An open letter to the Coffee Cow {Worth Casing Wednesday Link Up}

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An open letter to the cow that stole coffee catch ups out from under me….



oh hang on a minute…. that was me.


This week I’m really starting to miss my coffee in a big way and thinking the improved sleep side of things is overrated. One cup couldn’t hurt, could it?


How do you like your coffee or tea? I’ll take mine anyway I can get it, at this point in time.


giving up coffee


It’s been seven hours and twenty four days
Since you took your love away
I go out every day and sleep all night
Since you took your love away


Since you’ve been gone I can sleep whenever I want
I can sleep where ever I choose
I can review brunch in a fancy restaurant
But nothing


I said nothing can take away these blues


Cause nothing compares to you………


Coffee, latte, agent mystery case, Perth Coffee, Reviews





If you have a blog post worth casing this week or you are playing along for wordless Wednesday (something I clearly struggle with) this is the place to link up. I’m always looking for new blogs to case.



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  • Ashleigh

    Happy Tuesday and thank you for hosting this linky! Have a great week ahead! This is a cute poem for coffee!! Please share this and link up with me on Wednesday!! xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

    • Thanks Ashleigh. I’m not entirely sure why my Worth Casing Wednesday post hit the blog on Tuesday. Clearly I’m either a day ahead of myself or really bad at blog scheduling.

  • Big virtual hug coming your way. I have never chosen to do that. Maybe if I did, I wouldn’t be climbing the walls now, as I am about an hour late for my afternoon coffee 🙂

    • The first week was the hardest. At least hubby is away at sea at the moment, so not drinking his in front of me.

  • I hope it gets easier for you! Unfortunately for me coffee gives me a headache so I have never enjoyed drinking it which makes me feel very anti-social at times!

    • The headache I had the first few days giving up convinced me I need to stay off the stuff.

  • I am not much of a coffee drinker, so I really don’t have that problem. Yet I love to have a good cappuccino ones in a while. My husband on the other hand drinks coffee every day.

    Have a lovely week!

    • I was drinking 4 cups a day at one stage. Not a great habit.

  • Clairejustineo

    Thanks for hosting 🙂 I never tried coffee until I turn 40. I don’t like plain coffee but love cappuccino’s ..I like 2 cups a day ..

    • I just clicked over to your blog and was about to leave a comment. I think my coffee obsession started with cappuccinos when I was 19.

  • Dominique Goh

    I don’t drink coffee so will not be missing it. Hope that the separation from coffee is not too painful for you

    • I thought I was doing well. The first week was definitely the hardest.

  • Oh no, not coffee! I do love my tea too though 😉

    • That first week, I also had to give up the tea. I’m back on the tea now but mainly herbal. All in an effort to improve my 3-4 hours a night sleep average.

  • I lurve coffee my faves are cappuccino and latte, they look tasty 🙂

    Have a caffeinetastic week 😉

    • I wish I was having a caffeinestastic week Steve.

  • Merlinda Little

    Mine would be sweets.I need to let it go but I am still holding on to it tight!

    • Coffee was my last real indulgence thanks to food intolerance. I really want one now. Perhaps decaf could be an option but I’ve never actually tasted one that I like.

  • kthynn92

    Black coffee and Lattes are my downfall. Thankfully, I can still sleep no matter when I have a cup.

    • Mine too. I wish I could sleep no matter what. Even off the coffee I still on average 5 to 6 hours a night.

  • Linda Blatchford

    I drink herbal decaf tea now, peppermint is my currrent favorite. Had to give up coffee years ago.

    • I’m much the same now. I’m hoping the coffee cravings ease over time.

  • I would take one, I have never been to a coffee shop where they make these fancy coffees!!
    Happy St Patricks Day!!!

    • Happy St Pats Day to you too Karren. Thanks for linking up.

  • You are hilarious! That’s a great song, by the way. I think I may even like it better than the original…

    • I believe Sinead is no longer singer the original because it no longer holds meaning for her. Perhaps I should send her this version. lol

      • You could be on to something there…

  • tabithablue

    Oh and these photos just make it look way too good!!!! And yup, nothing compares, not even sleep!

    • I know. With hubby away, I’ve removed all temptation from the house. Hoping that will help.

