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Self Neglect | When the most neglected room in your


When I take on something new, it generally means I need to give up or neglect something to squeeze it in these days. This usually sees me putting myself last and neglecting an aspect or area in my home. Generally it’s sleep or exercise for me and turning a blind eye to my OCD approach on the home front.


This week, I’m sharing my pear shaped start to my online business diploma and why this course through Business Mamas is going to help me find the right balance and be the perfect way forward. Finally doing away with the self neglect but in a way that will continue to allow me to put my family first and hopefully do away with anything or anyone (that is important) looking or feeling neglected.


Do you struggle with finding the perfect work life balance? What’s the first thing to go when you are time poor?  


A rougher than rough start


I must confess, you can easily tell the state of my mind and how I’m coping to stress by the state of my house and in particular my office. I’ve always been this way.


At the moment my office is looking pretty spick and span but it’s purely on the surface and for show. You only need to dig a little deeper, open a normally organised draw to find the unorganised chaos that is lurking below the surface to appreciate I’ve had a less than ideal month.


Almost a month into my business diploma course with Business Mamas and I’m ashamed to say, it was a less than ideal start from my end. The minute I started, all aspects of my life took a hit and things went downhill quickly. Apart from my normal workload, the blog was down for the count (blogged here), I had emergency temp work on the go and my family were all dropping like flies with the flu.


It meant that I didn’t manage the suggested 10 hours study per week in my first week. Not even close and the hours I did manage, involved technical difficulties my end, which resulted in me having to almost restart the course. Probably a good thing because I honestly wasn’t in the right head space to begin with. I was feeling like a failure in the first five minutes and this had me questioning just about everything, including my business plan and way forward.


My usual course of action when things go pear shaped and I need to fit more in, is to roll up my sleeves and put the anger and frustration to good use. I’m not normally one to give up easily or go without a fight but I do tend to give up exercise and sleep to fit more in. Lately though, I’m finding that doesn’t really help the creative juices or my health and I’m determined to do things differently from here on in.





Business Mamas help when you need it most


It’s been years since I officially studied, so I envisaged bad weeks. I didn’t imagine my first bad week would be my actual first week. What a way to throw a spanner in the works which had me questioning what I was doing studying in the first place.


If I’m honest, it was all driven by fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. I’m not convinced I was looking for ways out but I certainly thought about quitting before I’d even started and all the curve balls thrown at me that first week didn’t help matters. Having a mentor that has been there and done that, who can encourage and advise you is important. I can see why Business Mamas refer to their mentors as angels.




Thankfully, my mentor at Business Mamas is only an email or phone call away and knows what it is like as a mother, wearing a number of hats at the one time. Our regular power chats each fortnight provide me with the feedback I need for the work I’ve already submitted and are a great form of encouragement, especially when you find you are doubting yourself or having a bad week.



Powering ahead


It’s all full steam ahead now and I’m loving the course. The interesting thing about the first module (Go Mama), which I’m now in the process of completing the assessment side of things, is that it has me profiling myself. I’m analysing what makes me tick, my learning style and how I best cope with stress. It obviously goes further than that but for me, it’s those elements that are really helping me ease back into the study after more than a decade (or two) break.


The first module is arming me with the skills, knowledge and techniques I will need to make the entire course and my online business a success. My hopes and dreams for my future are coming to life, built on solid and workable foundations. I can already see myself becoming a more rounded and grounded person as a result.


After my abysmal start, where I basically had to go back and start again, I managed to fit almost 25 hours in the second week. It meant the blog wasn’t getting the attention it deserved but in the scheme of things I found this a better way forward. One that didn’t require me existing on 2 hours sleep a night and forgoing my daily walk or neglecting my family who have been on school holidays the past fortnight


Once school holidays is over (tomorrow), I’m hoping that I might fall into more of a regular study timetable but I love that the Business Mamas course and your approach to it, is fairly flexible. It means when life throws you curve balls, or you find a rare opportunity where hubby can take leave at short notice during the school holidays and you want to put life on hold to escape for a few days, you can. It also means when you have the time and find yourself in the right head space you can power ahead.




My only regret, so far, is that I should have started sooner. I’ve spent far too much time trying to be everything to everyone and not focusing on my own happiness which is why the Business Mamas approach to life, business and study resonate with me so much…


Live happy, work happy and be happy!


If you are thinking about starting a new business or taking your business to the next level, I wouldn’t wait for the right sign or moment, it might never come or you may be too busy heading in the wrong direction to notice.


Take control and take that first step by getting in touch with Business Mamas to start a conversation about your business dreams and what you want your future to look like.




Do you struggle with finding the perfect work life balance?

What’s the first thing to go when you are time poor? 

What’s the most neglected room in your house at the moment?


Business Mamas is an accredited online business school designed to help you launch your new business. Whether it be launching a micro business for extra cash or starting the next big business sensation, it’s all about you and your goals! I’m proud to be a Business Mamas’ Ambassador and will be blogging about the highs and lows of my business diploma studies over the next 12 months. If you have any questions… just ask.

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