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As I try to work smarter not harder (blogged here), I find myself pondering and possibly procrastinating about my passions in life, my career path and of course the direction the blog is headed.


There seems to be a lot of talk about finding your passions and making them work for you but there are some instances where that just isn’t possible.


Take my love of jigsaw puzzles. I honestly can’t see that making an income for me and it’s probably more a hobby than a real life passion. I’m definitely passionate about my hubby of almost 20 years but once again, I can’t make a career out of that love… or can I?!


So how does one discover their passion in life? Well, don’t ask me, I’m very much a work in progress!


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At 44, you should think I would have it all figured out by now but life… mainly 22 relocations and three girls under three, somehow managed to get in the road and set my agenda. I’ve been playing a big game of catch up and going with the flow for as long as I can remember.


While playing catch up, a little light bulb moment landed in my inbox recently. An opportunity to explore all my options and put down some solid foundations for the future. My future. Only I’m not really sure what I want or think that should look like.


So in the scheme of all things procrastination productive, I went looking for signs and ways to fast track the process of finding my passions, with some interesting results. The general theme being…..




I’ve been thinking for a little while the blogging side of things just might be my passion or may, at the very least, help steer me in the right direction.  Right now though, I think I need some much needed time out to sit with my thoughts and go through some of the material and exercises I found in my travels online this week. Starting here:


8 ways to discover your passions and live a life you love

This was all about slowing down, changing your story, finding your uniqueness, looking for patterns, having confidence and focusing on the fun. Point 6 (Write) has me reaching for my journal and Parker pen.


6. Write.

Ideas flow more freely when we write without an agenda. New inspiration may appear unexpectedly and it becomes easier to connect the dots. Spend a few minutes of quality time each day with a pen and paper allowing yourself to process your thoughts without influence from the outside world.


Next I turned to Beyond Passion (The Science of Loving What You Do), which looks at the belief that matching your work to personality traits and interests is paramount to finding your dream job and making big life changes and decisions. They call it the introspection principle. 


There was also this piece from Blog Maverick, that resonated with me on some levels. The suggestion that we should follow our efforts rather than our passions may have some merit. I agree to some point that ‘when you work hard at something you become good at it’  but I have to question at what cost?


Being the self confessed Queen at working hard at something to become an expert, I’m wondering if this approach is more a case of working harder and not smarter and there isn’t in fact a better way to do things?!


Time is the most valuable asset you don’t own. You may or may not realize it yet, but how you use or don’t use your time is going to be the best indication of where your future is going to take you .




One thing I’m certain of though, time really is a valuable asset and I’ve already spent far too much time procrastinating about my passions and it’s time to literally roll my sleeves up and get on with things.


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If you have a blog post worth casing this week or you are playing along for Wordless Wednesday (something I fail at), this is the place to link up. I’m always looking for new blogs to case.



What are your passions? 

Are you in your dream job? 

Would you prefer to work harder or smarter?

If you’ve been following the blog for some time what would you say my passions or strengths are?

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  • Your quote is perfect, I believe that to be so true, I hear my husband use it all the time.
    Have a great week, thanks for stopping by to linkup this week!!
    Have a great week!

    • Thanks Karren,

      Apologies for not dropping by last week, I’ve been playing a big game of catch up with the girls on school holidays and 11 events in the one week.

  • Create With Joy

    Great post – we are all works in progress!
    So you know what I am wondering – did you adopt the cat?
    Have an awesome day!

    • I was just popping over to link up and share the news that YES we adopted Pepsi. I believe he is slightly out of sorts because his brother is no longer next door and he has lost that as a buffet menu option but I’m sure all the extra attention and food we are giving him will help. Thanks for asking.

  • Nice post and I also liked your quote too …I just love the word procrastination no idea why LOL

    Have a procrastinatetastic week

    • I’m really good at procrastination this week, it’s not helping matters.

  • PS: I am sure Pepsi will be very happy now you have adopted him awww! 🙂

    • Thanks Steve. He tried going home to visit his brother but they are now long gone and his usual way in blocked. He seems a bit out of sorts but I’m sure he will get over it.

  • Dominique Goh

    My passions at the moment include writing and photography. I do love to travel too and am doing a bit of everything while blogging on the side working from home through the blog.

    • Blogging really is a great way to find and follow your passions, shame it doesn’t pay more when you are first starting out.

  • Sweet Day

    My passion is learning and discovering about my own country. I love to travel around. 🙂 I think being Stay at home mom somehow make that easier as time is slightly more flexible since my child is still young.