  • Jess

    I went 6 days without coffee when I was sick, and it was torture! Even though I didn’t physically feel like coffee due to nausea, I still craved the time when I could go back to my daily 2 cups!

    • I was having 4 cups a day at one point, perhaps more. I wish I could go back to just the odd cup.

  • I tried to quit coffee. Yeah, didn’t last.

  • Good luck!! I’ve cut my intake down but not out! Happy WW.

    • I’m definitely an all or nothing kind of gal. I just know if I start again it will be next to no time and I’m drinking 4 cups a day and hardly sleeping. Speaking of which at 1.30 am I should probably head to bed.

  • Mary Denman

    I’M SO SORRY! I would hate giving up coffee. Hope it’s helping the sleep issues!

    • With all my food issues, it felt like my last indulgence. It was helping with the sleep but now that hubby is away at sea for the month, I find myself wide awake and playing blog catch up at 1.30am. Heading to bed now.

  • pioneerpat1

    I have never had coffee. I guess it comes from my mother who used drink like 8 pots a day. I became the opposite.

    • Never had coffee? Not even one sip? I don’t blame you. Your mother must have been bouncing off the walls.

  • I once had a vivid dream where God told me that I was not supposed to drink coffee, but I was someone else in the dream. I wondered if that was for me or for that someone else, so I decided to pass the message on to that someone else and I continue to drink coffee. 😀 Maybe you won’t miss it so much after a while. If you tell yourself that coffee is your enemy, you’ll probably want it less. I wish you all the best! Take care and have a lovely week.

    • I have so many enemies (food and drink wise) at the moment. I really need to find an alternative that works for me.

  • Hot chocolate an option? X

    • Normally I would say yes but milk is another thing that I’ve had to give up. So far I haven’t found an alternative that heats well that I can tolerate. I’m a problem child who is over herbal tea at the moment.

  • ruchira

    jeez…I love my cup of tea every morning and I can so relate to this poem on your cuppa of java 🙂

    happy to link up!

  • merliyn

    no coffee for me thanks raych!
    I get palpitations when I drink it! … gave it up years ago! … no hardship!
    alternatives … so one is not missing out on small pleasures!
    nature’s cuppa, caro, dandelion coffee, at least it’s warming the cockles!
    I have a decaf when I’m out or a chai latte but even they can trigger it!
    a delicate balance for some! … I had recurring grave’s disease for many years, so I am very disciplined and it’s worth it!
    ways to treat oneself and everyone is different! love m:)X
    I’m back from holidays after not sooo much discipline;0

    • I haven’t heard of dandelion coffee. I have to be careful with the Chai Lattes as I believe they contain sugar and gluten? I think I might need to be on a mission to find a nice decaf.

      Hope you had a great holiday. Where did you head?

  • I’ll take it the way you have it on your blog, It looks good.

    • The first photo was my very last coffee. Memories. lol

  • Even one cup in the morning keeps you awake at night?

    • I was having one every second day and still only managing 3 to 4 hours sleep a night. I think coffee and my thyroid meds just don’t mix.

  • bettynz

    No coffee??? Oh, dear, I hope you get over that!! 🙂

  • aquariann

    Good luck! I don’t drink coffee every day – just as a treat when mixed with booze and whipped cream!

    • LOL aquariann, I like your approach to coffee. I was just leaving a comment on your WW pic today when your message popped up. Love your photo.

  • Life Images by Jill

    I hope the lack of coffee gets easier. I generally only have 1 or 2 a day and never after mid afternoon. Have a great week. And thanks for the link up!

    • I hope so too Jill. Thanks for stopping by. Heading over to case your blog now.

  • I only get one cup of coffee a day now, in the morning after bubs first feed. Otherwise I have one crazy baby on my hands! I miss coffee 🙁

  • Oh, that sounds tough. I only have one coffee a day but man do I enjoy it.

    • I enjoyed mine too but you know what I’ve also had to give up milk and I haven’t found a suitable alternative that heats well and agrees with me and I’m really not one for black coffee. I just need to find an alternative. I’m a bit over herbal tea.

      • Neda B

        If it’s because of the lactose, I reckon lactose free milk is the best substitute. Almond and Soy just don’t quite work I find.

  • Neda B

    Oh god why have you stopped drinking coffee??! I like mine skinny cap with no sugar but extra chocolate dusting, oooh yeeeah

    • Health and sleep issues mainly. As much as I love the stuff I seem to function better without it.

