Shaun the Sheep Movie Preview {Worth Casing Link Up}

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Get out of the house…. do…do…doo..doooo. Β It was on my to do list, after a week of hibernation mode when an invite to the Shaun the Sheep movie preview landed in my inbox.




Not entirely sure it was my thing but knowing my girls would have a whole lot of fun, we headed off at the crack of dawn. Well 9ish which on a Sunday morning might as well be the crack of dawn when you have three teens who like to sleep in.


As it was, I could only convince two out of three teens it was a good idea and we left the eldest at home studying although I suspect a study on sleeping in was on the agenda.


I attempted to finally put myself in the picture (waving to Maxabella Loves here) and get a selfie with my girls but they weren’t having a bar of it and a shoe-elfie (is that what you call it??) was the next best thing.




I must admit, I was looking pretty wild and woolly that early in the morning but with so many wild and woolly animals in attendance, I’m choosing to think, I was just dressing the part.


It was great to see a couple of friendly Perth blogging faces among the child heavy crowd. I even managed to get behind the camera. A rare occurrence for me but there’s something about these two gorgeous bloggers (Where’s My Glow and Zippy Zappy Life) that has me stepping outside my comfort zone when it comes to selfies.




I’m still finding it hard to believe that the organisers managed to not only get the Perth City Farm‘s Farmers Markets inside the cinema complex but also the Swan Valley cuddly animal farm. With aΒ host of organised kids activities as well, which were probably aimed at the younger end of town, it was still a fantastic event for all ages.


Shaun the Sheep Movie Preview Farmers Markets Event Cinemas Innaloo


It certainly was the perfect way to start our wild and woolly Sunday family fun day.




















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What have you been up to this week? Have you seen the Shaun the Sheep movie? What did you think? Do you have family fun days?

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  • Wow! Now that’s how you do a movie premier! LOL Gotta love the farmer’s market inside. πŸ™‚ Happy to “see” you and hope you have a wonderful week!

    • I know. I can’t imagine the mess the event created or how long it would have taken to clean up. There was straw just about everywhere.

  • Dominique Goh

    Whah.. you got to see actual sheep!! I brought the kids to watch Shaun the sheep last week during the school holidays and they loved the show. Did you know that Timmy from Timmy time was Shaun’s younger brother??

    • You are the second person to tell me about Timmy Time. As my girls are 14, 15 & 16, I must confess I didn’t even know about Timmy.

  • pioneerpat1

    Looks like a fun time out at the movies. Great promotion.

    • It certainly was. I’m off to a different opening night for a film on Thursday. I’m basically going from on extreme to the other.

  • Jess

    Farmer’s market inside Innaloo cinemas? The mind boggles!

    • It was certainly an interesting way to start the day. So many kids having a heap of fun.

  • What fun to go to farmers market, love those shoes with the colorful art, they are neat!!!

    Thanks for stopping by to link and share on The Oh My Heartsie Girl WW this week!!
    We appreciate you shared your blog with us!!
    Have a great week, Karren~Host


    • My girls really loved those shoes as well. They are busy trying to create their own designs.

  • Love farmers markets and especially with my sisters. Wish I was closer to this one.

    • I have a favourite we like to head to on Sunday not too far from us. This was certainly an interesting change.

  • Merlinda Little

    This event looks so awesome! All of the things that they have added makes everything so unforgettable =)

  • Charlotte

    Love the painted shoes!

  • I love Shaun the Sheep! What a fun premiere.

    • I certainly enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Such a funny film and the event itself was an interesting start to the day.

  • Mary Denman

    We LOVE Shaun the Sheep!! I hope the movie comes to the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m sure it will. Hoping you are having a great week Mary. Heading over to case your WW post soon.

  • Wow what a fun event! Did your teens enjoy the movie or is it aimed at a younger audience? Just wondering whether to take my tween and teens to see it during the holidays.

    • They did enjoy themselves and thought the film was funny but I think if they had a choice they probably would have been in the next cinema seeing Insurgent. Well at least I think that was the film they were eyeing off. My girls are 14 & 15. The eldest 16 remained at home.

