying any money?

  • Merlinda Little

    Its a big dilemma on your side and I wish I can help but I dont really have any idea on what you can do. But I am hoping she will get well soon!

    • Thanks. The swelling looks to be coming down. Hopefully a good sign.

  • Poor little guy, I hope he gets better soon!

    • Me too. He is so miserable at the moment. Although possibly due to the fact that he isn’t allowed outside more than the injury which does seem to be slowly healing.

  • molly

    I have owned cats all my life. I can not comment on the ownership issue as I am not in your country but changing an outdoor cat into an indoor one is in my experience a recipe for a very sad and depressed cat. I am of the firm belief that no cat should EVER been an indoor only animal, they are meant to go outside, explore, hunt, it is mentally and physically essential to their well being. Imagine if someone told you that you were never ever going to go outside again and see the trees, the birds, smell the air, feel the rain and the wind, the blue sky and the dark night. Can you imagine how utterly depressed you would very quickly become? That is what will happen to the cat.


    • I do worry about him becoming depressed which is why I’m looking into alternatives, like an outdoor cat run. We had a cat killed by a car just up from us recently and I’m not wanting him to follow the same fate. For now though, until the infection heals and he is on the mend and able to fend for himself he needs to stay indoors.

  • I don’t know much about cats but I don’t think you will be changing their mind about anything any time soon. They are their own masters.

  • Jennyb

    I’m a dog lover because I love their little personalities. I understand cats aren’t like that.