    • What a great passion to have Sweet Day and how lucky you are that you have the time to explore.

  • Jess

    Hmm, I struggle with the concept of ‘choose a job you love and never have to work a day in your life’, because I think it can build up unrealistic expectations that we should find joy in everything that we do, that going to work should be exciting otherwise you are in the wrong profession, and that there is something wrong with working for the purpose of money and not passion.

    Perhaps the reality is that you can love your job, but it can still be hard work, some days suck, and you may have other emotions apart from joy/happiness/passion which are still valid!

    I do agree with finding fulfilment in life, exploring passions, working towards your values though.

    Sorry for the rant 🙂

    • Not ranting at all. You get where I’m coming from. I completely agree with everything you’ve said.

  • I love that photo – the suitcases and the plane. It looks full of dreams and potential. Nicely pairs with the thoughts you’ve expressed in your post.
    I hope you’ll come share at this week’s Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday):

    • Funnily enough, I was just over casing your WW post. Have a great week.

  • Well, that’s good news about Pepsi, isn’t it? Positively cat-tastic! As for passion, I like to do what I love and love what I do, even if I can’t do it all the time. I know that I’m not doing my dream job but I don’t know what my dream job is either. It’s all a bit confusing really…

    • Yes, well I’m more confused than before I started but I do have an offer on the table that is once again leading me in a certain direction. Perhaps going with the flow and taking the opportunities that present themselves is my passionate way forward?!

  • Time! It definitely is a valuable asset I don’t feel like I own at all! I need another couple of hours in the day!

    • I’ve given up sleep and TV to fit more into my day. Cutting back on my social media time is probably next.

      Did you get the message about winning the 28 low sugar lifestyle program?

      • No sorry, I didn’t see the message about winning the 28 day low sugar lifestyle program, but I’m excited to hear the news now. This will be perfect for our family. I think we all need to detox after Easter! I’ll have a look through my emails to try and find your message.

  • Merlinda Little

    I wish I know what to do with my life! I am still clueless!

    • I’m pretty clueless myself Merlinda. Thanks for linking up, hope you are having a great week.

  • What is so wrong about just living your life day to day with your family and enjoying each day, as you said. I sometimes think we are too influenced by media that says we “should” do or feel this or that. Life is day to day, you must be doing something right to have enjoyed life this far. Be well and happy.

    • Couldn’t agree more Patricia but career wise, mine has always taken a back seat while I followed hubby across the country. I’m finally in a position after almost 20 years to put myself once for first and as I’m already coming to the career party rather late, I need or want to get it right (for me) this time round.

      • Patricia

        I definitely agree. There comes a time when you NEED to put yourself first. You go, Lady and show’em how it’s done!

  • pioneerpat1

    I guess i am lucky as I am able to put my passions into my work. It is still a job but I get to do things on it.

    I look at it this way, “Don’t Mess With Happy.” Too many people are always chasing life instead of letting life come
    to them. We are almost like a dog chasing their tail. I have saying and that is “take the left turn.” It is a long story but it comes from a successful person who everyday took the right turn into his world and one day decided to
    take a left turn instead and found more happiness in his life.

    Also, I am older than you and clueless about what do when I grow up.

    • LOL I always say I’m still deciding what I want to be when I grow up. Not entirely sure when that will be. Possibly when I decide what I want to be.

  • Caroline Fernandez

    It’s tough to live off your passion but I think it can be done if you get creative with your skills. You can do it!

  • I hear ya, Raychael, loud and clear. Time is of the essence. And we all would love to make our passions work, so to speak. I think I am finally on the right path with my photo art, but time is something I am constantly working on. Best of luck finding your path!!

    • Thanks Claudia. Keen to hear more about your photo art and popping over soon to case your WW post.

  • I’m waiting for the money to catch up to my passion. It seems to be missing. I wish you all the best with yours! 😉

    • Sometimes, I think it’s just easier to go with the opportunities that are there (with money) in front of you,even if they are not your passion and no real fun.

  • This is a beautifully written post Hun. Passions?: My family, my blog, my awakening dreams about our future from here. Sometimes writing it all down just unleashes its reality and possibility. X

    • Couldn’t agree more Jody. To a small degree, I think the blog is pushing me in the direction.

  • Definitely feeling you right there! At the crossroads now too and thinking so much of what I want to do next year, versus what I should do and what I need to do… argh.