  • The “shoe-elfies” were a great compromise idea. The painted shoes in vogue were really cool. The baby doll head planters a bit creepy. πŸ˜‰

    • I thought the same thing about the baby doll head planters. The dinosaur ones were pretty cool though.

  • Clairejustineo

    Looks like a great time, lovely pictures πŸ™‚

  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    Shoe-elfie – LOL!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    • There probably is an exact term for this but for now I’m going with mine. lol

  • Shaun the Sheep is such fun! And the farmer’s market looks great too

  • Those dolls head planters are officially freaking me out. Why would anyone want one????

    • I have no idea. The dinosaur ones weren’t bad.

  • My big boys really want to see this!! I have to admit I love Shaun the sheep!!
    I took my 4 year old to see Home last weekend, we loved it!!! Even better I scored cheap tickets online which was awesome!!

    • Woo hoo on scoring cheap tickets. The movies can be so expensive these days.

  • LOL, the ‘shoelfie’ is fab! Thanks for tagging the project, Raych. And I’m with Toni on the dolls’ head planters. BLAH! x

    • I think I’ve missed my chance to get in the pic with my girls. They are just that bit too old and worried it will end up on the blog. lol

  • Some very interesting items you have here today. The shoe-elfies are somewhat cool, the painted shoes in vogue are super cool, but the baby doll head planters not cool at all and somewhat creepy.

  • Life Images by Jill

    This looks like it was a great event with lots of wonderful produce. I love those painted shoes! Have a great week and thanks for the link up!

    • Thanks Jill, I love the painted shoes as well. My girls are busy creating their own.

  • Fun! I love Shaun the Sheep!

  • that looks like so much fun!! I wish my girl was a little older so I would have an excuse to go, but I might just go anyway!

    • How old are your girls Lu? This is the kind of film that would appeal to all ages.

      • she’s only 6 months! I don’t think she’d have any idea what was going on, but I could always go to a baby in arms session just so I can see it πŸ™‚ I was a big fan of Wallace and Grommit!

        • Oh gosh yes too young to know what is going on. Baby in arms sessions would be perfect.

  • merliyn

    that’s an amazing concept raych!
    and even more amazing to pull it off!
    looks like a great fun day for everyone! … love m:)X

    • The organisers did an amazing job. We had a whole lot of fun. Hope you are well Merilyn?

  • How fun and hey a shoe elfie is totally legit.. although that said love seeing a photo of your gorgeous head too πŸ˜‰ xx

    • I actually made the social pages here in Perth last week. Cringe and shhh don’t tell anyone.

  • Grace

    Wow! That a looks like a whole lotta fun and finally, a photo of you! You were in good company with Glow and Jules x

    • I also made the social pages last week. Why couldn’t they have published my photo this time last year when I was actually looking a lot better. lol

  • Fun, except for the creepy pink head.

  • Oh that looks like so much fun! Hope coming out of hibernation was worth it!

    • I think I may need to force myself out of hibernation mode more often Daisy.

  • Still can’t believe that they got live animals into the movies! What a great idea, and the markets – I love visiting markets. Gee my boys would love to see Shaun Sheep movie. Great pics, glad you got behind the lens for a picture πŸ™‚ {I am normally the one taking the pictures as well!!}

    • Me either. Glad I wasn’t the one cleaning up afterwards, there was so much straw from one end to the other for starters.

  • molly

    Ohhh honey… I do love me some honey


  • harrietb

    Those shoes are so cute!

    • Too cute. My girls have been having a lot of fun designing their own.

  • Wow! A very impressive premiere indeed. I know nothing about Shaun the Sheep but the ones in your pics are cute. I am however a bit disturbed by the bright pink baby’s head. Is it a planter pot? (Argh, that’s the thing of nightmares surely?!)

    • Yes a planter pot. I find it a bit strange too. I was just thinking about you Deborah and trying to find your email address to talk about featuring you here. Can you drop me an email ( when you get the chance.

  • Jessica Fiorillo

    Looks like you had such a blast! Great shots – thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