  • I don’t drink coffee but I’ve tried to give up vanilla diet coke a number of times and feel better when I eventually detox but continue to go back to it!!!!

    • I didn’t even know they made vanilla diet coke. I’m just trying to avoid anything with caffeine at the moment.

  • I love both coffee and tea and couldn’t give them up. A large cup of coffee in the morning with milk, and a cup of Earl Grey in the afternoons (yes, I’ve been reading a lot of British novels). I’m trying to cut down on the caffeine, though, but it’s hard.

    • Must say, I’m not a huge fan of Earl Grey. I’m experimenting with herbal tea. Ginger and lemon are my favourites so far.

  • I actually wake up early because my body is telling me I need caffeine. I only drink three cups a day but without them I’m a zombie. How did I not know about this link up? I’ll be here next week 😉

    • 3 cups and I would be up all night. How did you not know about this link up? My bad, I suppose because I like to keep it pretty relaxed and rule free, so you don’t need to share, promote or include a blog button on your blog posts. Actually, you’ve just reminded me I need to a new blog button for my sidebar.

  • Ha ha you crack me up – loved that song back in the day. I’m so proud of you – I’m still a slave to my beloved coffee xx

    • I loved that song too. I hear Sinead is no longer including it in her gig lineup because it doesn’t hold any meaning to her now. All this talk of coffee really has me craving one. My sleep over night was just on 3 hours, so I think the novelty has worn off. Either that or I need to find a stunt double for hubby while he is away. I don’t sleep well on my own either.

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    Well done for getting past the coffee ‘headaches’ and withdrawals. Maybe one day you will let yourself indulge in the odd one xx I only drink black teas, and most of them herbal. My problem at the moment is not stuffing myself easter chocolate.

    • Now I just need to get rid of the cravings. Clearly talking about it isn’t helping. lol

  • You know its taken me all day to realise that this link up was already up because it wasn’t the latest post (clearly Im slow).

    • No Toni, I’m super speedy or actually really bad at blog scheduling as Tuesday’s post hit the blog today and Wednesday’s post hit the blog yesterday.

  • Well done, not sure how you do it. I love my coffee, and my tea.

    • I’m sticking to herbal tea for the time being and avoiding coffee shops.

  • I could not give up coffee for the life of me. Good luck (well done?)

    • Thanks Emma. It’s been over three weeks now. Still craving it but it’s getting easier.

  • I don’t think I could parent without my coffee.

  • paulaschuck

    I am guessing you have given up coffee entirely. I have reduced coffee intake dramatically and now I have replaced with herbal tea and tisane. LOL. it’s a rough road. I am a massive coffee fan. But I have high blood pressure and so I was told to reduce caffeine and I have dramatically. I get this post totally. Now I have only two cups every morning and that is it. Previously I had about 7 cups a day. Or at least five cups a day.

    • Yes, I recently completed a 5 day juice cleanse and in the lead up I needed to give coffee up. It was only after seeing how much my sleep improved that I’ve decided to continue coffee free. I was much like you and having up to 5 cups a day (if not more). I can’t seem to stop at just 1 or 2.

  • I would NOT be able to give up coffee completely!

    My WW is up:

  • harrietb

    It is hard to have to give things up. Good luck to you

  • Good for you…I’m not sure I could do it!

    • I’m not sure I’m going to last much longer. Especially with hubby away at sea and being so exhausted.

  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    I actually don’t drink coffee – so I never truly understand what all the fuss is about.
    Good luck though!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  • Oh you are a brave soul!
    I love my coffee. It’s the first thing I do after taking the kids to school & walking in the door back at home.
    I’m an enabler from way back, so feel free to stop reading here…

    Surely one coffee couldn’t hurt, right in the middle of the morning while flicking though a good mag or catching up on a blog or two…

    • I’m having digestive issues as well, so the coffee does hurt. I’m also an all or nothing kind of girl and don’t think I could stop at just one. I’m going to have to experimenting with herbal tea.

  • Susan Zutautas

    Coffee is one thing I don’t think I could ever say goodbye to. Good for you!

    • Thanks Susan. I was much the same but I’m so much better without it. I think. Really want one right about now. All this talk of coffee is killing me softly.