  • writeofthemiddle

    Oh boy – yes this is something I can relate to and I am 50!! I did have a career and I reached pretty impressive heights but it was never my passion. It was a necessity in order to earn money. In saying that – along the way there were good times, satisfying times, lots learned, friends made. As it turned out fate found a way for me to exit that career. Here I am now still pondering my passions and purpose in this life. I do enjoy my blog. I do enjoy photography. BUT…is there a career in either of them? I don’t know. I’m going to ProBlogger this year – maybe that will help me know once and for all?

    • I do think there is money in photography and blogging. I’m sure ProBlogger will help with some of that. BUT I do worry with ProBlogger events and speakers that most of them are from that blogging generation when it wasn’t so saturated and if you follow their way or path too closely in today’s over saturated blogging world, it would work against you.

      I was hoping to attend ProBlogger myself this year but Perth is so far away and once again it looks like my hubby will be at sea which means I’m not comfortable flying interstate with my three girls home alone.

  • I love jigsaw puzzles!…just saying.

    • Well as you know.. me too! I have a dedicated jigsaw table. Not as big as I would like. We always have a jigsaw on the go in the school holidays or when I’m feeling particularly stressed. It’s a great way to unwind, for me. The biggest one I’ve completed was a 6000 piece one. We had to purchase a board to go over our formal dining table to fit it on and it took over a year to complete because life got in the way.

      Would love to attempt an even bigger one but may need a bigger house.

  • Love this post. I am living and working my passion. I just pray it starts providing us with financial gain soon! Hope you work out yours. You deserve it.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    • You do too Leanne. Hopefully financial gain isn’t too far around the corner.

  • I totally get this. i spent so much time procrastinating instead of doing. I’m so glad that this year I’ve finally started to do and pursue my passion. It’s proving to be a lot of fun!

    • So pleased that it’s working out for you Kylie.

  • I remember in year 10 at high school under going career counselling, in preparation for picking our subjects going into year 11 that would tie in with where we wanted to go in the next five years. Back then I had no strong clue what I wanted to be when I grew up & chose based on my passions. Being an avid horse rider it seemed Veterinary Science was the obvious choice. Until a work placement found I couldn’t handle the sight of surgery or all the smells that go along with animals in distress. Seventeen years later & I think I know where I want to go when I’m ready to go back to the work force after staying home to raise our six children. Now it’s a matter of finding the time to study.
    Hayley @ House of many Minions

    • My eldest had the same career counselling last year. There is so much emphasis on choosing and getting it right at that age, when I know myself I was pretty clueless.

  • I think I’ve decided, since reflecting on our recent conversation, that my problem is I’m like a jack of all trades, master of none… I have lots of things that I’m a little bit passionate about and not really an expert or great at any one in particular and can’t decide which one to pursue. Looking forward to checking out these links that you have shared!

    • I think I might be a jack of all trades too. The On Purpose Person is the next book I would suggest. It’s a perfect tool to help you narrow down all the interests and highlight the ones you are more passionate about.

  • Ashleigh

    Thank you so much for hosting! Have an amazing week! xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

    • You have a great week too Ashleigh. I’m playing catch up at the moment but will head over and case your post soon.

  • I hear you Raych! I’m still trying to figure out if blogging about fashion is a hobby or if I actually have something tangible to offer that could potentially become a new career! Sometimes it’s life that gets in my way but mostly it’s my own fears that hold me back! For what it’s worth I think you could make a success out of anything you put your mind to xx

    • Thanks Malinda. Time will tell. I think may main problem is I just want to do everything all at once.

  • Clairejustineo

    I am in the same position as you. Around the same age to. I am look for a new career change but do I try to make my love for blogging a job first? I am 55% convinced I could make it work but then 45% worried I wouldn’t make any money!! When my mind get to 75% I will go for it,lol

    • I hear you. It’s the fear factor mixed in with an over saturated blogging stage where brands can pick and choose bloggers that will pay for product or next to nothing. I think looking for creative ways to make money indirectly from blogging is possibly our way forward.

  • travelanimalDr

    Great article. There are so many passions to pick from that it is some times difficult to choose just one way to go. Good luck on your journey. Have a great day!

  • merliyn

    a great post raych!
    you are definitely a good at inspiring, an excellent writer/wordsmith, an organizer,
    and I see you as a leader!
    my passion is painting, drawing and working on concepts and generally being creative! … it’s really playing! … my reward is when I’m in the process of doing it!
    that is where the magic is! … much like free writing you are talking about when you don’t have deadlines or criteria to meet! … two different things!
    there is pressure and expectation factored into the equation of work!
    nice if the two can meld! chave a good day! love m:)X