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There’s been a bit of a catastrophe and I’m needing some advice this week from my cat loving friends… keeping in mind I’m not a cat person and I’m fairly new to all this cat shenanigans.


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Long story short (I’m a blogger, things are never short)… the neighbour’s cat ‘Pepsi’, the one that decided to adopt our family when his owner moved to Melbourne (4000km away) and left her daughter (with her own cat & dog) to house sit him, has been attacked by another animal.


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He has an infection and will need a general anaesthetic and a small procedure on Thursday if his medication doesn’t start working. Please let the meds start working and please let there be no need for any cone of frustration (to stop him licking his wounds). He refuses to wear a collar. A cone would be a complete nightmare, as is trying to get him to take the three different lots of meds each day and keep him inside.


I’m not great at forcing the issue when it comes to medications. Thankfully for now we are having some success with crushing and hiding in his food.


To make matters worse, we never formally adopted Pepsi and the neighbour (& her daughter) always let him roam the streets, coming and going as he pleased. The neighbour’s daughter has now also moved on and we have no way of contacting them to make things official, which we really need to do so we can update his microchip and registration with the local council (or find a way to get around) and we probably need to look at pet insurance. How expensive is the vet?!


I’m also wanting to put a stop to the roaming and make this outdoor cat an indoor one. BUT he is 8 years old and fairly set in his come and go, as he pleases, ways.


Is there any hope of changing this and getting around officially adopting him when we can’t track the owner down? Any tips on how to convert this outdoor, free as a bird cat to loving the indoor life? At the moment, he has been too sick to be bothered much with going out but that’s starting to change.


Ragdoll cat | Pepsi


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I think I may actually be a cat person after all… it just took the right, rather eccentric, cat to turn me. Who knew?!Are you are cat person and have some advice for me? What are some quick, easy and affordable options to make our home more ‘inside only’ cat friendly?

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